How to Find Suppliers for Amazon FBA?

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How to Find Suppliers for Amazon FBA?

If you want your Amazon sales to be successful, you must have the right product, a strong marketing plan, and dependable suppliers for amazon FBA. The cash you invested into the business will vanish if you consider these three factors. From this view, it is equally crucial to have both an excellent product and solid distributors for amazon to satisfy your expectations. Therefore, you could base the strategy on choosing a particular commodity and finding a provider. 

You should also find a reliable manufacturer with a range of goods and make a product or profit from it. So, keep reading the article below to find out the best strategy to choose a supplier for amazon.

Ways To Find Suppliers For Amazon FBA

Prioritizing Products

This method may be regarded as product-centered. This implies that you conduct your merchandise research and develop the ideal product you believe will sell and be highly ranked by search engines. This idea is beneficial if you want to get the most out of the sales items but do not operate large-scale sales operations.

However, this approach implies that you stay focused on the product details, PPC advertising, trying to attract traffic to the listing, and other marketing tools. But you must have a source of supply or producer who can guarantee excellence and meet the deadline. It would help if you also understood how to locate distributors for amazon.

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Find In Search Engines

Use the advanced search option many well-known search engines offer to locate a reliable Amazon wholesale supplier. If you have an idea of what you're looking for, you can utilize this function to identify appropriate suppliers who might not pop up from a simple search. Some pro tips would include:

  • Use quote marks and have words in the query
  • The minus sign may be employed to remove words
  • asterisks can comprise random search phrases

Industry Publications

Finding good quality vendors is relatively easy, mainly if you have looked more deeply into the new updates in the online marketplace. Numerous articles published in America are designed specifically for online sales.

Searching for journals within one's specific niche is a beautiful concept. To learn more about your particular industry, consider subscribing to newsletters and reading blogs about Amazon logistics. The most straightforward place to begin is often by looking online. Be sure to include key phrases.

Sectoral Organizations

Joining an industry group is an excellent method to find wholesale suppliers if you have experience with Amazon logistics. You frequently need to wait to join. There are often administration costs, and you would want this to be something other than the 1st destination when searching for a supplier.

The manufacturers association might be appropriate if you obtain expertise or a phenomenal Amazon supply chain. Connection to renowned wholesalers may help you boost the revenue of your items by giving exceptional prices.

Trade Exhibitions

Trade shows are phenomenal ways to collaborate with different suppliers in the industry. Distributors, owners, and vendors frequently attend events, allowing you to try out goods firsthand. Attending trade events is an excellent way to locate suppliers for the Amazon Company since many merchants there will offer wholesale rates.

Direct Referrals

After you've become a founded Amazon vendor with a massively scalable Amazon distribution chain, you could benefit indirectly from the success as you grow. Colleagues, other sellers, and contacts in the network frequently have connections that can lead you in the right direction. When you are up and running, consider contacting your network to see if anyone knows of reliable Amazon wholesalers.

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Track Wholesale Competitor's Suppliers

Tracking competitors' products is also beneficial to select the wholesale suppliers for amazon. Most of the rivals work with reputable suppliers whom you need to know. Competitors will keep their information regarding suppliers private. But there are multiple ways you can discover the wholesale supplier of your rivals:

  • Go through the website images, which contain the watermarks of the supplier.
  • Inquire about warranty service, which vendors frequently give.
  • Look for or request quality certificates, which may also include supplier stamps.
  • As a client, call the company and ask where they used to manufacture their products. 
  • Purchase their goods and look at the inscription.

Social Media Platforms

LinkedIn and Facebook are additional tools for merchants to locate wholesale suppliers for Amazon FBA. The first step is to browse for appropriate groups by keyword or title. You may identify suppliers if you discover a team centered on your business. You can create a post on that group & wait for the replies. 

