US Shipping To Hong Kong: Here's What You Need To Know

Are you an eCommerce business owner considering expanding your brand to Hong Kong? US shipping to Hong Kong can be complicated, but our guide breaks it down. Learn about customs regulations and duties, choose the suitable shipping service, and more!

US Shipping To Hong Kong: Here's What You Need To Know

Are you looking to expand your eCommerce business by shipping products from the US to Hong Kong? You are not alone. With growing customer demand for global shipping, many American companies are now moving into international markets and establishing their presence in countries like Hong Kong. But before you make that step, it's essential to understand all of the requirements associated with exporting goods across international borders, including knowing what is needed when it comes to US shipping to Hong Kong. This blog post will cover everything you need to know so you can begin sending packages confidently!

Types Of Items That Can Be Shipped To Hong Kong

From health and beauty products to fashion and consumer electronics, Hong Kong's eCommerce industry is thriving, with eCommerce revenue growth projected to increase by 72.6% by 2022. Your company has numerous opportunities to expand its presence in Hong Kong. The difficulty comes from navigating the complexities of international selling.


There is a wide range of items that can be shipped to Hong Kong, including but not limited to the following:




-Household items

-Personal effects/belongings

-Food items

-Auto parts and accessories


How To Package Your Items For Shipping

When packaging your products for delivery, you can use various packaging materials. This list covers some of the more common materials that can be used, but keep in mind that there are others.


Outside Packaging

  • Bag made of polyurethane (suitable for light, non-fragile items)
  • Tube for packaging
  • a single-layer cardboard box (for smaller products)
  • Box with a more extensive double/triple layer (for heavier and larger products) Etc.


Filler Material And Cushioning Material

  • Packaging tissue paper
  • Packing peanuts
  • Cardboard inserts
  • Crumpled paper
  • Styrofoam inserts
  • Bubble wrap


Sealing Tape

  • Brown plastic tape (Polypropylene tape)
  • Electrical tape (Vinyl adhesive tape)
  • Duct Tape (Fiber-reinforced paper tape)


The type of packing material you'll use is determined by the product you're shipping and its specifications. With that in mind, here are some pointers to keep your products safe and your customers happy.


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5 Steps To Good Packaging Practices

In general, your goods will be packed as follows:

1. Evaluate Your Item's Requirements

The first step in packing your items is understanding the specific needs of each item you are shipping. Consider weight, size, fragility, and any special handling instructions that may be necessary. Then make sure to select the appropriate packing materials, such as boxes, inserts, and cushioning materials like foam peanuts or bubble wrap. 

2. Wrap Each Item Individually

 Cushioning materials can help protect fragile items while they are in transit. It is important to wrap each item separately, so it is well cushioned and not bumping into other objects during shipment. It also helps eliminate debris from getting inside packages or on other things by properly wrapping them with a sealable material like plastic.

3. Cushioning And Filling

 Please don't leave any space inside the box but be careful not to stuff too much either, as this can put undue pressure on your items and cause them to break or shift in transit. You want to ensure there is enough space for cushioning materials but that it is manageable and packed so that it will only affect the item's integrity during shipment. 

4. Choosing The Correct Sealing Material

 Once you have wrapped each item individually and filled the box with enough cushioning, you will need to choose a sealing material to close the package securely. Different types of tape may be used, such as pressure-sensitive or H-tape. Make sure to use enough tape so the box won't open during transit, and test the security of your seal before shipping. 

5. Using the H-tape method

One way to ensure a secure package is by using what is known as the H-tape method of sealing boxes. This involves putting tape along each side of the box in an "H" shape and then reinforcing it with two strips of tape on top and bottom for added protection. Use enough tape so the box won't split open, and recheck it before sending it off.

Shipping Rates And Delivery Times


Shipping From The US To Hong Kong With UPS

United Parcel Service is an Atlanta-based company that delivers couriers to over 200 countries. As the world's largest package delivery company, you can count on it to ship your orders on time and safely. UPS offers a variety of shipping options, including some for time-sensitive deliveries. On the other hand, it does not provide free pickup services. In addition, certain services do not offer Saturday deliveries.

Table showing the UPS shipping times and rates when shipping from US to Hong Kong

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Shipping From The US To Hong Kong With FedEx

 FedEx, founded in 1973, is one of the world's most successful carriers. It is present in over 220 countries and territories. This shipping carrier is also used by merchants to custom-ship goods internationally. FedEx's customer service and tracking capabilities ensure you always have a handle on your order shipments. It also provides your international shipments with added peace of mind in case of parcel damage or loss during transit.


Table showing shipping price and delivery time when shipping from US to Hong Kong with FedEx

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Shipping From The US To Hong Kong With USPS

USPS provides courier services to more than 180 countries, including Hong Kong. In addition, this independent agency of the Executive Branch of the United States federal government has an extensive network in the United States, making package drop-offs much easier.


USPS is a good choice for online merchants who want to ship their goods cheaply and are willing to accept delivery delays. At the same time, it isn't the most dependable carrier, USPS more than compensates by providing a flat-rate shipping option for large packages.


