Why is Amazon Prime Shipping So Slow?

Have you noticed your Amazon Prime orders arriving later than expected? Find out why and learn tips and tricks to deliver packages faster.

Why is Amazon Prime Shipping So Slow?

Amazon is the biggest eCommerce platform which is known for ultra-fast deliveries. However, sometimes, even the most prominent online retailer in the world can also have some delivery issues—every day, the Company delivers a significant amount of products worldwide. You can get everything whether you are looking to buy electronics products or clothing. Well, sometimes it's unnecessary to get your product on time as promised by the brand for specific reasons. This blog will share these reasons and ways to overcome why is Amazon shipping so slow.

8 Reasons Why Amazon Taking So Much Time For Shipping

1. Transportation Issues

Each day the Company packs & ships thousands of products and constantly add merchandise. Hence, there are multiple chances of mistakes because of the need for employee interaction with shipping level & tools. The most common mistake is that employees accidentally destroy the shipment labels by taping over them or shipping other items. In this case, they leave the shipments undelivered and mislabeled. Another reason is a shortage of truck drivers because most drivers are leaving this position because of minimum wages and lack of benefits. If you have purchased items yet to arrive, contact the firm for Amazon delay delivery, or track your delivery through tracking tools.

2. Weather changes

If the weather is worse outside, like storms, heat waves, Tornadoes, and all, it could be the reason for your Amazon shipping delays. However, this is a different reason for this Company, but it happens with other companies too. Check your local weather reports to see if your area expects heavy rain or storm.

3. 3rd Party Vendors' Timelines

The orders fulfilled by the outside partners of Amazon are not subjected to the firm standard. However, if there is a delay in your product delivery, the 3rd party vendor may encounter a few difficulties with their operation. If you are concerned about the delivery, contact the seller and ask about the shipment updates. Navigate your Amazon Account order section, open the product you bought, and click on the contact vendor Icon.

4. Strikes in delivering products

The non-prime members receive their products delivered by multiple package service companies. If the parcel carrier company is on strike, it may delay receiving the parcel. In this situation, contact the postal agencies & request to revisit the supply chain to figure out where these errors occur. You can track the status of international orders and check the expected delivery date. If the strike is ongoing, sign up to receive the notifications and check whether there is a chance to receive the order soon.

5. Smaller post office box

When products are delivered to the post office, delivery drivers encounter a problem. They found the post office box is smaller than the product you bought! If a consumer doesn't use a Prime membership and places a large order, shipping to a different address is recommended. Amazon runs a service named Amazon Key that enables shipping companies to drive packages into private space and leaves the products inside.

6. Orders with large quantities

During the peak season, the Company receives huge orders in multiple quantities. Delays in shipping are challenging to avoid because of the large volume of orders. The high volume of shopping orders is due to the worldwide Covid Crisis. If Amazon experiences any problems with vast orders, they will notify the consumers regarding Amazon taking longer to ship and re-estimating the time range.

7. Order special items & the Priorities

If you order some special items, such as handmade, custom, and large & fragile items, there might be slight changes in the expected product delivery date. Business handmade items may take longer to ship because the seller must create this from scratch per your requirements. It takes proper care & time management, especially if it is delicate. Another reason these products take so long is the quality check before they ship any item to ensure quality delivery. The best way to overcome this issue is to check the expected delivery time before placing the order. If you have any emergency, contact the seller directly. The Company also prioritized certain products to deliver critical needs like health & personal hygiene. In the above-discussed cases, the parcel may be delayed to receive.

8. Ground Travel & Air Travel

Ground travel vs. air travel is the other reason Amazon delays shipments. When the item is shipped through ground transportation, it takes almost 2 to 5 days. But it can be minimized if it is sent through air freight. Ground travel is slow and cheap, so Amazon selects this option to save costs. 

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What To Do If The Amazon Prime Delivery Is Late

If the Amazon Prime delivery is late, follow the tips below and track the expected delivery date.

Understand The Service

Amazon doesn't promote the Amazon Prime late delivery refund policy. Earlier, Amazon offered one free month of Amazon Prime service, which lasted at the end of the subscription. However, currently, they ended this product. Amazon is now offering a refund on the shipping fee, which is not mentioned in Prime specifically.

For better information, you can call customer service and ask why Amazon shipping is slow. Some internet users have reported better perks in return for late Amazon Prime delivery. Certain posters inform the e-tailer, which notifies certain membership offers and discounts. So, before you claim the Company for product deliveries, understand their policies.

Contact Amazon

To contact Amazon directly, it is necessary to visit the Contact Us page. You can chat with the assistant and get your replies within minutes. You can address your issues and expect to reach a satisfactory solution. This page also gives options to users to call them & mail them. If it is not suitable for you, you can visit the multiple pages of the Amazon Help Center and check your order and how to manage them. Amazon provides call support to its customers.

