What Does It Mean When An Order Is Processed?

What Does It Mean When An Order Is Processed?

When the order is processed, you should understand that the procedure involved in order processing has begun. The order status may be picking, packing, or dispatching the material to transport vehicles.

What Does Processing Mean?

Processing refers to the series of operations done stage-wise. According to the processing definition-  processing is preparing or putting something through a prescribed procedure. The processing stages differ from subject to subject. For example, a process involved in data processing and purification is different as data processing is related to computer science, and purification is associated with the removal of impurities in oil, sugar, etc.

What is order Processing?

Order processing is used to describe the process involved between the order receipt and dispatch of the order. This process consists of the work associated with picking, packing, and dispatching the items to the transport vehicle. 

Why Is My Order Still Processing?

Typically companies charge their customers and collect the payment before processing the order. When the order is still in processing status, it should be understood that there is a delay in the workflow related to the order. Sometimes, even if the customer is tagged as a defaulter of payments, the customer's order processing is delayed. The delay may occur in various stages that are mentioned below:

Picking Stage

The delay may happen due to the non-clearance of pending orders, the stock's non-availability, or the selector's non-availability. Sometimes, the picking method used by the selector also delays the process.

 Commonly the shortage of supplies can be experienced when the order fulfillment is not done efficiently or when the demand for the product is enormous, and the respective warehouse could not refill the stock. During auditing, the auditors check the stock availability. An order received at that movement will be delayed due to the official procedures implemented in the warehouse. 

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Packing Stage

The delay may happen due to the non-availability of the packing material or the non-availability of the packer. Sometimes, a wrong packing method implemented by the packer also delays the process, as the stock has to be repacked and sent for shipment.

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Dispatch Stage 

The delay may happen due to the non-availability of the transport vehicle due to an increase in stock deliveries or strikes of transport vehicles. Even if the stocks are delivered at the right time, the regularities followed by checkpoint authorities delay the delivery time.

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So what does it mean when an order is processed? It means that your order has been received and is now in the queue to be shipped out. The time it takes for your order to be fulfilled and sent out will vary depending on the merchant, but you can usually expect to receive your package within a few days of placing your order. If you need help with fulfillment, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're here to help make sure that your orders are handled quickly and efficiently so you can focus on what you do best - running your business!

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