Is Etsy Legit? Get The Facts

Is Etsy Legit? Get The Facts

Today, there are many eCommerce platforms where you can buy different things. There are platforms where you can buy groceries and daily essentials. Then there are platforms where you can buy clothing and beauty items. If you particularly like unique handmade products from artists and vintage-looking items, then Etsy is the only platform that provides you with genuine vintage, artsy items. Whether exploring the platform to look at gift ideas or buying unique things to decorate your home, you will find something special on Etsy. 

Whenever we first explore a platform, especially an eCommerce platform, our minds have many doubts. How it works, and how you navigate through the platform. We also think about the legitimacy of the sellers present on it. You are going to spend some money on the website. So, knowing whether the site is legitimate and authentic with good products is a must. So, is Etsy legit? Etsy is a fair platform where you can do transactions safely and get your desired things. 

What is Etsy? 

Etsy is a publicly traded company that has operated for the last decade. It is a company that started in 2005. The platform has undergone many upgrades and is still relevant to buyers and sellers. It is a safe site to do eCommerce transactions on. It is a viral platform among entrepreneurs and buyers looking for niche products instead of the mainstream products you get on other platforms. If you ask the platform's regular users if it is Etsy reliable, then the answer will be yes because they have used it so often and got good quality products in return. The transactions have all been trustworthy, and you can get authentic products. So, is Etsy safe? Yes, it is secure. 

Many people question Etsy's legitimacy because they have to buy the item they want with full payment before it gets delivered to them. Because you do not get the cash-on-delivery option on Etsy, the buyers' chances of scams and money loss increase. The majority of complaints that arise on Etsy are related to the sellers because of the poor pace of delivery and inadequate response. However, most of the sellers on Etsy are genuine and responsive toward buyers and potential buyers. 

You need to check the buyer's background and look at the product photos correctly before buying the items with payment. The answer to the question you can trust Etsy depends on your research and the type of seller you deal with. Every eCommerce platform and every online buyer is prone to scam sellers if the seller is not checked correctly. You need to look for verified sellers who have great reviews to their names. 

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Pros and Cons of Etsy


1. Easy Setup – Getting started with an Etsy shop is pretty quick and straightforward; users must create an account, add products, set prices, and begin selling. 

2. No Fees Required Upfront – Unlike most online marketplaces, running an Etsy shop does not require setup fees nor monthly subscription payments for sellers to list their products (only payment processing fees are charged). 

3. High Visibility & Traffic – With over 40 million active buyers each month already shopping on the platform, sellers have direct access to a large pool of potential customers looking for unique items just like theirs without needing to invest heavily in marketing efforts upfront (although it's recommended that additional promotion is done). 

4. Global Reach & Support – Whether you sell locally or overseas, Etsy offers tools connecting you with customers worldwide by default (in 33 languages). Additionally, they offer customer support assistance via email & phone hotline so any issues can be resolved quickly & professionally with peace of mind guaranteed. 



1. Strict Product Guidelines - Only handmade goods and vintage items made at least 20 years ago will be accepted onto the platform. If your product doesn't fit into these categories, it won't qualify under strict policies enforced by administration staff constantly doing regular checks/audits.   

2. Low Returns Rate - The return policy offered by Etsy allows buyers only three days after the delivery date before being unable to issue refunds except if an item arrives broken or damaged due to low-quality standards, which no seller wants, making returns even more significant.

 3. Listing Competition - A viral site like this means there's lots of competition trying hard to stand out amongst thousands of listings, making your product harder to see. 

4. Seller Fees - Upon each sale, commissions ranging from 5 % up to 20% could apply depending on different factors such as location/region taxing rules, etc., which can reduce overall profitability margin drastically, especially for small businesses.

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Possible Problems On Etsy 

Although Etsy is a relatively safe platform to buy things from, there are some negative situations that you may encounter if you are not vigilant. 

Paying For A Product And Not Getting The Package

When you are going for prepaid order fulfillment, there is always a risk of non-fulfillment of the order and no delivery by the seller if the seller is not authentic. You might pay for the item in full, but the seller must deliver or show unnecessary delay. In today's time, you expect order delivery to happen quickly. You must provide the order on time and get the product to maintain your customer experience. 

