"If It Fits It Ships"- Benefits of USPS Flat Rate Service

"If It Fits It Ships"- Benefits of USPS Flat Rate Service

The United States Postal Service or USPS is a premium service for delivering packages around the United States. It is beneficial for shipping packages efficiently, especially for eCommerce businesses.

The phrase "if it fits, it ships" means that if the weight of your package fits under a certain amount, it is eligible for shipping under the USPS Flat rate service.

Benefits of USPS Flat Rate Service and How Use it for Your eCommerce Business

The USPS provides a Priority Flat rate for shipping packages under 1–3 days at a single rate. It doesn't matter if your package is heavy or light. It depends on the size of your package. Using the USPS Priority flat-rate service, you have to use an envelope that denotes "Flat Rate."

If your package weighs less than 70 pounds, then you can take advantage of this service. This service is also beneficial for eCommerce businesses.

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Benefits of Flat Rate Shipping

The flat rate shipping is helpful for the eCommerce business to grow. It helps in categorizing the packages irrespective of their weight with the same rate and eliminates extra costs.

1. A typical formula called DIM or Dimensional weight is used by USPS and other freight carriers as well. It doesn't matter if the package is big or small; the total pricing is based on the box's actual weight.

2. The shipping price increases according to the distance, but this only happens when the package is heavier than usual.

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How Flat Rate Shipping Works

The Flat rate shipping means how much efficient you are to incorporate maximum stuff in a single package. Businesses in the eCommerce sector usually use this service to save time, money, and other extra costs.

Steps to Use USPS Flat Rate Service

Use a flat rate box of USPS

You can quickly get an appropriate flat rate box from your nearby USPS office. They come in three different sizes such as large, small, and medium—also, the shipping price increases according to the size of the box.

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Pack the items

Try to incorporate as much stuff, less than 70 pounds, and label the package as "Flat Rate" along with the shipping addresses.

Send Your Package

After completing the above process, you can finally ship this package using the USPS service called Priority Mail. Generally, it takes 2-3 business days to deliver the package to its destination.

eCommerce business and flat rate

USPS Flat rate shipping helps small eCommerce businesses to grow and save money by providing appropriate services. Some of these extra benefits are- easy dropping off the packages at any location of UPSPS office, automatic insurance of USD 50, and tracking services.

The points mentioned above and tips may help you to understand the uses and benefits of USPS Priority flat rate service. It is a crucial tool to reduce costs when the packages are heavier but less than 70 pounds.

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