What Impact Does The PACT Act Have On Delta 8 Customers?

The PACT Act has created big changes for delta 8 customers. Learn the effects of the DELTA Act and where you can buy quality delta 8 products online.

What Impact Does The PACT Act Have On Delta 8 Customers?

The PACT Act, which stands for Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking, attempts to reduce the danger of children obtaining vaping products. The most significant consequence of the law is that the USPS is no longer permitted to send vaping items to customers' homes. Furthermore, vaping firms are now forced to fill out highly controlled documentation detailing their sales to verify that no items are sold to underage consumers.

The PACT act sprang from nowhere, and many consumers are still unsure what it is, what it includes, or its long-term consequences. As a result, here are five things you should know about this Act if  you use such sorts of goods.

1. It Was Included In A Bigger Spending Bill

The PACT Act has been included in the giant spending measure of the COVID relief bill in December of 2020. Naturally, the COVID relief law received more significant publicity at the time, whereas the PACT Act was lost in the literature; that's why so many people were unaware of it until years after it was approved.

2. It Contains All Vaping Items

When the PACT Act was initially passed, it appeared that it only applied to nicotine-containing vaping products. However, Congress modified the bill to cover all vapes, such as those manufactured from hemp and containing neither nicotine nor tobacco. As a result, the USPS is also barred from shipping CBD, delta 8, and other hemp-derived vaping items to clients by mail.

3. Several Shipping Companies Have Jumped On Board

In reaction to the passage of this measure, FedEx and UPS indicated that they would stop shipping vaping items to consumers' homes about the same period that the USPS would stop providing these same services. As a result, firms that offer vaping products online cannot now utilize these three delivery services to deliver their products to clients.

4. It Has No Effect On Non-vaping Items

It is crucial to note that the PACT Act excludes alternate cannabis delivery modalities like flowers, pre-rolls, cigarettes, tinctures, edibles, or topicals. As a result, if you want to take delta 8 THC in the form of some of those items, this new bill will not affect you.

For the time being, USPS, FedEx, and UPS will continue to send these products to customers since they are not categorized in the same way that tobacco products are like vaping products are today. Furthermore, smokable delta eight goods are still exempt from the PACT Act, implying that flower plus pre-rolls can still be shipped to your house through these three primary shipping companies.

5. It Has No Effect On Business-to-business Product Delivery

Whereas these three major shipping companies no longer transport items straight to the customer, they still send orders to other firms. In other terms, the vape store in your area will continue to be fully supplied with the items that have been on their racks for a long time.

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What Impact Does The Pact Act Have On Delta 8 Customers?

As you've seen, the PACT Act prohibits delta 8 THC vaping items from being mailed to customers by USPS, FedEx, or UPS. Likely, you've already discovered that you can't buy certain items from your preferred store. Evermore online merchants are making statements about how the new laws would impact their business operations.

However, it is crucial to note that these three well-known shipping companies are not the only ones operating in the United States. Businesses are actively devising new ways to get their right product to the right of buyers. Other shipping companies have not stated that they plan to follow the example of USPS, FedEx, and UPS.

Because the new bill appeared to have come into effect so fast, online businesses did not have much time to establish accounts with alternative transportation companies. Starting a new process might take time since key details like shipping charges, shipping time, and areas to which couriers would go to carry goods from a business's warehouse to a customer's door. As a result, the overwhelming bulk of delta 8 suppliers aim to obtain a business license as soon as feasible and require a short period to sort up agreements with these different sources. In other terms, there is a strong possibility that consumers will be able to buy their preferred delta-8 items online and also have them shipped in a reasonable timeframe again in the nearish term.

Where Can I Purchase Delta 8 THC Products? 

In the meanwhile, where can buyers go to get genuine, high-quality delta 8? Here are all the options available to consumers.

1.    Vape shops, smoke shops, tobacconists, convenience stores, including gas stations

As previously stated, the PACT Act does not affect business-to-business operations. These shipping companies are still legally permitted to transport goods from the manufacturer to microenterprises. This implies that vaping shops, which have been the major in-person suppliers for delta 8 items, will keep carrying all sorts of delta 8 THC products as usual, with no disruption to their business.

2.    Online

The massive amount of delta 8 THC products may still be purchased online and sent by USPS, FedEx, or UPS. This comprises pre-rolls and flowers that, like vaping goods, are taken as a bioavailable way of ingesting delta 8.

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