Simple Fulfillment vs. EasyPost

A Comprehensive Analysis for eCommerce Excellence

In the fast-paced eCommerce landscape, selecting the right logistics partner can be a game-changer for your business. While Simple Fulfillment stands as a strong contender with a comprehensive range of services, EasyPost enters the arena with a robust API offering. Here, we dive deep into a head-to-head comparison of Simple Fulfillment and EasyPost, helping you to identify the perfect fit for your business model.

Simple Fulfillment vs. EasyPost: Unveiling the Basics

Simple Fulfillment: Your Boutique 3PL Partner

Simple Fulfillment manifests as a holistic solution catering to high-growth brands seeking to streamline their shipping and logistics processes. Whether you own a warehouse or plan to outsource fulfillment, Simple Fulfillment can be your reliable ally. With features such as multi-carrier access, package tracking, and intuitive warehouse management systems, it stands as a formidable choice for businesses eyeing global expansion.

EasyPost: The Developer-Friendly Shipping API

On the other hand, EasyPost brings forth a powerful Shipping API, enabling businesses to integrate a multi-carrier shipping solution seamlessly. The platform excels in offering postage labels at the best rates, alongside tracking and insurance facilities. If you’re aiming to enhance your in-house shipping operations with an API-first approach, EasyPost might just be what you are looking for.

Diving Deeper: Feature Comparison

To carve out the differences clearly, let’s dissect the offerings of both platforms across various aspects:

Fulfillment Services

Simple Fulfillment:

  • Comprehensive 3PL services
  • Multi-channel integrations
  • Custom packaging, kitting, and assembly options


  • Limited to shipping solutions
  • API allows integration with existing fulfillment setups

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Simple Fulfillment:

  • A robust WMS catering to in-house warehouse requirements
  • Real-time inventory tracking across online and offline channels
  • B2B capabilities including EDI solutions


  • Primarily a shipping API, does not offer WMS
  • Facilitates integration with external WMS platforms for seamless operations

Label Creation

Simple Fulfillment:

  • Access to labels from various sources
  • Compatibility with a range of packing slips and label formats


  • Simplified label creation process with various formats
  • Enables users to save time and money through optimal label solutions

Multi-Carrier Access

Simple Fulfillment:

  • Global carrier network offering discounted rates
  • Facilitates easy pick-ups from its fulfillment centers


  • Real-time carrier rate comparison and tracking
  • API-first approach to connect with multiple carriers effortlessly

Package Tracking

Simple Fulfillment:

  • Automated sending of confirmation emails and tracking numbers
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through timely updates


  • Easy setup of tracking and notifications
  • API integration allows tracking info to be displayed on your platform


Simple Fulfillment:

  • Seamless integration with leading eCommerce platforms and marketplaces
  • Supports B2B orders through EDI solutions


  • Global network of technology and fulfillment partners
  • Easy-to-use API to integrate shipping solutions with your existing setup

Pros & Cons: Making an Informed Decision

Simple Fulfillment: The Pros

  • Globally operated logistics network
  • User-friendly dashboard offering insights and analytics
  • Customizable fulfillment solutions including packaging and B2B offerings

Simple Fulfillment: The Cons

  • Premium pricing for services
  • Best suited for brands eyeing aggressive growth and expansion

EasyPost: The Pros

  • Developer-friendly API offering customization and integration
  • Competitive rates for postage labels
  • Simplified tracking and insurance solutions

EasyPost: The Cons

  • Not a full-suite fulfillment solution
  • Best suited for businesses with an existing fulfillment setup, looking for a flexible shipping API

The Verdict

Simple Fulfillment:A suitable choice for brands ready to scale globally, offering a comprehensive range of fulfillment solutions from warehousing to global shipping, facilitating an effective and efficient logistics strategy.

EasyPost:A robust choice for businesses seeking a developer-friendly shipping API to integrate multi-carrier shipping solutions seamlessly within their existing setup, enhancing the efficiency of in-house shipping operations.


When it comes to choosing between Simple Fulfillment and EasyPost, the decision hinges on your specific business needs and growth plans. If you are in pursuit of a comprehensive fulfillment solution with global outreach, Simple Fulfillment stands as a promising choice. However, if your focus is on bolstering in-house shipping operations with a powerful and flexible API, EasyPost should be your go-to option.

Remember, the ultimate aim is to enhance the customer experience by ensuring timely and reliable deliveries, and both platforms offer unique pathways to achieve this goal. Evaluate your current setup, envision your growth trajectory, and make an informed decision to uplift your eCommerce strategy to new heights.

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