How Long Does USPS Take to Deliver Packages?

USPS FAQs: How long it takes FedEx, and UPS to deliver. What is the deadline for FedEx delivery? Does UPS deliver on Sundays and on Holidays?

How Long Does USPS Take to Deliver Packages?

United States Postal Service (USPS), United Parcel Service (UPS), and FedEx are the major delivery giants in the United States. Both of them have different pricing ranges, delivery services, different offers, discounts, and delivery times as well. These delivery giants play a crucial role for eCommerce businesses to ship their packages domestically and internationally.

If you want to know about the delivery timings, services, and offers of USPS and FedEx, read the details below.

FeDex, USPS, & UPS Delivery Timings and Services on Sundays or Holidays

What is the Deadline for The Delivery of FeDex?

FedEx doesn't have a fixed time to deliver the packages. Usually, FedEx delivers packages between 5 pm to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday. Though, the delivery packages of the evening schedule reach their respective addresses by 8 pm.

It provides three levels of services with different timings:

1. Standard Overnight- Packages arrive before 3 pm.

2. Priority Overnight- Delivery before 10:30 am

3. First Overnight- delivery before 9:30 am

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FeDex Delivery Services on Sundays and Holidays

The home delivery services by FedEx offer delivery even on Sundays. You also don't need to pay any extra cost. However, this service is available in limited areas, so always check before finalizing your drop-off.

FedEx delivers the packages even on holidays according to their usual schedule. The services only remain closed on Thanksgiving Day, New Year's Day, and Christmas Day.

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What is The Time of the Last Delivery by USPS?

The delivery timings by USPS may vary depending upon the postal route and the shipping address. On occasions, it may get late, and you may receive your package even at 10 pm.

If you use the Priority Mail service, then USPS will drop the package by 3 pm. USPS also offers delivery services on Saturdays. Here are the delivery services by USPS-

1. Priority Mail- Delivery within one to three days

2. Priority Mail Express- Delivery within one to two days

3. First Class Mail- Delivery within one to three days

4. Media Mail- Delivery within 2-8 days

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USPS Delivery Services on Sundays and Holidays

USPS also delivers packages on packages on Sundays, but you have to pay extra charges. It doesn't charge extra if it provides any package on Sunday other than the express ones. On holidays, USPS doesn't deliver any packages.

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What is The Deadline for Delivery by UPS?

The delivery time of UPS ends by 7 pm for residential areas. However, they might deliver the packages even after that if some packets are left. While for business areas, they usually provide during the business days.

UPS Delivery Services on Sundays and Holidays

UPS picks up and delivers packages on Sundays for both business and residential areas. However, they don't offer pick-up services on Saturdays in Alaska and Hawaii. They have limited time and regions for deliveries on Sundays too.

These are some detailed overview of the delivery services that may help you choose the appropriate delivery services. You can also check their respective websites before finalizing the services.

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