Carrier Facilities: Definition, Importance, and FAQs

As an eCommerce business owner, it's essential to keep your customers satisfied with the journey of their purchases. Learn about carrier facilities and their vital role in the process!

Carrier Facilities: Definition, Importance, and FAQs

After receiving the order, you pack it perfectly, and the carrier you choose picks up the order and delivers it to your customers. It sounds straightforward. If you look deep into that matter, you will explore different things and processes involved in this. While every order's journey will be different, almost every order spends time at a carrier facility before reaching the final destination. And if you are an eCommerce business owner, you need to understand a carrier facility and what is happening at such facilities. Why? Carrier facilities and their operations can directly impact the customer experience and delivery. Keep reading to explore everything about this, and you will also learn about some of the best carrier facilities. 

What is a Carrier Facility?

In simple words, a carrier refers to a party that will handle the carriage tasks and transports the products using different modes of transportation. In general, carrier facilities are large warehouses that stores packages ordered by people for specific geographic regions. It is the last stop of the box before it gets delivered to the customers.

Some carrier facilities will have a fleet of delivery trucks and other facilities to maintain a smooth delivery of the packages. While some carriers cover a few kilometers, others can cover the whole country or more than one country. 

There are some specific package drop-off locations, and all the tasks are carried out with maximum precision. The packages will be sorted and transported based on the site using a suitable delivery medium. 

eCommerce fulfillment has multiple stages that the packages must go through before arriving at the destination. Bot, the store owners, and customers will get notifications that the package has arrived at every transit point. Once it reaches a carrier facility, it suggests that the box is at the final stage of the process. The package will then be loaded in a delivery vehicle to get it delivered to the customers. 

Importance of Carrier Facilities

Every business tends to follow a predictable method as their requirements related to shipping grow. When they have a few boxes to ship, they generally use an ad hoc shipping method. But when the shipping requirements increase, the ad hoc method will become costly and time-consuming. But to ensure proper growth, they need to optimize their e-commerce fulfillment process and ensure that their customers get the products without any hassle. And carrier facilities play an essential role here. Operated by the delivery companies, a carrier facility handles the tasks of delivering the products to the customers' addresses. 

With them, you can track your package from the beginning to the final destination. When you have instant access to information regarding the shipment, you can plan and make informed decisions for connecting deliveries and transports. This can help you in making alternative arrangements to lower possible delays. 

On the other hand, some carrier facilities offer document management systems that you can use for handling shipments. By quickly uploading all the required documents of a particular load, you can make it easy for all to access them. 

When real-time tracking improves your business's logistic efficiency and eliminates the risk of damage during transit, the customers will have a wonderful experience with your brand. Customers expect and like a seamless delivery experience with accurate order status and tracking updates. And you can provide them with that by partnering with a reliable or local carrier facility. 

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Why Partner with a Carrier Facility

Reliability and Safety

A good carrier facility ensures the reliable and safe storage of goods. By using robust material handling equipment in their facility, they can ensure that stored goods are handled correctly and kept in a secure environment. This reliability gives customers peace of mind when protecting their products during storage. 

Cost Savings

Also, a quality carrier facility can help businesses cut costs by providing efficient storage and administrative services that help save time, money, and effort. From custom packaging solutions to automated inventory management systems, an experienced carrier partner can streamline tasks while providing superior protection for goods being stored or shipped.


Access to a reliable carrier facility is also beneficial for businesses as it provides greater convenience regarding shipping needs. A reputable carrier partner can handle all aspects of the shipping process, from picking up your package at its origin to delivery at its final destination – making workflows more efficient and freeing up time for you to focus on other areas of your business.

Expertise and Support

Finally, partnering with a suitable carrier facility gives businesses access to expertise and support. With industry-specific know-how and years of experience, a reputable carrier partner can provide valuable insight into your business's most effective shipping solutions. In addition, they can offer professional assistance throughout the entire shipping process, which helps customers get their products where they need to be quickly and safely.

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4 Biggest Carrier Facilities

Most prominent players involved in international or global shipping have well-equipped carrier facilities. The carrier facilities' operations will vary from one facility to another. Here are the top 4 carrier facilities currently dominating the global delivery industry. 

Amazon Carrier Facility

Amazon has fulfillment centers or warehouses in every city. So, when you buy something from Amazon, the product will be sent to an Amazon carrier facility. With the presence of multiple carrier facilities, Amazon offers faster delivery times. Once the order is placed, it is set to carrier facility amazon, and then it gets loaded onto a delivery truck that covers the customer's location. Once the package leaves the facility, you will get a notification with delivery information. And you will also get a notification after the delivery of the package. It may include a photo of the box on your doorstep. 

USPS Carrier Facility

The USPS carrier facility stands for the United States Postal Services carrier facility and is a trusted carrier facility in the USA. It has a robust relationship with well-known international postal services, such as Hong Kong Post, China Post, and Royal Mail. 

They are also called distribution centers. They scan, process, and organize the main before sending it to the final destinations. Their trucks deliver more boxes compared to FedEx. The packages get sorted at a USPS carrier facility, and other packages go to nearby locations. Once scanned, the carrier will load the boxes onto a delivery truck. The package status will get updated on a USPS tracking system, such as Amazon or UPS. Like other carrier companies, USPS also utilizes barcodes, making it easy for customers to track the packages. 

