How To Make eCommerce Eco-friendly

How To Make eCommerce Eco-friendly

Green eCommerce is also called sustainable eCommerce. This refers to the idea of brands dealing with products or services online while taking the effect of business on the environment into account and reducing the same. Brands doing green eCommerce can offer more environment-friendly products to their customers. Most importantly, they can lower the carbon footprints. Noteworthy here is that 70 percent, based on the US and Canada customers, pay emphasis towards the environment-friendly brands.  

Why Is So Much Emphasis Given Towards Making eCommerce Eco-friendly?

Every citizen is essential to be serious about the well-being of the planet earth. Establishing a green brand indeed has a positive effect on the environment. Interestingly, this can be a wise business decision that can elevate the brand value and grow sales. Customers have evolved immensely over the years. According to statistics, 68 percent of consumers claim to be loyal to their brands only upon realizing they share the same values.  

It has become crucial to execute eco-friendly business methods for expanding the consumers who emphasize environment-friendly brands. Upon representing its own as an environmentally conscious company, gaining customer loyalty becomes easier.

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How To Turn Your eCommerce Into Green eCommerce?

You can take various steps to lessen the effect of online business on the environment. The following can be some of the most effective practices. 

Use environment-friendly packaging packages

Using packaging that can't be recyclable does contribute towards waste accumulation. Environment-friendly packaging is made with materials that can be recycled or using those which can be composted. The good news is that there is a range of packaging options to explore in modern times, starting from bags to labels. One can even customize eco-friendly packaging solutions as well. Undoubtedly, the cost of these packaging is higher in comparison. But, 70 percent of consumers in modern times won't mind going with these types of packaging.     

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Reduce plastics of single-use type

Plastics of single-use are undoubtedly the major contributors to the growth of waste, as well as pollution. Hence, one must look for modes of lowering their usage all across the supply chain. It would be even better to discard those altogether. This could cut down the demand of packaging every single product of order in its bags. At the same time, it lowers the usage of marketing collateral as well associated with every order.

Though certain products demand special packaging for more excellent safety, one must emphasize using eco-friendly materials that you can easily recycle.

Provide carbon offsets in case of shipping

Carbon footprints associated with shipments often contribute hugely to changes in climates. Interestingly, various tools are used that can determine the carbon footprint associated with each order. The brands may reduce the same by donating the equivalent amounts to the programs meant for lowering carbon footprints. This has turned out to be an effective method being employed by top brands across the globe.  

Do buy carbon offsets in association with the business

There are several carbon offset tools that can be used for making the business growingly sustainable. No matter the company operates online, a significant amount of carbon emission is obvious to occur through regular logistic operations. It's certainly good news that there are fulfillment partners one can find that let merchants outsource to the concerned company in an automated fashion to lower the carbon footprint. Instead, they go with a shipping method that is carbon neutral.

Keeping track of emissions

It is currently possible to have shipping details for determining whether the carbon emission occurring is updated. Things can be tracked as well to check the impact. There are practical solutions available and choosing the carbon footprints associated with different kinds of business functionalities. The carbon footprint level thus can be lowered through the help of the right programs of offsetting. While going to reducing carbon emission, one might seek a strategically diverse range of portfolios showcasing offsetting projects, 

Make the inventory distributed to reduce shipping distance as much as possible

There are many customers in modern times who have experienced the advantage of faster and cost-effective shipments. However, regular ground shipping is nearly impossible on most occasions. However, the effect on the environment is more negligible than the air shipment methods; it may not be a suitable option from the customer's perspective. 

On such occasions, one may take the help of third-party companies for logistic affairs; those turn things more straightforward for the merchants to divide the inventory over different centers for fulfillment. Through the process, order fulfillment can occur through the centers nearby that can effectively lower the cost of shipping.    


The bottom line is that brands can uplift their customer loyalty and stay competitive at the same time. Upon exploring inventory distribution strategy, one can meet customer satisfaction and turn the shipping solutions way sustainable.

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