How To Improve Customer Experience With Shipment Notifications

How To Improve Customer Experience With Shipment Notifications

Shipping and delivery of items to customers is the most significant pillar of support for the eCommerce supply chain. Ecommerce companies realize that improving shipping speed and experience is a sure-shot way of improving customer experience. Nowadays, the customer wants to stay in the loop about the products he is getting from the company. People expect that the products reach them at the earliest and stay updated about the pace of shipping and delivery. People want real-time updates, and shipping notifications help achieve this objective. Shipping companies are becoming more and more transparent about their processes so that users get recent updates about their shipments. 

In this article, you understand how to use shipping notifications to extend a better customer experience and give more satisfaction to customers. Delivering alerts and other updates helps create an algorithm that maintains information channels with the customer. 

What Are Shipment Notifications, And Why Are They Important For Customer Experience?

Shipment notifications are shipping alerts sent to customers to update them on their order status. These notifications can include updates on when an order has been shipped, when it will be delivered, and any other relevant information about the shipping process.

Shipment notifications are essential for customer experience because they help to keep customers updated on the status of their orders. This information can be beneficial for customers waiting for their orders and help prevent potential shipping problems.

 How Can You Improve Your Shipment Notification Process To Provide A Better Customer Experience?

Have Clear and Concise Notifications

One way to improve your shipping notification process is by ensuring that your notifications are clear and concise. Your customers should easily understand when their order will ship and any other essential details about the shipping process. Additionally, you should provide shipping notifications promptly so that your customers are not left in the dark about the status of their orders.

Offer Delivery Alerts

Another way to improve your shipping notification process is by offering delivery alerts. This way, your customers can track their order every step and know exactly when to expect it. Delivery alerts can be sent via email, text message, or push notification through a mobile app. This adds extra convenience and peace of mind for your customers.

Make it Easy to Manage Notifications

Finally, it would help if you made it easy for your customers to manage their shipping notifications. This means providing them options to customize the frequency and format of statements they receive. Additionally, you should allow them to easily unsubscribe from shipping notifications if they no longer wish to receive them. By giving your customers this level of control, you can provide a better shipping notification experience overall.

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Tips For Improving Shipment Notification Delivery

There are some ways of improving the shipment notification delivery process. The best ways to create improved shipment notifications are as follows- 

Provide an estimated delivery date- When the customer gets an estimated delivery date, he is sure that the order has been confirmed and will be shipped. He also knows when to expect the order to reach him. 

Double up the notifications- Always send primary and secondary messages. Ensure that you are sending the same notification twice. Notify a customer that you have shipped an order through email and SMS. This way, the user will see the notifications multiple times. 

Multiple shipping notifications- Notify the customers about the different shipping time options and when they can receive the order. This ensures that the user can choose the time frame to receive the order according to their convenience. 

With smart communication, it is easy to improve the shipping notifications and use them to impact the customers better. 

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 Examples Of Great Shipment Notification Practices

Here is the placement of shipment notifications for a better impact on the users. 

When the shipment has been shipped- The notification should go out when the order has been shipped and dispatched on the supply chain. This is the most required notification and begins a conversation on shipping and delivery. 

-Include the shipping date and time

-Inform them of any shipping delays

- thank the customer for their purchase

When the order is out for delivery- It is essential to inform the customer when the order has reached the destination city and is out for delivery. This way, the user can make time in his schedule to receive the order. 

- include expected delivery date and time 

- provide tracking information 

- let them know if there are any delays 

- thank them for their patience

When the order is delivered, the delivery process's success can be conveyed with the delivery complete notification. This reassures the user and completes the shipping process. 

- include the delivery date and time 

- provide tracking information 

- let them know if there are any issues with the delivery 

- thank them for their purchase 

- ask for feedback on the shipping process.

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The Future Of Shipment Notifications

As shipping notifications become more common, customers expect a certain level of service from brands. Shipping notification processes will need to evolve to meet customer expectations. Some features that may become more common in shipping notifications include real-time tracking, automatic updates, and interactive content. By staying ahead of the curve, you can ensure that your shipping notification process provides a great customer experience.


Shipment notifications are one of the simplest yet most effective ways to improve customer experience. By letting your customers know when their order has shipped, you can help them feel in control and informed about what's happening with their purchase. Notifications also let customers know they're essential to you, which can go a long way in building customer loyalty.

Here at Simpl, we can help you set up shipment notifications that make your customers happy. We have years of experience in fulfillment and logistics, so we know how to get the job done right. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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