The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Order Processing

Learn how to manage your order processing from start to finish. From the basic steps to using software, this ultimate guide has all the information you need!

The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Order Processing

No matter how much experience you have with eCommerce, the process is always changing. From new technologies to evolving consumer expectations, there's no shortage of things that can throw a wrench in your day-to-day operations. That's why we put together this ultimate guide for order processing so you can stay on top of everything and run an efficient business.

The Definition to Order Processing 

If you intend to learn what order processing means, you should count on understanding how the eCommerce business works. It is the first thing you should adopt if you want to run an eCommerce business! It is defined as the critical element for fulfilling an order. The workflow ensures proper execution of the orders that involve the preparation and delivery process.

The order processing steps are executed depending upon the scale of operations for a business. This workflow is determined to perform at the warehouse or distribution center where the pickers, sorters, and packers intend to work in good sync towards fulfilling an order. You don't have to be a big company or have a big team for carrying out adequate order fulfillment. A single group or a person can also look into the proficiency matter of order fulfillment.

Steps of Order Processing Workflow

The order processing steps are meant to drive the potential of optimal online order handling. These steps define the cumulative process that promotes your perspectives of order management in the supply chain. The actions within the workflow process are:

Placing an Order- At the first step, customers will be placing an order through your eCommerce business portal or site.

Order Details Transferred to Inventory- After the order has been placed, it will then be transferred to the inventory, where the software will be tracking the stocks and then process the same for further process.

Fulfilling the Order- The order is then picked up by the team, packed with labels, and then shipped via the feasible mode of transportation.

Customer Satisfaction- After the product is delivered, the brand's responsibility is to check if the customer is satisfied with the service. And for that, you should put up an automated review request for every customer who gets the product delivered. If any problem arises, it is the brand's responsibility to resolve that issue.

The necessity of Order Management for Businesses

Most new business owners have this question in mind upon 'What is order management and why is it essential for businesses?' It is said that a well-planned process of execution and an organized workflow can do wonders for a business to manage an order. It will boost not just the cash-flow, but will also help with inventory management prospects.

With ideal order management concerns for eCommerce businesses, a brand can save a lot of time and money. Order processing is defined as the coordinating workflow that gives you an idea of whether all of the parts of your business are working together or not. And this idea of eCommerce order processing by engaging all the business departments is referred to as order management.

With this strategy, you are not just accepting and delivering orders; you are also tracking them mid-way to see if it is the right time to meet the ETD for customers. Not just that, but order management under the processing workflow also takes excellent care of post-sales measures. While you are imposing an order management routine for your eCommerce business, you can ensure that each process follows a specific budget, well-organized inventory, and saves money & time.

These few elements of business success are a priority for all eCommerce businesses. If you haven't infused order management prospects into your business to date, it is time for you to analyze the business process and find out if it will be a beneficial inclusion for you.

Order Processing being Executed with a Software

An eCommerce business can carry out order processing with just pen & paper. But as the company grows, the viability and complexity factor will decline the manual intervention. Hence, that is where you can rely upon order processing software to leverage its maximum potential. It will minimize all possibilities of human error and streamline customer satisfaction expectations for a company, irrespective of its operating size.

This software, upon order processing, will store and share data upon orders and check the stock availability upon your digital inventory. Moreover, it will also be tracking the order delivery aspects that will ultimately ensure the fulfillment of orders on the predicted time. It is essential to implement manual efforts in blend with automated updates over software to determine the accuracy and keep the work process of every department in the loop of software's feeds.

Hence, it will increase the ultimate sales rate and attain customer satisfaction for your eCommerce business. The order management system can be successfully integrated with other software, such as the accounting/billing platform, for combining the order processing tasks with all of the other business tasks in a single platform. Hence, this will help a thriving eCommerce business gain more exposure amidst the audience with a positive reputation.


Efficient order processing for eCommerce businesses is a very crucial part of the supply chain. The size and nature of your business will determine how you should implement this workflow, but there are many ways to do it well. Simpl has been helping companies streamline their operations by providing an easy web-based software that saves time and money on order fulfillment needs. Whether it’s consolidating freight from multiple shipping carriers or tracking shipments in real-time, we can help you meet customer expectations without disturbing your seamless business operations! Give us a call today to learn more about our services—we would love to hear from you!

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