Things You Need to Know About Delivery Exception

Find out everything you need to know about delivery exception. What are the common causes of delivery exception and how you can avoid this in your business.

Things You Need to Know About Delivery Exception

When it comes to the eCommerce business, the delivery exception is a common scenario for your operations. It can sometimes cause minor delays for some customers, while it might not cause any delay in other cases.

However, there are some different scenarios too. In such cases, the delivery exceptions might cause a headache as it might send back the delivery to the sender. Let us check out some of the common scenarios if your order has no delivery exception.

Important Facts about Delivery Exception and Common Causes

No Delay Whatsoever

In this case, the package still delivers on time as the issues were not as severe as expected. Alternatively, maybe the problem happened at the beginning of the shipment process. As a result, the carrier got enough time to solve the problem. Two common reasons behind overall delay are severe weather or change in the delivery vehicle.

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Late Yet Successful Delivery

At times, some events might come up that push your delivery either to the next day or more than that. However, the carrier successfully delivers your order. When it comes to the B2B sales, one of the common issues is no one remains available for signing to receive the package.

Alternatively, if the gates remain closed, it becomes impossible to deliver the package. Another common cause behind failed deliveries in residential areas is delivery boy have to return the box in the truck. It mostly happens due to late deliveries.

Returning the Package to The Sender

In many unfortunate cases, exception error often leads to returning the package. The reason behind this is incorrect address causes the parcel to return to the sender. Apart from that, transit damage, mainly in the labels and barcodes, often forces the package to return.

Usually, in these cases, the carrier provides information on the package to the customer. However, you might not get any proactive notification at times, especially if you use traditional order management tools.

Common Causes Behind Delivery Exceptions

There are plenty of reasons behind the cause of the delivery exception. Listed below are a few of them that you should be aware of.

No documentation

In case of missing documentation, usually your package does not have all the necessary information for sending the box to the destination. No documentation mostly happens rarely with the ground freight. However, the chances are high with the ocean freights. It requires various documents for managing inventory as well as custody. Such errors can even occur when the labels do not have the proper barcode on the package.

No recipient to receive the package

Suppose your package needs a signature for receiving. For this, someone needs to stay at your house. If no one is there for signing and receiving, the carrier will return the package to its fulfillment location. The next day, they will try to reattempt the delivery. Due to this reason, it is an excellent idea to aid customers with carrier-delivery management tools.

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Delay in delivery due to customs

When it comes to international shipping, you will face massive delays at times if there is any problem with the package in customs. From delays at the port, no paperwork, or incorrect tariff codes, anything can be possible. It takes a lot of preparation for international packages, and 3PL partners can help you.

Therefore, delivery exceptions are inevitable. However, if you determine the best course of action and have the information on delivery exceptions, it provides peace of mind.

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