How To Become An Amazon Influencer- An Inside Scoop

How To Become An Amazon Influencer- An Inside Scoop

Do you want to find a new way to make money with your social media skills? Then, the Amazon Influencer Program could be a fantastic fit for you!

You may learn to advertise products you think your audience would like by using your influence – all without having to invest in inventory, create product listings, or incur any upfront expenditures.

Anyone with a qualifying website can promote products and earn commissions on sales they bring to Amazon through the Influencer Program, an extension of Amazon's Associate program. You can make a commission anywhere from 1-10% of each sale, depending on the sort of product you promote. You may recall Amazon's humble beginnings as a small book publisher not long ago. You can't sneeze these days without striking anything on Amazon's website. Their achievement is evidenced by a total of 386 billion (up from 280 billion).

Check out this guide to becoming an Amazon Influencer.

What Is The Amazon Influencer Program, And How Does It Work?

While the Amazon Associates program is for people with niche websites or blogs, the Amazon Influencer Program is for people with significant, loyal social media followings. Amazon is entering the burgeoning influencer marketing area, which has emerged as a popular and effective way for businesses to reach out to specialized audiences.

Like the Amazon Associates Program, the Influencer Program allows users to promote various products and earn commissions on sales they bring to Amazon.

The main distinction is how to program members to direct their audience's attention to the things they promote. Unlike the Associate's Program, which allows users only to publish affiliate links for specific products on their websites or social media profiles, participants of the Influencer Program can construct their own bespoke Amazon shops.

Followers will be able to see all of the influencer's product suggestions with just one click. Influencers can even categorize different types of things within their store to make it easier to find what they're looking for. Influencer businesses use personalized vanity URLs (e.g., to make it easy for followers to know where they can find them.

Share the URL to your Amazon storefront on social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and your website.

Who Is Eligible To Be An Amazon Influencer?

When it comes to determining particular characteristics, Amazon's Influencer site is a little hazy. People who want to be considered for the program, however, must meet the following amazon influencer requirements:

1. You must have a YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook account to participate.

2. You'll need a respectable amount of followers (some speculate 20 thousand)

3. You must interact with your audience.

4. Twitter used to be on this list, but it was recently removed.

The program is challenging because it only accepts specialists or influencers that deal with designer products. They prefer to collaborate with influencers who already sell to their target market.

How To Become An Amazon Influencer? (Step-By-Step)

If you wish to be an Amazon influencer, keep in mind the restrictions listed above. Let's look at the specifics if you think you're a good fit:


To get started, go to the Amazon Influencer page and click the yellow "Sign Up" button in the center of the header image.

When you click on that button, you'll be asked to select between creating a new Amazon account and using an existing customer account. To create a customer account on Amazon, you'll need some basic information. Prepare the following items for the registration process:

- Name

- Email

- Password

- Address

Customers' Amazon accounts are used to apply for the Influencer program. After filling up customer information, the majority of the time is spent filling out the influencer program.

You must fill out the following information during the registration process:

- Access to or knowledge of your most well-known social media account

- A profile photo of at least 250 by 250 pixels is required.

- An image for the header is optional (1810 by 402 px)

- Your given name

- A bio of 350 characters

- All of your essential social media accounts' usernames or URLs (among YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter)

- The address to which any reports should be sent

If you qualify for the influencer program, you will be asked for all of this information.

Apply For The Influencer Program

The first section you'll come across will send you to one of three social media platforms: YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. Twitter is not on the list at the time of writing. If you go via YouTube or Facebook, you'll have to link your Amazon account. When you select Instagram, you'll be asked to enter your number of followers, the number of posts you've made, and your Instagram handle.

It's best if you pick the place where you have the most social media presence. The greater your number of followers, the more likely you are to be successful in your application. Micro-influencers, on the other hand, are more likely to succeed if they interact with their followers.

Create Your Storefront 

Members of the Amazon Brand Registry can construct shops to boost brand awareness. In addition, Amazon storefront influencers have access to a unique Amazon Storefront. This store is what distinguishes your Amazon Associates account from the rest.

It would be ideal if you could promote the things you use. The most successful amazon storefront influencer Program members demonstrate how they use the product. The design is confined to a succession of various lists that display the things you've chosen.

Make sure to include a profile photograph and a banner image if you want to make your storefront stand out.

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How To Create Your Amazon Influencer Storefront

Filling Out A Storefront

There are some things to remember when putting together your storefront. First, brands will approach you if you are well-known enough. Second, influencers can choose from a variety of brands that offer merchandise on Amazon.

What you advertise, however, will most likely be determined by the following factors:

- What kind of content do you create?

- The social networks in which you participate 

- And the things that you enjoy

- How well does it fit your influencer brand?

We'll go over each one in detail below:

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Content Types

Not all content developers produce the same type of content. For example, blogs, YouTube videos, short-form content, and photo images are all available. While there is often some overlap, your content concentration may dictate which products are most beneficial to generate.