Another way to search for the right supplier is to search for them by hashtags. Enter a hashtag and the keyword related to the suppliers of your industry. If you find any relevant suppliers, you can add them or leave a comment to introduce themselves to your business. This strategy is cheap, quick, and simple, but there is no way to tell if a social media site page is authentic. Additionally, this may need some time to connect with suppliers.

Look For Industry Associates

Getting access to inside knowledge is one of the perks of joining an industry-related organization. Be aware of industry-associated sites as a resource. Begin by visiting the Wholesaler-Distributors Member Association to obtain a list of websites. If you haven't discovered what you're looking for, try Searching "industrial association" with the title of your industry. However, remember that this method is best suited and advantageous to established sellers.

Approach Directly The Manufacturer & Brand

You can speak with a brand/manufacturer directly to obtain stock for your store. In this situation, you're losing out on the wholesaler portion of the chain because the brand would now be selling its items. Brands may establish and implement regulations about who can sell their merchandise. If that's the case, you'll have to work by following their requirements to get approval.  You may have to submit the paperwork to amazon to ensure you are a legitimate seller. Amazon wants to ensure that you refrain from attempting to sell damaged goods through the platform because it impacts their authenticity.

On Packaging Directly

Whether on the barcode of the products or the primary package, the manufacturer's name will generally be printed somewhere on the product. This frequently includes the manufacturer's or distributor's name, contact information, and address. If you buy a high-quality product from Facebook or see one in a store, try utilizing their contact information to find a prospective wholesale source for your eCommerce business.

Visit sourcing agents

You can look for a sourcing agent to avoid sourcing a wholesaler supplier. These are professionals who have specialized in searching the supplier for the Amazon supplier chain. They are primarily available on freelancing platforms like Fiverr & UpWork, and other B2B sites. Before hiring a freelancer, you should ask them a few questions. You can also reach the manufacturing hubs directly where you want to source from. Be sure to complete your homework beforehand and identify the regions of manufacturing. 

Amazon Business

This is another excellent tool for finding an amazon FBA supplier. Amazon Business is a platform where you can connect with the suppliers of e-commerce businesses. You can connect with wholesalers and corporate sellers. Your goal should be to buy products from this place at discounts and mark them up for reselling via Amazon FBA.

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How Can You Talk With Wholesale Suppliers?

After contacting the supplier by following the above-discussed ways, you can find the desired supplier. Try not to stick with only one amazon wholesale supplier but try to expand your network. Connect with different suppliers, and before finalizing, one asks specific questions to them. The following are some key things to look for.

  • How is the cost of goods and discounts formed?
  • What is the minimum amount of buying goods at one time?
  • How the receiving & ordering of paid goods are carried out?
  • How often will the suppliers be able to provide the current stock balance?
  • How did they handle their deals and partnership?
  • Do they give the complete agreement in document form?
  • Do they offer specific certificates for their product conformity?
  • Talk about their warranty service & return policies for defective items.
  • Do they provide any additional information about their products?

By asking questions like these, you can move to the next step. To ensure the suppliers are aware of the rules, it is requested to follow several rules.

  • Write in short texts because no one has time to read long paragraphs.
  • Ask only one question because the suppliers have little time to answer each question.
  • Please don't insist on them for small orders because it can reduce the chances of getting a response. For a minimum qualifying order, you can request through mail.
  • Ensure your writing style and check grammatical errors before sending them.

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Running an Amazon FBA business can be a different and challenging experience. With so many suppliers, it's essential to identify the best ones that fit your needs. With our advice on how to locate global suppliers, you will have better chances of seeing success as an Amazon FBA seller. Always use reliable sources for reviews and information about a supplier before going forward. If you need help fulfilling Amazon orders, contact Simpl, a company committed to helping small businesses streamline their order fulfillment process and get their products out the door quickly and efficiently. Don't let the complexity of finding reliable suppliers deter you from achieving success as an Amazon FBA seller. Resources are available to help you ensure you have the right vendors when selling your products on Amazon FBA!

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