How to use Kitting and Assembly in eCommerce Fulfillment

Are you looking for a way to cut costs or optimize your fulfillment process? Kitting and assembly is the answer. Learn how to get started, and more!

Kitting in logistics and Assembly of it is accountable as one of the significant pieces of eCommerce fulfillment strategy. When you execute it correctly, you will be liable for saving a lot of time and money. This ideology will help the companies ship the products quicker than usual. Therefore, understanding the execution process for this concept is essential for an ideal implementation.

Hence, this article intends to give you complete exposure to the idea of kitting and Assembly and its implementation.

Practical Understanding of Kitting and Assembly

Kitting and Assembly are accountable as the fulfillment service carried out mainly by the third-party logistic firms. It involves packaging items that come as different orders or pieces and are turned into a single group in advance, even before the customers have placed the order.


The collecting aspect of separate pieces into a single offering is known as kits. It is pre-built as batches! Building these kits is to keep them ready for shipping, right after the customer places an order for the same. It is accountable for adapting the retail fulfillment process.

It cannot be done with any regular order! It is impossible to predict the combinations that the customer will place an order for with the usual orders. Kitting is ideal for situations where the variety of products is already known ahead of time.

As practical considerations are taken into a note, it is not sensitive enough to kit the items at all times. Therefore, you need to talk to a kitting company to understand the services better. With expert consultation from kitting companies, you can find solutions that might work well for your business. You will then be liable for deciding whether the solution and idea fit with the process.


Assembly comes after the idea of kitting implementation! The actual process involves properly arranging the individual items that make up the complete kit. The kit is ready to ship when a customer orders that combination when assembled.

Both kitting and Assembly are taken care of at respective stations. The fulfillment staff takes the responsibility of completing the process in bulk to streamline the process and increase efficiencies of the business. After the kits are prepared, they will be put in the storage spot until an order is placed.

Some of the everyday items that the companies use for kitting are promotional literature, product samples, and other things to make a cohesive set of products.

Examples of Kitting in eCommerce and Logistics Operations

There are different types of kitting bundles that are consistently observed in e-commerce. Here are some for your reference:

Ready-to-Order Sets

The ready-to-order sets are packaged and good-to-go for the customers. These products are often combined in a set of quantities, mix or colors. Customers have the set options on their eCommerce portal to choose the set they want to buy. It is upon the company to put together the best products within a set for increased sales experience. One can take help from professional kitting and fulfillment services to know what would boost the sales experience for their brand with such kits. 

Subscription Boxes

 Subscription boxes are another popular kit used tremendously. Specific products such as sports drinks, coffee, beauty products, and coffee are ideal for subscription kitting. It is an excellent way of selling a single package with multiple products. It is more like a convenience service to customers, as they get the set orders within time and won’t have to put effort into future charges for the same product as they are subscribed for the set. Hence, this will get a repeated buyer for the brand. 

Assembled Products

It is common for companies to kit all necessary parts of a completed product. For instance, if you are selling furniture, you need to pack the fitting accessories, associated combo products, and other materials that the customer will need to make the final product. Keeping these items packed will eventually help the eCommerce companies ship the product immediately after placing an order. 

Gift with Purchases

Most retail stores want to implement product kitting by adding a gift with the purchases. And there is no such specific need to decide upon what to gift, as it could be anything as per your desire. So, pair them up with your trending orders and keep them ready for shipping. 


If you’ve been looking for a way to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to fill your orders, then kitting may be just what you need. By partnering with a Logistics Company that has experts on staff who specialize in this process, they can discuss how best to implement it into your fulfillment strategy. You could also share some ideas about how best to do so with them-they have plenty of experience! 

Contact Simpl Fulfillment today if you want assistance from those who know all there is to know about order fulfillment or would like their help creating an effective plan. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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