How To Rank Your Products In Bigcommerce: 7 Effective Tips

Want to know how to rank your products in Bigcommerce? Here are 7 tips that will help you get more traffic and sales.

How To Rank Your Products In Bigcommerce: 7 Effective Tips

BigCommerce is a website builder geared chiefly towards people who wish to start their own online business (without worrying about having to code anything or involve developers). SEO BigCommerce is an essential part of a website that uses BigCommerce; here are some BigCommerce SEO tips from BigCommerce SEO experts.

1. Optimize Your Page Titles

The title of a web page is one of the most significant SEO aspects. Search engines use it as a critical piece of information when deciding how to categorize and rank it. Your title appears as the most significant component of a search result (as well as at the top of browser windows).

It would help if you never used ambiguous titles on your BigCommerce page or post titles. They should also preferably begin with your 'focus keyword.'

2. Use Headings Properly

According to BigCommerce SEO experts, people who use platforms like BigCommerce to construct and update their websites sometimes make the error of ignoring headlines. Instead of using headers correctly (H1, H2, H3, etc.) to divide their content, they frequently use bold or capitalized text like a webmaster or web editor might.

This leads to a few issues.

  • To begin with, it can appear to be somewhat unappealing from an aesthetic standpoint.
  • Secondly, it makes it more difficult for visually challenged viewers to understand your information using screen readers.
  • The third, and most crucial decision for a BigCommerce SEO discussion, it is way more difficult for search engines to interpret and effectively crawl your material.

3. Use Engaging Meta Descriptions For Pages And Products

Short summaries of a web page show beneath the blue clickable links on the search engine result's page and are called the meta descriptions.

Google claims that the meta descriptions are not a ranking factor. A well-written meta description might inspire more visitors to the website, increasing the page's clickthrough rate (CTR).

Now that most SEO professionals feel that a page's clickthrough rate (CTR) is a ranking criterion (with search engines rewarding results with higher CTRs), getting meta descriptions right is critical.

4. Add Alt Text And Optimized File Names To Your Images

When it comes to indexing a website, search engine algorithms do not only look at the words on the page; photos are also considered.

It is accomplished by looking at two pieces of information linked with your photos: the 'alt text' and the file names. As a result, you must guarantee that both are up to par in BigCommerce SEO.

5. Use Clean URLs

Google encourages the use of 'clean' URLs.

Clean URLs are short, clear, and understandable: for example, if you were selling blue guitars, would be preferable to

6. Add Rich Snippets To Your Content

Rich snippets — "structured data" that may be added to your content to help searchers and search engines understand what a page is about — are crucial for your website's search results.

7. Focus On Creating Great Content And Building Backlinks To It

Many online store owners are focused on their product catalogs — the photographs, descriptions, keywords used, and so on — they overlook one of the most critical aspects of SEO: writing unique content (usually in the form of a blog post).

Sites with in-depth, informative postings on topics that people are interested in can rank highly in search results, especially if they have many high-quality external links (or 'backlinks').


Want to make sure your products are seen by as many people as possible? Check out our seven tips for ranking your products in Bigcommerce. These tips will help you get the visibility you need and boost your sales. If you need help with fulfillment, contact our team at Simpl. We can take care of all your pick, pack needs!

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