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October 13, 2021

Shipping from Alibaba to Amazon FBA- Keys to Success for New Entrepreneurs

The world is very competitive today. Everyone wants to highlight themselves and try to attract others. Some have been very successful in this, but a few are still struggling. The reasons are infinite and situation-based. The moment one person is successful in one line of activity, it becomes a trademark, and people blindly follow that path to success. How far is this acceptable?

A unique idea always attracts attention, and the success rate depends on the presentation of the concept and acceptability by the public. Reselling is one such unique idea. Even though there are many players in this line of activity, reselling is always challenging, and to achieve success in this field, one has to be extra bright. Shifting the resale business from Alibaba to Amazon FBA is worth trying. But for a beginner, everything is blank, and they have to create an empire having nothing in hand. So here are some tips to guide the new entrepreneurs in achieving success in reselling.

Where To Purchase

Reselling involves the purchase of material from one source and selling it to others. Since everything is done online today, even reselling has become easy. The new entrepreneur has to select an ecommerce website in which transacting is easy. All eCommerce websites have their own merits and demerits and are meant to earn profit. You need to analyze and plan how to use the merits of an eCommerce website.

Alibaba is one such eCommerce website that provides a wide range of products based on the requirement of the purchaser. The whole process of resale depends on the products purchased. So, when shipping from Alibaba to Amazon FBA starts, the purchaser can experience convenience and profit margins by purchasing from the Alibaba eCommerce website. Many people have succeeded in doing their business through this website.

Where To Sell

You first have to choose an eCommerce website that gives maximum profits after the resale process. The journey of shipping from Alibaba to Amazon FBA is a planned activity. You should plan activities so that products are ordered from Alibaba and resold through Amazon FBA. Amazon is one such website with intense bondage with its clients (buyers and sellers) and provides a broad scope of success.

5 Steps when Shipping from Alibaba to Amazon FBA


1.Research the products on the Alibaba Website

To do this, a new user/purchaser has to create an account on the website. Creating an account will allow you to research the required products without any legal objections. This also confirms that the user is a genuine party.

2. Search for the desired products

After creating an account, you are allowed to search the products. The user should have clarity of what sort of product details they are looking for. Alibaba is a website which deals with an infinite number of products and ranges. Searching for products takes time, so having clarity will save you time and energy, and the best products can be selected at a low/reasonable price. 

3. Contact the Supplier

Once the products are selected,  you'll need to contact the supplier involved. Further negotiations regarding the price of the products have to be discussed. Negotiation skills play a significant role here as the entrepreneur has to negotiate the prices while purchasing the products.

4. Verify the details

Once you have negotiated the price with the supplier, you’ll need to verify the products and make sure you are on the same page as your supplier. 

5. Redirect goods from Alibaba to Amazon FBA

With the verification complete,  you are now ready to redirect goods from Alibaba to Amazon FBA to complete the process. Since most suppliers are familiar with Amazon FBA, they will be able to get your products into FBA or directly to your location.


Since it is resale, the selling price should not exceed the MRP (Maximum retail price) mentioned on the product. The new entrepreneur has to purchase the products at a low cost, and only then can profits be earned. Some eCommerce websites offer discounts to their customers. So, to attract more customers, the entrepreneur has to focus on this discount factor and the website commission before deciding the product's price. The actual cost incurred in shifting products from Alibaba to Amazon FBA should be considered while quoting the selling price.

Choice Of Product

It is always best to focus on one  product if you are starting out in the reselling business. Clarity in choosing a product will help in making practical plans to earn profits. In addition, it may be difficult for a beginner to handle many products.

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Promotional Offers

New entrepreneurs should never commit promotional offers which are not bearable. Promotional offers are necessary to improve the business, but they become unbearable when the profit is insufficient.

Proper planning will do the magic. Opportunity is like a ray of hope. So, when it comes, one should make 100% use of it. As business is based on money transactions, one should be cautious while transacting.

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