How to Find the Best Subscription Box Suppliers

What are subscription boxes? What is the difference between free and paid subscription boxes? What are the different types of subscription box suppliers? Find out more below.

How to Find the Best Subscription Box Suppliers

Subscription boxes are a promise of delivering items on a perfect schedule. As a seller, you have to keep that promise and provide the best quality products. Or else, your customers will unsubscribe permanently and switch to other options.

After all, dealing with the hassle of bringing new customers every time is no doubt hectic. Therefore, it is always good to opt for suitable subscription box suppliers who take great care while delivering.

The primary step when it comes to supplying a subscription box is to find out the type. For example, whether you want to send the same package to the customers every month or offer them a choice. Similarly, when sending unique subscription box products, which you can source from one supplier, etc.

Coming to the next step, you have to market research about the customer base. It is a practical step, which helps in finding out the products that meet customer expectations. Moreover, it is necessary to be clear regarding what you want to offer and buy your products.

Different Types of Subscription Boxes and How to Find the Best Subscription Box Suppliers

Free Vs. Paid Subscription Boxes

The traditional retail model follows the process of selling merchandise, which you either buy wholesale or self-manufacture. However, you get another option, which is free subscription boxes where you get free products.

Many eCommerce retailers built subscription boxes that offer free products. Moreover, as a part of the marketing technique, the manufacturers offer free samples to the consumers. Alternatively, this technique helps reach new markets as well.

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In this way, your subscribers get the opportunity to try out the new products, and they spread the word. Therefore, the subscription box business offering free products is undoubtedly appealing as it reduces the overhead cost.

However, there are a few opposing sides to the free product model. For example, you have to sign up with brands to analyze the benefits of giving free products. Next, you do not have the maximum control of the supply chain. Moreover, you cannot control the products delivered into the box.


  • Great profit margins
  • Less investment for starting the business


  • Limited control on subscription box contents
  • Poor supply chain

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Dropshipping Subscription Box

If you do not have massive capital for starting your business, you can opt for dropshipping. Although the products are not free here; however, you do not have to deal with the hassle of paying until they are sold. Moreover, with drop shipping subscription boxes, you can save on warehouse fees too.

When selling dropshipped products, the subscription box suppliers mainly warehouse the products. Also, you don’t have to purchase inventory until your order ships.


  • Limited investment for business startup


  • More wholesale cost and less profit margin
  • Limited control over package and fulfillment

Different Types of Subscription Box Suppliers

There are uncountable places online where you can find out the different types of subscription box suppliers.

Wholesale suppliers

Investing in wholesale subscription boxes is undoubtedly a classic retail business model. It works perfectly for the packages that offer standard products. An example of wholesale is makeup and hair care products. If you are someone, who sells significant brands, then you can connect with multiple distributors for uninterrupted supply chains.

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Retail suppliers

You might think that buying items from retailers and selling them might be crazy. But, there are various ways by which it can work for eCommerce subscription businesses. If you get a reasonable price when buying retail, you can mark up and include them in your box.

Therefore, subscription boxes are grabbing a significant part of the eCommerce business. From the information mentioned above, you can understand the different ways of finding the best subscription box suppliers.

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