Table showing shipping price and delivery time when shipping from the US to Hong Kong with USPS

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Shipping From The US To Hong Kong With DHL

DHL, founded in 1969, provides fast and dependable shipping services to merchants in over 220 countries worldwide. In addition, merchants can ship orders with less environmental impact and a clear conscience thanks to the company's strong focus on sustainability. Choose DHL if you want 24-hour international support and don't want to pay courier pickup fees. It is important to note that the shipping company levies additional fees or surcharges.

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Customs And Import Duties In Hong Kong

The Hong Kong government has very few customs duties and no import taxes. This makes Hong Kong an attractive destination for businesses looking to import goods from abroad. Excise duty is only levied on imports of liquor containing more than 30% alcohol, tobacco, methyl alcohol, and hydrocarbon oil. All other items are imported free of charge. To maintain the principle of free port status in Hong Kong, all shipments into the city are exempt from customs duties. 


Hong Kong's low-tax policy also applies to exports, with no export tax or surcharges applicable when goods leave the city. No value-added tax (VAT) is imposed on imported or exported products. 


This means that companies trading in and out of Hong Kong to other countries are not liable for customs duties or import taxes. Furthermore, they can take advantage of the lower prices with free-port status and the absence of VAT. This enables them to stay competitive in the global market. 


Hong Kong's free port status is a significant advantage for international businesses looking to benefit from low taxes and minimum paperwork when importing goods. It also allows companies to gain access to products from around the world at competitive prices, giving them an edge over competitors who are based in higher-tax jurisdictions. 


Businesses trading through Hong Kong have an excellent opportunity to save money on customs duty and import taxes, thanks to its free-port policy. With no customs duty or import taxes, companies can stay competitive in their respective markets and remain profitable.


Prohibited Items When Shipping To Hong Kong

Hong Kong, like any other country, imposes a few restrictions on goods shipped into the city for moral and security reasons. Some items require a permit to be imported into Hong Kong, while others are not entirely prohibited.


That being said, the following items are typically considered illegal and are prohibited from being imported into Hong Kong:

  • Drugs and antibiotics 
  • Weapons
  • Fireworks
  • Controlled chemicals


Check the official Hong Kong customs website before sending your goods, as the list of restricted and prohibited items changes over time.

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US To Hong Kong Shipping FAQs

How Long Does It Take To Ship Package To Hong Kong From The US? 

How long does it take to ship something from Hong Kong to the United States? Lead times (in normal conditions) are as follows: 1-2 weeks for regular post, three days for air express freight, eight-ten days for air freight, and 30 to 40 days for ocean freight.

How Do I Track My Package Once It Has Been Shipped From The US To Hong Kong?

You can take a few steps to track your package after it has been shipped from the US to Hong Kong. First, check the carrier's website to see if they have a tracking system. If so, enter the package's tracking number and follow the prompts.

If the carrier does not have a tracking system, you can try contacting them directly to see if they can provide any additional information about your package's whereabouts. Finally, you can check online shipping portals like those offered by FedEx or UPS. Often these sites will have up-to-date details on packages being shipped worldwide.

What If My Package Is Lost Or Damaged During Shipping From The US To Hong Kong?

If your package is lost or damaged during shipping from the US to Hong Kong, you can file a claim with the shipping company or the insurance company.

Filing a claim with the shipping company is typically the faster option, as the insurance company may take a few weeks to process your claim. However, filing a claim with the insurance company may result in a larger payout if your package is damaged or lost.

To file a claim with the shipping company, you will need to provide them with proof of purchase and loss or damage. Proof of purchase can be provided by scanning your receipt or packing slip and emailing it to the customer service department. Photos or videos of the item in question can typically provide evidence of loss or damage.

To file a claim with the insurance company, you will need to provide them with proof of purchase, proof of loss or damage, and any other documents required by your policy. You can obtain more information about what is needed from your insurance company. In both cases, it may take several weeks for a resolution to be reached. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of either process, you may need to contact an attorney for further assistance.

What Are The Restrictions On Shipping From The US To Hong Kong?

Dangerous drugs entering and passing through Hong Kong are prohibited, including opium, morphine, heroin, cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines, stimulants, hypnotics, tranquilizers, sedatives, khat, kat, qat, ghat, chat, catha, tschat, miraa, Abyssinian tea, bushman's tea, and Catha edulis.


Shipping to Hong Kong can be complex, but it doesn't have to be. With the proper knowledge and resources, you can successfully offer international shipping in no time. Hopefully, this blog post has provided a thorough overview of the key points to consider when shipping to Hong Kong from the US. It would help if you now had a better understanding of duties and customs regulations and which services may be best for your needs. While exploring the options, keep Simple Fulfilment in mind – they specialize in helping eCommerce businesses with Fulfilment, so you won't have to worry about juggling orders from different countries. When you're ready to start offering international shipping, contact simple Fulfilment and let them handle the heavy lifting. With their help, expanding your reach around the world is simpler than ever!

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