Damaged Product Delivery

Damage to delivered products in transit is a risk for every eCommerce platform and every eCommerce order. Even with enough precautions during movement, the order can get damaged. Moreover, because Etsy products are usually very delicate and handmade, the damage risk is more if it needs to be packaged correctly. To tackle this risk, always buy from a seller who pays extra attention and effort to package the product. 

The Product Does Not Match The Product Description

The mismatch issue has been seen on other platforms apart from Etsy. There could be a genuine mistake from the seller's side or from the chain that fulfills the order, because of which you get the wrong item. Sometimes, sellers post pictures of certain things, but the item you receive does not match the same description. This can happen due to negligence and be grounds for fraudulent behavior. You can register a complaint query with the Etsy platform help center if this happens. Moreover, before buying anything from the platform, look for genuine reviews and choose the items that match the reviews with the seller's photos. Look for thoughts that come with real pictures of things. 

Lost Package

Often, when we shop on online platforms, there is a chance that the package gets lost in transit. In such cases, it is neither the fault of the seller nor the buyer. The partner company which handles the shipping should be careful with the packages. If you do not receive your ordered package after waiting a week or two, ask for a refund from your Etsy seller as you did not receive the item. 

The Expiry Of The Shipping Window

When the seller sends the package to you, he sends it with a tentative date of delivery. The package might get delivered within 5 to 7 days of placing the order. The time taken usually depends on the distance the package has to travel. However, today, the order fulfillment pace has improved to a great extent. Still, if the delivery executive fails to meet the delivery deadline by many days, that is a problem for the buyer. Usually, a day or two delay is acceptable for the buyer and the seller. 

All these problems only sometimes arise on Etsy. These problems can occasionally happen for buyers. To use Etsy safely and to its best potential, you should check about the seller and look at reviews and recommendations. Always fish out genuine and authentic products for the process. 

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The Best Practices To Adopt On Etsy As A Buyer 

Now that we know what problems you might face in the Etsy marketplace, let us also learn about the various practices that ensure safe and fulfilled buying from the market. 

Before you lock in on an Etsy seller profile:

1. Review his shop and listing pictures.

2. Ensure you are looking at the shop policies and the refund policy to avoid getting scammed through loopholes later.

3. Look at the pictures and verify that the products are genuine and as promised.

4. Look for buyer reviews and authentic review photos to know what you are getting into when you pay.

5. Look at the seller's profile to know his background and experience level. 

Be Careful About The Refunds

Since you are paying in total to get the product, you must also be careful about the refund policy. Look at the policy and see if you can return the same. How will the seller compensate if the item comes out as defective? Look into all these details to ensure you are not in for a shock. 

Never Share Your Personal Or Sensitive Information With The Seller

Always review the seller before talking to him and getting his items. Make it a point to keep your details and financial information private from anyone on Etsy. Make sure you keep your credit card and other information confidential. Always go for a transaction that happens on the Etsy platform rather than one that the seller wants to do off the platform. Etsy keeps records of all the transactions on the platform, which can help you track your order and get a refund when needed. If you are venturing off the platform, you do so at your own risk. 

Protection Of The Buyers' Rights 

Is Etsy a legit site depending on your buying approach on the platform. Etsy has made its provisions to protect the buyers, but as a buyer, you also need to be safe on your own. There is a new Buyer Protection program that Etsy has launched, which protects the privacy of buyers on the platform. 


Starting your own eCommerce business can be both intimidating and exciting, and there is an array of options for choosing the right platform. But when finding a venue that allows entrepreneurs to sell handmade goods and unique ware, Etsy is a crucial player for many. With tens of millions of buyers spread across the globe, utilizing this platform could truly deliver your product to people from all walks of life. Between understanding what products may or may not do well on the platform and taking advantage of tips and tricks to stand out amongst competitors, taking the initiative and creating your own store can open up doors you never knew were possible. Hopefully, with the information this blog post has provided you with, you will choose Etsy as your go-to marketplace for selling unique wares online and garnering success! Need help with fulfilling orders? Get in touch with Simpl today!

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