What is Amazon Live? How To Create A Live Stream Using Amazon Live Creator

What is Amazon Live? How To Create A Live Stream Using Amazon Live Creator

Online shopping is the most common and flexible type of shopping. People have become used to it because of the benefits it provides. It is a challenge for eCommerce websites to retain their viewers. So, the sellers try to engage with the buyers by using interactive live streams. These prove to be suitable promotional activities by boosting the sales and respective revenue.

What Are Live Streams?

Live streams are nothing but the live transmission of an event.  Amazon live streams have particular importance in the services provided by Amazon. Typically, Amazon live stream involves fun and interactive kind of live videos. Transmission by amazon live streams attracts the audience, and apart from entertainment, even product highlighting is done. Interacting with the viewers on live streams is done to gain their confidence and required product suggestions. Sometimes, such interactions make the viewers feel special.

Who Can Create Amazon Live Streams?

Amazon live streams can be created by the sellers or the promoters of the products. This is an excellent chance to highlight the product and its efficiency. Sometimes, amazon live streams are created to demonstrate the product functionality also. Amazon has given a boon to its users, namely, the Amazon live creator app and helped them achieve their desired goals.  

What Is An Amazon Live Creator App?

Amazon's live creator app does the function of a live streaming application. It tries to help several brands in its promotional activities. The marketing steam creates several promotional activities and telecasts it lively on Amazon live stream on Amazon.com. It results in boosting the sales and promotion of the product. Amazon's live creator app combines the fun element with online shopping on the Amazon eCommerce platform.  

How To Watch Amazon Live?

Amazon is an eCommerce website. "How to watch Amazon live?" is not at all a problem. Amazon gives particular importance to all its users- buyers or sellers. Usually, Amazon itself sends required links to all its users. But in adverse situations, the viewer can follow the following steps and watch Amazon live.

Creation Of Account

Viewing of products on Amazon can be done by anyone. But to do a transaction, one requires an Amazon account. So the result of the report is compulsory. The moment the amazon website is clicked in the browser, it prompts "sign-in." If the user is an old customer, they can sign in and do the transactions by giving the username and password. If the customer is new, they have to select the "New customer" option on the screen, provide the username and password, and gain an account first. Later, the user can view the amazon product by signing in using respective credentials. Username and password have to be kept confidential and revealed to everyone.

Review Of The Home Screen

 When the homepage is checked, one can find the Amazon live streams option. Click on the opportunity, and one can find several amazon live streams. Choose one of the options and start viewing.

Is A Subscription Necessary To Watch Amazon Live Stream?

Amazon live streams created by Amazon live creator app are available free of cost. Sometimes, these live streams are made by third parties also. Viewing of the third-party-created live streams is payable. So the user has to subscribe to watch such live streams.

How To Create A Live Stream Using Amazon Live Creator App?

The creation of a live stream using the Amazon live creator app is possible by following the following steps:

Have Patience

The creator should have patience from beginning to end. When things are done with a calm mind, the creator can achieve the desired output.

Conduct a thorough study of policies

The creator has to study the community policies mentioned in the website before creating the live stream. This has to be done to get an awareness of the boundaries the creator should not cross and hurt society's feelings.

Download the App

 If the creator is creating Amazon live streams for the first time, they have to download the Amazon live creator app using the username and password of the existing amazon account. In case of no amazon account, an Amazon account has to be created, and then the amazon live creator app has to be downloaded.

Check Internet connectivity

The amazon live streams will be good only if the internet connectivity while live streaming is good. Any disturbance will destroy the quality of the live stream.

Get an Updated version

Always ensure your device has the latest version of the amazon live creator app. An updated version will include some improved benefits.

Practice the show

The creator has to plan what they will speak in the interaction. This way, the creator won't miss any point while live streaming. Planning the activity and practicing live streaming will help deal with things smoothly. The person conducting the live stream will have clarity on doing something.

Ensure Sound and video quality

The creator has to ensure that the sound and video quality of the device is perfect for live streaming. Amazon live stream can make or break the brand or the product name. So when things are done, they should be done perfectly.

Precautions to be taken while live-streaming Amazon lives streams

Livestreaming interacts with customers. So certain precautions have to be followed to make the task easy and smooth.

- Always ensure that that the phone is fully charged before doing the activity.

- The phone should have internet access, and the internet performance levels should be high.

- While live-streaming, the phone should not be interrupted by anyone. No text messages, calls- either incoming or outgoing, no emails. In short, the phone should be set to "do not disturb" mode.

- Amazon's live creator app should not be closed while live streaming is on. 

- Smartphones give the facility of toggling between apps. But one should ensure that there should be no toggling between the apps when live streaming is going on.


If you’re looking for a great way to connect with your audience, increase engagement and drive more traffic, live streaming may just be the answer. This post has all of the info you need on how to get started using Amazon Live Creator app! Don’t have time or knowledge? No problem – Simpl can help take care of your needs so that you can focus on what matters most in business - growth. Contact us today for an estimate.

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