How to Keep Track of Orders Small Business

How to Keep Track of Orders Small Business

Starting your own small business can be very exciting. However, keeping track of customer orders can be challenging. Several small businesses have faced difficulty keeping track of orders in recent times. But not tracking the orders will affect the delivery of the products and the overall customer experiences. It can even negatively impact the reputation of your small business. Therefore, knowing how to track orders matters a lot. 

Keeping track of the orders can help win the trust of your customers and ensure on-time delivery. It will enable small business owners to attract more customers while retaining the existing ones. This blog will learn about the best ways to keep track of your small business orders.

What is order Tracking, and Why Does it Matter?

Order tracking refers to monitoring and managing the order of different products given by customers. It starts when a customer places the order and ends with the delivery of the product. Order tracking matters because it helps manage and organize customer orders. It streamlines the overall delivery process for the small business. It also helps in ensuring that no charge is misplaced or missed out. Moreover, it can also minimize buyer remorse and customer anxiety.

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How to Keep Track of Orders

Are you wondering how to keep track of orders for small businesses? Well, in that case, here are some of the best approaches that you can leverage. 

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Step 1: Create Google Forms

Google forms have become a popular tool for several purposes. For effective tracking of your orders, you can use Google forms. It allows you to collect order requests of your customers without any hassle easily. You can create a Google form right from scratch or simply use the available templates. Merely name the form as ‘Order Form’ or ‘Order Request Form.’

Next, in the description part, add information you will be collecting and what will happen after the information is collected.

While creating the Google Form, include sections like name, contact number, email address, item, quantity, and size. You can also add the preferred payment method and mode of delivery. 

Step 2: Share the Order Form

Once you have created the Google order form, you will have to share it with your customers. Go to the order form and get the link to the form. Please send it to the people who are willing to order from you. You can email, message, or text the link. You can even share it on your social media pages. 

Step 3: Link Form Responses to Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet is another effective tool for organizing your customer orders. Once you have shared the order form, people will start filling out the form and ordering from you. Link the order form response with the Google spreadsheet. This will ensure that when customers fill out your order form, the reactions will directly be reflected on the spreadsheet. This will help in keeping track of order quite quickly. 

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of keeping track of your orders? Have no fear! There are plenty of ways to make this process easier, and we’ve outlined some of our favorites in this blog post. If you’re still feeling lost, don’t worry – Simpl has your back. We offer professional fulfillment services that will take the stress out of order tracking for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!

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