Consulting With Customer Support

The process of calling customer support is simple and efficient. The customer has to contact the support team and choose their desired language for conversation. Confirm the supporting staff regarding your concerned issues. Amazon customer service will look at the claim and determine whether the package has shipped. Ask them why this inconvenience is happening and what they can do next. As per Amazon policies, the Company allows customer service experts to present a freebie on the first product's delayed delivery. 

How Long Does It Takes To Get An Order From Amazon?

Ordering products from Amazon and expecting them on the desired date is challenging. There are lots of factors that vary Amazon's slow shipping. These factors include what type of Amazon Account you are running, where you are shipping, which seller you are buying from, and the order size & quantity.

If a consumer orders the product from the same country, the United States, they can get the product in between 7 working days. If you order from another country, the shipping time might be longer. 

The Average Time They Take For Prime Members

The average time to get the products delivered in two days. Even if you have a Prime membership, you should wait for 3 to 4 days. This is a small time gap, but it is pretty challenging to digest that you must wait for the product even if you pay for the premium service.

Average Time Amazon Takes To Deliver Products For Non-Prime Members

If you are not a member of Amazon Prime membership, then the shipping time may be delayed by about 3 to 4 business. When the prime members wait for their product for so long, the non-prime members must experience even longer deliveries. 

How Can I Track My Amazon Order?

Customers who are concerned about their orders can track their products easily. To check why is my Amazon package late, visit the order section and click on the product you bought. There you can see whether the product is shipped or not! Here is the complete procedure.

  • Open the Amazon app & click the menu option.
  • Select order history placed on the top of the screen, which will take you to the page where you can see your products listed and other information.
  • Pick which product you want to track, and you can see the complete details of the product along with the tracking id.
  • Contact customer care, give your tracking id details, and share your issues.

If you live in a rural area, you can give the address of your friends who live in urban areas to drive the delivery.

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Can I Claim A Refund For The Shipping Delay?

Getting a refund on order because of the delay in shipping is quite challenging. However, yes, there are some ways you can follow to get your money back or receive compensation from Amazon. You can also try this method.

  • Log in to your Amazon Account
  • Visit the My Order tab
  • Open the product and tap on the problem with the order button.
  • Clients can request a refund by pressing on that and describing the necessary details.

What Does Amazon Shipping Guarantee Mean?

As per the Amazon Shipping Guarantee, if the order has the guaranteed shipping date & there is no attempt to deliver the item, the Company will refund the shipping fee.

Does Amazon Provide Any Shipping Delays Messages?

If there is a shipment delay, Amazon will send you a message stating why this delay occurs and when you can expect the product to arrive. If you have not received any notice and find it late, the Company recommends waiting 48 hours. 

What Does "Product On The Way But Running Late, No Tracking" Mean?

This message means the package is on its way to reaching your door, but it doesn't have any tracking information because, till now, it has yet to arrive at any regional shipping center.

What Does "Not Delivered But Out For Delivery" Mean?

If you received this message from Amazon, the package would be delivered within 2 to 3 days. You can also track the location of your order sent by Amazon directly from their app or site.

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What Does It Mean If You See "Amazon Preparing For Shipment?"

Amazon preparing for shipment means your order is received, and Amazon is preparing the procedure to transfer it to the regional shipping center. 

What If It Shows "Amazon Delayed In Transit"?

Amazon Delayed in transit means the product delivery has yet to be scheduled. It could be late due to multiple issues like weather changes, lack of transportation, lack of employees, etc.

How Can I File a Complaint for Amazon's Late Delivery?

Consumers can directly contact customer care service and ask them to file a late delivery complaint. Before you take this step, you should be fully aware of it. You should review the policies page and gather enough evidence to claim a complaint. Well, expect little about the compensation. 

Is Amazon Estimate Delivery Options Accurate?

Around 95% of the time, Amazon delivery options are accurate. There is a time when orders are delivered before the estimated time. However, certain items are counted in the least prioritized list and might need some help with delivery. In any company, a lot of staff work on tracking software & logistics, and that's why they are going right most of the time.  

The dates provided by Amazon are estimates which can get affected by multiple factors. Certain things may need to be taken into consideration. Because of these things, the estimated delivery dates are not guaranteed. This is only a tentative date the customers can expect to get delivered.

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Amazon Prime is supposed to be the gold standard in fulfillment, with promised deliveries coming your way quickly and efficiently - but that's only sometimes the case! We've discussed many reasons this can happen, frustrating customers with slow or no deliverables. If you're one of those who have experienced delays with an Amazon Prime order, know that you're not alone, and there are solutions. Researching shipping manufacturers and trying alternative delivery companies could help you avoid future troubles and maintain a successful fulfillment rate. After all, reputation is vital when it comes to customer satisfaction. If none of these techniques work out, don't worry - Simpl has your back! Get in touch today, and they'll be happy to connect you to reliable third-party logistics companies that will ship on time without issue.

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