Everything You Need To Know About Warehouse Pick Lists

Wondering what a pick list is and how it works? This post will teach you everything you need to know about warehouse pick lists, from their definition to their use in daily operations.

Everything You Need To Know About Warehouse Pick Lists

When running a warehouse, there are many different aspects to consider. One key component is ensuring you have the right pick lists in place. This blog post will discuss everything you need to know about warehouse pick lists. We will cover what they are, how they are used, and some best practices for creating them. Let's get started.

What Is A Pick List?

The warehouse pickers will employ a pick list as part of a client order fulfillment process. A pick list indicates the goods, together with inventory SKU, amounts, and locations, that they must retrieve from inventory storage. Order fulfillment can start as soon as a chosen list is created.

By assigning orders to each picker, so they always have the next set of orders queued up as soon as one is selected, a pick list enables warehouse management to keep the picking process organized.

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Elements Of A Picking List

Products that must be packaged and dispatched to customers are on a pick list. Any or all of the following details will be on your pick list:

  • Product descriptions should be detailed and include the item's key features (i.e., size, color, etc.)

  • Bar codes

  • Images of each selection item

  • The number of each item.

  • Invoice number

  • Dispatch date

  • Your selection list might also include a warehouse location for more extensive warehouses. 

  • Your warehouse's aisles and shelves can be planned out and given numbers to make it easier for employees to choose each item and complete orders more quickly.

Different Picking Methods

Physical Pick Lists

Printing select lists is still a common practice for creating them. Before the widespread use of integrated software, mobile devices, and WiFi, warehouses used physical pick lists given to pickers on pieces of paper.

Digital Pick Lists

When laptops, tablets, or mobile devices are used on the warehouse floor, digital pick lists are employed. Each picker receives their assigned order data automatically, and they can then use their devices to follow the instructions for a more effective operation.

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Identifying Items To Be Picked

The correct items that need to be identified to be picked should consider a few things before picking:

1. Customer information

2. The date and time of the order

3. Order number

4. Product location in the warehouse

5. Product SKUs

6. A description or photograph of the product

To ensure accuracy and efficiency in picking, warehouse staff should be familiar with all items included on a pick list. The inventory management system should provide detailed product information, including color, size, quantity, weight, and more. This ensures they can quickly identify what is needed and where it is located in the warehouse.

Order Tracking

In addition to providing instructions for warehouse staff, pick lists can also be used to track orders. The list should include a unique order number, allowing the warehouse and shipping teams to identify each order and ensure it is fulfilled correctly quickly. This helps to reduce errors in order fulfillment and prevents packages from being sent out with incorrect items or addressed incorrectly.

Order Management

By tracking orders with pick lists, eCommerce businesses can easily monitor the progress of orders. This allows them to track whether an order is in the picking or packing stage, enabling them to provide customers with timely updates on the status of their shipment. Pick lists also allow warehouse staff to quickly identify any items that may be missing from an order, allowing them to resolve any issues before shipping.

Overall, pick lists are an essential part of eCommerce fulfillment as they provide instructions for warehouse staff and help ensure the process's accuracy. Businesses can quickly and accurately fulfill customer orders with minimal errors or delays by using a pick list system. 

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Pick Lists And eCommerce Fulfillment

The three fundamental elements of eCommerce fulfillment are picking, packing, and shipping. Order fulfillment will be simpler, quicker, and more precise with a pick list. Your warehouse organization system is inextricably linked to your pick list system. Make pick lists to direct your employees through the warehouse efficiently.

Pick lists are an essential aspect of eCommerce fulfillment. They provide detailed instructions for the picking, packing, and shipping orders. The pick list helps to ensure accuracy in order fulfillment and allows warehouse staff to quickly locate items for packing. 

Creating a pick list involves entering the customer's order data into an inventory management system that can generate a list of items from the warehouse. This list includes information about where each item is located and how much is available for picking. It also provides instructions for packing the items into cartons and labeling them correctly. 

Once the pick list has been created, the warehouse staff can quickly locate all required items and prepare them for packing. To ensure accuracy in order fulfillment, the pick list should be checked against the original customer order to confirm that all items are accounted for and ready to ship.

Once the pick list is completed and checked, it can be passed on to the packing team. The packer will use the instructions on the pick list to carefully pack all items in the customer's order into cartons. The packaging and labeling should correspond to the information on the pick list, ensuring accurate shipping of orders.

The last step is to pass the completed pick list to the shipping team, who will attach it to each package before they are dispatched. This ensures that all boxes are correctly labeled and that the packing and shipping staff have the correct information to send out each order.


As a business owner, knowing about the pick list process is essential to ensure that your orders are fulfilled correctly and on time. If you're looking for help fulfilling Amazon orders, Simpl can assist you. We have years of experience fulfilling orders for businesses, both large and small, and we're confident we can help you get your products to your customers quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more!

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