Is Outsourcing Customer Support a Good Idea?

Outsourcing customer service saves big money but is it for you? An in-depth discussion on whether to outsource customer support for your eCommerce business.

Is Outsourcing Customer Support a Good Idea?

Outsourcing customer service saves big money. Despite the cost-saving benefit, basing customer support services abroad in the past often came with a long phone or email support wait times, subpar service, and language barriers. We've all experienced them.

Yet in recent years, call centers have improved vastly. The best call centers today deliver exceptional customer service, highly-trained support personnel, and round-the-clock customer support. Also, outsourcing support can reduce business costs and the responsibility of hiring and managing an in-house customer support team. When done right, the benefits of a reputable call center are hard to say no to.


Whether you need to hire 1 or 50 agents, the best support-as-a-service teams can help businesses grow by improving customer relations. Customers are much more likely to do business with you if they receive excellent customer support. Enforcing high customer satisfaction standards across the board is crucial. 

The difference a 24/7 highly-trained support team makes is enormous. It may not only increase conversions but also keeps repeat customers coming back for more. This is especially true when complaints, resolutions, and returns are handled well. Long story short, an excellent support team upholds a business' reputation and grows sales, all while keeping costs down at a fraction of hiring in-house support teams.

Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Support

Customers expect more today than ever before. Companies like Amazon have set the bar high when it comes to customer resolutions and support. How do small business owners compete with the big dogs when they can afford to hire in-house support teams? Easy. Outsource customer service to the pros.

Improving conversion rates & increasing customer loyalty

On-demand support centers, also known as "support as a service," offer small business owners significant benefits. The best support teams are trained to make the customer experience a positive one, no matter the reason the customer needs help. Conversion rates are also better when customers have 24/7 access to support staff that can help with placing an order, asking product questions, tracking a shipment, or changing a shipping address. That's something all online retailers can appreciate.

Hand-off customer service

Improving customer support operations is easy with teams that specialize in making the customer experience the best it can be. Meanwhile, you can go about handling all the other tasks that you need to do. It's a hands-off solution if you want it to be. Or you can have customer support teams handle a portion of support tickets, reducing your workload substantially. These dedicated teams can be trained according to your company's exact procedures, and many offer on-going seminars and training.


Whether you want 24/7 customer support solutions or a hybrid structure, call centers come in all shapes and sizes. You can hire one agent, 20 agents, 50 or more -- depending on your business needs. Support-as-a-service also comes in handy during holidays or other peak sales times. Some companies only need to outsource support on weekends, evenings, or holidays. Whatever level of support you need, the sky is the limit with the right team.

Reduces cost and saves time

What do the hiring, training, and managing in-house support teams all have in common? Time and money. It takes weeks to post ads, and vet resumes, interview, hire, and train customer support staff. If you need multiple in-house support agents, that time can really add up. As a busy business owner, finding the time to do it all can be hard. 

Not to mention, domestic support teams are expensive. And even a small team needs a manager. In-house support teams add more employees to keep track of and add to the payroll. Support-as-a-service streamlines everything, saving time and money while freeing up your time to focus on other business tasks.

Hiring a reputable support-as-a-service team is easier than ever

On-demand call centers are better today than ever before. The market is flooded with options, with many highly-qualified teams offering best-in-class customer support solutions. If you are in need of customer service agents, outsourcing customer support is a great option.

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