Popular Amazon Inventory Management Tools You Can Use For eCommerce Business

Popular Amazon Inventory Management Tools You Can Use For eCommerce Business

It is crucial to choose the correct inventory management software that matches with Amazon FBA. The reason behind this is it helps in enhancing your efficiency. Retailers these days opt for various inventory management tools as it boosts efficacy. Listed below is the necessary information on the different inventory management tools for Amazon.

Reasons to Use Amazon Inventory Management Tools

When selling products on Amazon, it is necessary to be aware of the various inventory issues that you can face. Some of the standard inventory problems include fast depletion of inventory, high order affecting fulfillment, etc. Among all the other problems, the opportunity cost of inadequate handling inventory is no doubt high. Moreover, every customer expects to get his or her orders early. 

As a result, fulfillment delays cause negative reviews at times. Hence, a seller must enjoy a comprehensive Amazon inventory management system. It helps in succeeding with better product selling and inventory management.

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4 Popular Inventory Management Tools for eCommerce Businesses

There are many inventory management tools that you can use for Amazon that help in making your inventory easier. Listed below are some of the joint management tool names. 

So Stocked

So Stocked: Inventory Management Tool

It is one of the popular Amazon inventory management software. So Stocked helps the Amazon sellers not only to forecast but also manage the inventory. It is necessary to understand that forecasting with this software will be accurate. It is So Stocked factor things such as past stockouts, past sales, future marketing plans, etc.

Be it a private label or wholesale, and it becomes easy to tweak the forecast to fit your business. Moreover, the software comes with a fully customizable KPI dashboard, which is indeed helpful. It helps the customers to get a better view of the inventory levels, tracking, and other essential activities.


Linnworks: Inventory Management Tool

It is an eCommerce platform, which helps with sales management, inventory control, shipment tracking, etc. Moreover, with Linnworks, it is easy to integrate the eCommerce store for unifying the inventory updates. 

After creating the orders, you will get the tracking information automatically to your relevant channels through Linnworks. You can efficiently operate the sales channels with maximum efficiency and even considerably save costs. 


Sellbrite: Inventory Management Tools

Sellbrite is a multichannel solution solely for online eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. It is perfect for you if you sell on three different platforms and scale overall operations. Besides, it helps in preventing stick-out and makes sure that your pricing is in its place.

 Even if you make any changes in the inventory, it will automatically update the listings. Sellbrite helps in creating powerful reports for analyzing and improving the business operations.


Expandly: Inventory Management Tool

This software helps to manage listings, shipping, inventory, and other activities. This platform is undoubtedly inexpensive and assists in integrating eCommerce platforms like Etsy, Wish, Amazon, etc. 

Expandly is undoubtedly an excellent option for the sellers looking to manage multiple sales channels using one platform. You will also get fantastic customer support, and you will get a clear idea of the overall performance through the reports. 

Therefore, you can use these few tools for Amazon’s inventory management. Among all these options, you can choose what will suit your needs.

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