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We're breaking down ShipBob's pricing and various fees to help you better understand

Picking the right 3PL partner is an important choice when start or running an eCommerce brand. While most 3PL's fee structures are generally the same at a high level, it's important to have a full picture. ShipBob is one of the largest third-party logistics (3PL) providers in the United States. They offer warehousing and fulfillment services to eCommerce brands of all sizes. ShipBob has worked hard to become the first option you think of when you think eCommerce Fulfillment. They advertise everywhere, have a flashy website, and claim to work with 7,000+ brands. While ShipBob's size gives them some advantages, such as access to low-cost shipping rates, their lack of flexibility and poor customer support make them a difficult partner for many small businesses. Also, just because a 3PL is large and has better buying power on packaging, postage, etc doesn't always mean they're going to pass those savings on to you.

Our goal here though is to breakdown their fees as best as we can with publicly available information. We're going to be biased by nature which is why we try to highlight fees and stick to facts.

We'll start with the fees you'll encounter prior to starting and then detail fees to work with them.

1) Implementation/Onboarding Fee

There isn't much publicly available information on their onboarding fee and from our research it doesn't seem to be a flat fee that's charged the same for every customer. From a public review with ShipBob affiliate links it appears it can be as high as $975. This fee is the fee you'll pay to open an account and start the process of onboarding. According to ShipBob, this fee covers an "Implementation Engineer" who works with you for the first 30 days.

Note: ShipBob has released a "Growth Plan" which has no onboarding/implementation fee which is available to brands with less than 400 orders a month. You have to onboard yourself with this plan with their public guides, customer support, and some office hours where they try to assist multiple brands at once.

2) Receiving Fees

3) Storage Fees

4) Account Fees

5) Account Minimums

6) Returns

7) Shipping

8) Special Project Fees

9) Packaging Materials

10) Pick and Pack

11) Inserts

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