The ground packages are delivered between 9 am to 7 pm to residential addresses. Deliveries to business addresses will be made during business hours. With USPS, you can't reroute your packages to nearby pickup locations. 

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UPS Carrier Facility

A UPS carrier facility is the last stop before one can get their packages; when the packages arrive at a UPS facility, they are sorted along with other packages. Once all the boxes are correctly sorted, they will be loaded onto a delivery vehicle and sent out for delivery. The customers will get tracking updates along with detailed tracking information through the apps. It may also include the contact number of the delivery person and a time frame within which you will get the product. Once the package is delivered, the customers will get another message stating the package has been delivered.

The UPS carrier facility allows customers to use its UPS Delivery Intercept service to reroute the packages to their nearby UPS access point. Generally, most packages stay one to two days at the facilities before sending them to the final destination.  

FedEx carrier facility

Another popular carrier facility is the FedEx carrier facility. FedEx is well-known for offering different types of services along with flexible delivery times. Your package's delivery time will depend on the shipment method, whether you are shipping ground or overnight. Delivery to residential addresses will have different delivery times than shipment to commercial locations. 

It would help if you kept in mind that there is no specific delivery time for FedEx home delivery. The Home Delivery service generally delivers by the end of the day, from Monday to Friday, and may drop off the boxes as late as 9 pm. If the customers have chosen Evening Home Delivery, the parcels will arrive between 5 pm and 8 pm. One can take advantage of FedEx's Hold at the FedEx location facility to reroute the packages and pick them up from any FedEx retail store.  Based on the shipping service type, some boxes spend a few hours, and some may spend 1 to 3 days at a FedEx carrier facility. You can track your packages using the FedEx Tracking tool. 

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Carrier Facility FAQs

Can I pick up my order instead of having it delivered?

You cannot go to the carrier facility to pick up your package. But you may get some options to pick up your order from other locations. For example, USPS allows customers to pick up their packages at any post office. FedEx and UPS have multiple retail locations where one can drop off or pick up the packages. Besides, in some cities, most shipping agencies use a secure drop site if the receivers want to avoid leaving the package by the door. You can arrange alternative locations to pick up your package by contacting the carrier partner. However, if the package is out for delivery, you may not be allowed to set an alternative pickup location. 

Can you pick up a package at a carrier facility?

If you see that your package has arrived at the nearest carrier facility and want to pick up the package, you can't do that. You are not allowed to pick up a package. One of the primary reasons behind this is carrier facilities need to be safer for the public. However, some carriers enable the customers to intercept the delivery by rerouting it to a post office or retail location for faster pickup. Talk to the service provider to know whether they offer such a facility. 

What carrier facility does Amazon use?

Amazon uses a variety of carriers depending on the needs of the particular order. For smaller items, they may use UPS or FedEx. For more oversized items, they may use freight companies like ABF, YRC, CRST, UPS Freight, etc. Amazon also uses its delivery service, Amazon Flex, for specific orders. By using a variety of carriers, Amazon can provide fast and reliable delivery services to customers. Additionally, Amazon offers Prime Shipping which guarantees free two-day shipping on eligible items for Prime members. This provides an added incentive for customers to choose Amazon as their preferred shopping destination.

Why do orders sometimes sit at carrier facilities?

If you are tracking a critical order, you may see that your package has arrived at the nearest carrier facility. And then it may just sit at the facilities, sometimes for 4 to 5 days. In general, boxes remain at a carrier facility for around two days. 

There can be a few reasons why orders may sit at a carrier facility. 

One reason may be that the order was placed after the cutoff time for that day's shipments. Most carriers have cutoff times by which all orders must be set to be shipped out that day. If an order is placed after the cutoff time, it will likely ship out on the following day. 

Another reason may be that there was an issue with the order, which prevented it from shipping out as planned. This could include issues with payment, incorrect or incomplete information, or problems with the products themselves. If there is an issue with an order, the carrier will usually reach out to the customer to resolve it before shipping the order.

Finally, there may be delays due to an unexpected increase in orders. Many carriers are very busy during the holiday season and can experience higher-than-normal volumes of shipments. This can cause some orders to take longer than usual to process and ship out.

What is a local carrier facility?

Sometimes, you may get a message that your package has arrived at the local carrier facility. So, what do you mean by a local carrier facility? A local carrier facility is a small carrier facility (can be a car or truck) that deals with packages from local businesses or carriers. Well, such facilities are rarely used and generally considered by companies when there are some time-sensitive or urgent deliveries to complete. Local facilities can act as a medium for the same-day delivery facility.

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Final Thoughts

All in all, carrier facilities are essential for your products' successful and secure transportation. Accurate and efficient order fulfillment directly impacts customer satisfaction, which can be improved by taking an extra step to ensure that goods – no matter how small or large – reach their destination undamaged and on time. Choosing the suitable carrier allows you to manage transit times securely, a regular update on its progression, control expenses, and take advantage of different types of packaging. Making sure your business utilizes these benefits will help you create a positive customer journey experience with each purchase!  

If you'd like help fulfilling orders for your eCommerce business, get in touch with Simpl today and let our experts simplify the delivery process for you. We strive to provide quality service from start to finish so you can make sure every customer is satisfied with their orders every step of the way. From helpful resources about carrier facilities to expert advice about what delivery approach is best for your business, let us take the guesswork out of shipping!

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