How To Print Shipping Labels

Learn the importance of shipping labels and why you need them as an eCommerce business. How to create labels for self-fulfilled orders and the tips and tricks of printing shipping labels.

How To Print Shipping Labels

Shipping labels are essential for both the customer and the business that is shipping the products. As a customer, you want to receive the products timely and safely. As an eCommerce business, the first responsibility in product logistics is to ensure that the products reach the customer on time and without any delays. Therefore, shipping labels are essential from both these perspectives. Shipping labels are critical to the eCommerce supply chain. Moreover, they ensure that data and information about the packages are relayed effectively between the business and the customer. Moreover, without well-made shipping labels, your customer’s orders are lost, which causes a significant loss of revenue and reputation for your business. 

This blog will talk about shipping labels, how they are made for eCommerce businesses, and how shipping labels are used in eCommerce businesses. 

What is a Shipping Label?

A shipping label is a simple label that carries information about a particular package for delivery. The shipping label may not necessarily be around eCommerce businesses. Shipping label is used for shipping and transporting any package or physical deliverable sent from one place to another. For example, suppose you have sent a courier to your friend with some important documents. In that case, the courier has a shipping label attached to it that conveys all the information regarding the courier package to the receiver. Since all of you live in dispersed locations, but it is possible to send and receive packets from all over the world, shipping labels matter to different sectors. However, the most important they hold is to the eCommerce segment. This is because successful shipping is crucial for the fulfillment of orders and business. 

Shipping labels differ from business to business and the shipping partner they use. However, the common thing about all shipping labels is that they contain crucial information. This vital information about the package is the shipping address, billing details, etc. The shipping labels also include a tracking barcode that helps in tracking the package from anywhere. Given that international and domestic shipping companies operate worldwide, tracking barcodes is essential on shipping labels. The shipping address is the most crucial detail on the label because it determines how well the package reaches the customer. 

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How to Print Shipping Labels and 4 Tricks of the Trade

Before printing a shipping label, your business has to create a shipping label for a package. There is much easy shipping label generator software that eCommerce businesses use today. Here are the simple steps that make a shipping label- 

Create a shipment with a courier service- Every successful e-retail business has a trusted courier partner. When a specific package registers with the courier service, it creates a shipment. 

Create the shipping label- Once you create the shipment, you choose the shipment details and the type of shipping label you want to create. You put in the necessary information for the shipment and make the final shipping label. 

Download shipping label- Once the shipping label is complete, you download the shipping label and save it on the computer. 

Print the shipping label- you print the saved shipping label on paper and stick it to the package.

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Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Once the shipping labels print out, you stick them to the package and send them for delivery. Pretty easy, right? However, there are some points to understand when printing and using shipping labels. Read on to learn more about the right way to use a shipping label. 

It would help if you had a barcode

A machine generates the shipping label. On the other hand, a handwritten shipping label works well too. You can write all the customer information by hand if you have all the information correctly. However, a barcode is an essential part of a shipping label. Moreover, a machine generates the bar code, which comes in handy for package tracking. 

Paper shipping labels

 Paper shipping labels are straightforward to print. You print general paper labels with simple laser printers. Paper shipping labels are cost-effective and do not need much equipment. Many eCommerce companies use paper shipping labels. 

Thermal Transfer labels are more effective

 There are many types of shipping labels available today. Thermal transfer labels are better than paper labels because they provide better wax transfer methods that create sharper printing results. Thermal transfer labels are more durable than paper shipping labels.

Self-Adhesive Shipping labels

 Adhesive shipping labels are suitable for eCommerce businesses that send packages every day. The adhesive shipping labels are easy to use and stick to the box easily. eCommerce businesses prefer adhesive shipping labels for their convenience. 

Shipping labels are easy to print if one has the software and resources to print them. Shipping labels come into use in almost every industry for logistics purposes. The most prominent industry of use is the eCommerce sector. Moreover, the expansion of the eCommerce segment means that shipping labels come into use every day. Printing shipping labels and knowing how to use them can benefit you. Even as a customer, knowing how the shipping labels help you understand your order details better. If you plan to initiate your e-retail business soon, the skill of printing shipping labels is a necessity to imbibe. This blog has covered all the essential aspects of the shipping label and its use.

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