How to Ship from the US to Australia

Looking to ship products from the US to Australia? Which of the common carriers is the best for shipping to Australia? Find out how UPS, USPS, FeDex, and DHL handle shipments to Australia. Everything you need to select the best carrier for your needs.

How to Ship from the US to Australia

Currently the tenth highest e-commerce market in the world with the aid of revenue, Australia could be either a major help or hindrance for your business. If you aren’t already presenting and shipping your merchandise to Australian customers, you should be. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that shipment isn’t always an easy task. 

Since Australia is a far-flung country, air and sea shipments are going to take some time. It also has additional regulations and rules not found in other countries, making a delivery to Australia from the US an expensive, time-consuming, and difficult process — particularly for small to mid-sized e-commerce businesses. Some shipment options are better than others, though. Keep reading to learn about them, the policies, and the regulations that you should consider when expanding your e-commerce enterprise to Australia. 

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Before you ever actually start shipping to Australia, you need to know how to best prepare and what company you should eventually go with. There are dozens of carriers who can do the job, but we endorse working with the four main carriers: USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL. They’re dependable and can get your packages delivered to Australia inside a few days. They have partnerships with many agencies that can help limit shipping prices, and they have assets in place to help you with customs, taxes, freight, and other paperwork that may be required.

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USPS is an exquisite choice if rapid delivery times aren’t a large priority, and you favor the most inexpensive transport option. Unlike the other carriers, you will only have to pay a flat charge relying on the USPS mail type and bundle weight. It’s also a convenient option due to the fact you can either drop off applications at your mailbox or go to a nearby office.

UPS and FedEx

UPS and FedEx are both extremely quick and reliable, making either a great choice for shipping to Australia. With guaranteed transport times, you can rest easy knowing your goods will be delivered in a timely fashion. And unlike with USPS, packages are tracked from pickup to transport via the UPS and FedEx monitoring systems. The end result is less worrying about packages being transferred to Australia Post. All shipments’ completion time is documented and all should be completed through the original carrier — no change in custody necessary.

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DHL is one of the main carriers for international shipping and is a first-rate choice for all your Australia shipment needs. Their prices are incredibly reasonable and competitive when compared to UPS or FedEx, and the while still providing the same (if not better!) transport timeframes. Basically, it’s one of our top picks. If you need your shipments done right, don’t hesitate to put DHL at the top of your list. 

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Beyond just figuring out the best shipping partner, you need to also know if there are any unrelated costs to keep in mind when shipping to Australia for the first time. Fortunately for you, there aren’t many! Costs are pretty low compared to other countries thanks to the Australia–United States Free Trade Agreement (AUS FTA), an agreement similar to NAFTA.

Essentially, this trade agreement means that the US and Australia have a free trade settlement that allows for convenient changes between the two without the excessive customs charges and tariffs found elsewhere. Tariffs can still cause additional cost concerns, but transport to Australia for your US-based enterprise remains relatively cheap and straightforward. Don’t worry. Nothing is going to seriously break the bank here. So, go ahead and ship to your heart’s content. Your business and profits will thank you.

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