For example, if you're a beauty blogger, you'll probably shoot photos of yourself wearing clothes and makeup.

Social Networks You've Selected

While Amazon prefers customers who use specific platforms, they do not prevent you from using other media. For example, a blog on Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn, or WordPress is an option. Amazon does not discriminate against accounts, but you must have one of their favored accounts to use their services.

The social networks you utilize will have an impact on the items you use. For example, someone with a strong LinkedIn profile is more likely to encourage marketing-related reading.

Your Favorite Products

You can share yourself with others as a member of any Amazon affiliate program. You're not likely to recommend things that you don't like. Forcing it in exchange for a hefty commission usually makes you appear less sincere.

You must seek products with intriguing subject matter. It may not be a good fit for your site if you can't imagine yourself making a video, blog post, or photo about the featured product.

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What Kind Of Influencer Brand Do You Want To Create?

In some way, each of the goods should give value to your influencer brand. It might not be a suitable fit if the product you wish to look at doesn't make sense with your brand.

If you operate a mom blog, for example, it makes sense to promote baby toys. People may be perplexed, though, if you advertise baby toys alongside combat flashlights. Please think of a method to connect it to your intended audience. If you can't, it's probably best if you don't put the goods on your Amazon storefront.

Promoting Your Storefront 

You may begin promoting your influencer marketing Amazon storefront once you've launched it. The storefront has the added benefit of being a comprehensive resource instead of the usual Amazon affiliate scheme.

Even if they open the link and decide that the product suggested in your blog or video is not for them, they may find something else. Here are some easy ideas for promoting your storefront:

Include A Link To Your Website In Your Bio

Every social network website has a brief biography that you can customize. For example, if you want your Amazon storefront to be a significant source of income, make sure it's prominently displayed in your social bio or near the top of your bio link.

Include A Link To This Page On Your Landing Page

Make sure you have a link on your home page if you want your social media profiles to link back to your website. The link can be placed next to your navigation bar as if it were an extension of your website. If you have one, try not to bury it in your "about" section.

Create Content For Your Storefront Based On The Products

It's critical to create blogs, videos, or photographs that show you using these goods, regardless of how you create content. Influencer content that works best isn't overly "salesy." Instead, it focuses on issues related to your site, frequently advertising these items as the focal point of your narrative.

As an afterthought, some creators promote these products. Others will write complete product reviews and include an affiliate link. Make sure your content does not detract from the value it provides when promoting a product.

Have A Variety Of Platforms

Although Amazon may demand a single social networking platform, you shouldn't. Having numerous platforms allows you to reach a wide range of people.

If you wish to try out a new social platform, advertise it on your other media. For example, create a YouTube video about your new Tumblr or tweet about your Facebook page. 

Cross-promotional efforts can assist new pages in getting off the ground, allowing them to have more significant affiliate potential. Once your promotional efforts are successful, you will be able to earn a sizable sum. However, if you find this amount insufficient, you may wish to look at Amazon Bounties.

How Much Do Influencers Get Paid?

This is a question that many wannabe influencers ask. The Influencer Program, like the Amazon Associates program, has the same reward structure.

On Amazon, each category has its unique set of commission rates for influencers. For example, you'll get a 10% commission on Luxury Beauty, Luxury Stores Beauty, and Amazon Coins, but only a 1% commission on Video Game Consoles, Grocery, and Health & Personal Care. Before picking which category to promote, study Amazon's Commission Income Statement.

While the commissions for some categories may appear minor at first, the payments will quickly mount up! And the most excellent news is that including your storefront link in your Instagram bio or YouTube description is entirely free — so it's well worth it. Let's imagine you promote this popular pet product to your 10,000 followers, which will earn you a 3% profit. On Amazon, it's offered for $109.99.

Even if only 1% of your Instagram followers bought that product, you'd make $329 just by referring to it in your bio! Consider what you could achieve if you had a highly engaged audience.

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When Do Influencers Get Paid?

If you're curious about Amazon's payment schedule, payments are made 60 days after the items are purchased at the end of the month. So your January earnings, for example, will be paid at the end of March.

Check the data on the reporting page to see the status of those orders if you suspect you are being underpaid. For example, in the following situations, orders do not payout:

- The customer canceled the order.

- The ruling has not yet been dispatched by Amazon or a third party.

- Your item was considered to be ineligible for the commission by the system.

You cannot earn commissions from people with whom you already have a prior relationship on Amazon. This implies that if your Aunt Sue wants to help you by purchasing a product from your page, Amazon will not reimburse her under their Terms of Service.


Becoming an Amazon Influencer is a great way to get your name out there. You may earn money as an Amazon Influencer by promoting your favorite products through your own personalized Amazon marketplace.

Do you have a sizable Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube following? So, what exactly are you waiting for? Join the Amazon Influencer Program and start earning money for making product suggestions that your audience will appreciate. Joining this program is a no-brainer when it comes to monetizing your social media talents.

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