How Much Does it Cost to Run a WooCommerce Store?

How Much Does it Cost to Run a WooCommerce Store?

For people who are beginners to applications of WooCommerce, it is a plug-in that adds up some eCommerce functionalities to the WordPress websites. Both WordPress and WooCommerce are free for use and are open-source software. Therefore, you might think this article contradicts the statement here by discussing the WooCommerce pricing for the online store.

The accessibility to the software and default features are free, but some of the specific elements of this plug-in need paid access. So, you need to know the cost of those elements, without which you cannot get your WooCommerce store into action. Thus, follow this article till the end!

What are the Costing Concerns for Running WooCommerce Store?

The minimal WooCommerce cost of running the store is $10 per month, covering all of the essential features that the admin needs to make the WooCommerce plug-in quite functional. If you want to escalate your accessibility of parts from necessary to advanced levels, you might have to pay an additional $200 every year. This might be a significant amount for you to pay! But for entering into the professional arena of running an eCommerce store.

If you are willing to maintain large-scale WooCommerce websites, then the annual cost of WooCommerce operations of the store will be around $1000 or slightly more. If you are eager to make the payments with US-issued debit or credit cards, then the WooCommerce transaction fees will be 2.9% of the amount and $0.30 for every transaction availing the services. So, it is better to get the entire pack in advance to save on such charges.

Why is Payment for Running a WooCommerce Store important?

You need to have access to some of the basic features within your eCommerce store to use it for carrying out your business. If not all, consider adding some of the specific features to settle your eCommerce store management budget. The direct costs of running a WooCommerce store are:

  • Hosting services with an estimated cost of $6 to $7 per month for a primary site. If you are availing of hosting services for advanced sites, the price might go up.
  • Domain name with an estimated cost of around $15 per year. You need to have a unique domain name for your store, so plan for it in advance!
  • Theme optimization is free to avail yourself of with the WooCommerce plug-in integration. There are free themes for you to integrate into the store. If not, you can also pay for third-party themes or built-in paid WooCommerce themes for adding unique appeal to your site.

Tips to Make the Best WooCommerce Store within Budget

So, is WooCommerce free for use? Technically, the base shopping cart is free to use and access, but it won’t have any functionality that would help you run a robust online store. You need to keep in mind that you will need the paid functionalities to start your beneficial WooCommerce store. Some of the other tips for you to make a proficient online store are:

  • Plan out your budget on how much you want to invest in your new eCommerce store, and spend accordingly.
  • Make sure you are presenting the website properly to the customers or visitors. You need to spend money on themes for that!
  • Do not forget to display the best-selling products on the homepage.


So, there you have it! Everything you need to know about the cost of running a WooCommerce store. Now that you understand what goes into the cost of ownership, it’s time to take the next step and get your store off the ground. Need help with fulfillment? Get in touch with the Simpl team for your pick up and delivery needs – we can help keep your expenses low without sacrificing on quality or service. Thanks for reading and happy selling!

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