What Is Fulfillment Batching, And How Can It Help You?

Learn about fulfillment batching, what it is and how you can use it to save time and money in your eCommerce business.

What Is Fulfillment Batching, And How Can It Help You?

In the eCommerce business, managing the operational process, including warehousing, inventory, and distribution, is essential. As the company has to deal with thousands of products daily, operational efficiency and seamless processing are crucial. Fulfillment batching is a process to manage orders and get them filled quickly and accurately.

eCommerce businesses also look forward to keeping their merchandise organized and finding solutions to expand their inventory needs. Fulfillment batching is a vital process and a good solution for the business. This is what fulfillment batching meaning is. Let's go through it in detail.

What Does Fulfillment Batching Mean?

Fulfillment batching is an order-picking process that aims to reduce the employee's travel time in the warehouse. You can define the fulfillment batching method as an efficient way to organize orders. In this process, similar orders are grouped in a batch. Therefore, anyone can efficiently complete multiple identical orders in a single period. It becomes an efficient solution for the same order types. Further, it improves the fulfillment processes and reduces valuable business time.

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Benefits Of Using Fulfillment Batching For Your Business

Fulfillment batching has become an advanced and helpful method for the e-commerce business. It has proven beneficial in different ways, including improving picking speed and making warehouse operations efficient. Due to these valuable aids, eCommerce businesses are enjoying great success. Let's discuss its benefits in detail.

Highly Efficient Fulfillment 

Every business wants to provide the best customer experience with their product and services. When the batch-picking process is moved faster, the orders even reach the customers at a faster rate. For example, same-day fulfillment services are provided for orders placed before the cutoff times. Moreover, the orders will quickly move and be out for delivery without a long fulfillment queue.

Faster Product Pick-Up 

With the help of the fulfillment batching method, businesses shorten the pick-and-pack process. Therefore, the orders are also filled up rapidly. When you have multiple duplicate or identical orders, fulfillment batching helps to fulfill the orders at once rather than repeating the process numerous times.

Multiple Order Pick At Once 

Fulfillment batching has become efficient for picking up several orders at once. It helps the selector to find identical items and group them. In this order process, the picker retrieves similar ordered things to make them reach different customers without repeated trips. As the batching definition states, it fastens the packing process to pack it in the same box type and infill similar items.

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Disadvantages of Batch Picking

Requirement Of Supportive Software 

Businesses need to invest in several supportive software for this process. With the software's help, it is challenging to process similar orders and takes more time. Fulfillment batching's efficiency is only guaranteed with the use of the software.

Lack Of Efficiency For Customized Orders 

The method becomes less efficient when businesses have to deal with various customizable orders.

Delayed Rollout Of The Products 

The starting process will be delayed because the data collection and organizing orders take more time. It needs time to settle, which further consumes more time.

Chances Of Human Error 

It may run on software, but it still needs human support. Being relied on by humans, there are chances of mistakes while filling similar orders. Sometimes, when the employees are working overtime, the errors can increase.

Batch Picking FAQs

How does batch picking work?

In batch picking, items are picked from a warehouse or stockroom and placed in boxes or bags. The boxes or bags are then transported to a shipping area, where the items are prepared for shipment. Batch picking is often used when an organization needs to pick a large number of items from a warehouse or stockroom. It is also used when the items to be picked are located in different areas of the warehouse or stockroom.

In batch picking, a worker picks an item from one location and places it in a box or bag. When the worker has filled the box or bag, he/she takes it to the shipping area and prepares it for shipment. Then he/she picks another item and repeats the process.

How do I set up batch picking in my warehouse?

When you want to set up batch picking in your warehouse, initially, you need to create a correct picking list. The list must contain all the exact orders. In this process, a WMS or OMS is generated with SKU. Then, it would help if you assigned the pickers to pick up the times. Once the orders are picked up, you can pack and ship them to a distinct location. There are a few things to consider when setting up batch picking in a warehouse:

1. The layout of your warehouse and the placement of your inventory items

2. The type of inventory you're picking (round or case goods)

3. The size and shape of the containers you'll be using for the pick operation

4. The number of workers available to do the picking operation

5. The type of software you'll be using for the batch picking operation

Once you've considered these factors, you can begin setting up your batch picking operation.

How does fulfillment batching help with inventory management?

Fulfillment batching is a technique used to minimize stockouts and increase inventory turnover by bringing together all the needed items for one order and shipping them all at once. This technique is often used in conjunction with Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory management, which tries to bring in only the needed items just before they are needed.

Fulfillment batching can help improve inventory turnover because it allows a business to take advantage of economies of scale. By shipping several orders at once, the cost of shipping is spread out over several orders, which reduces the average cost per order. This technique can also help reduce stockouts because it brings together all the needed items for one order, which makes it easier to track and ensure each order is fulfilled.

Finally, fulfillment batching can help speed up delivery times for customers because all the items needed for an order are shipped at once rather than separately. This means orders arrive faster and customers don’t have to wait as long for their products. In addition, if the items are shipped together rather than individually then they will travel on a single pallet or carton, which may be more efficient when shipping large volumes of goods.

What other order-picking methods are there?

There are a few different methods for order picking. In addition to batch picking, there is pick-to-light, voice-directed picking, and put-to-light.

Pick-to-light is a method in which the worker is given a list of items to pick and each item is associated with a light on a machine. As the worker picks each item, they scan the barcode and the machine automatically marks it as picked. This method is less common than batch picking because it can be more expensive to set up and maintain the machines.

Voice-directed picking uses a headset microphone to guide workers through their picking tasks. The voice system will tell the worker which item to pick and where to find it. This method can be faster than batch picking because it eliminates the need to look up items on a list.

Finally, put-to-light is a variation of pick-to-light in which instead of scanning each item as it is picked, the worker places the item into its designated slot and the machine marks it as picked. This method requires less time for each pick and can be used with larger order sizes.

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Fulfillment batching is an excellent cost-saving strategy for eCommerce businesses that can help streamline and optimize their order fulfillment process. If you want to save time and money on your order fulfillment operations, consider implementing this great strategy! And if you need help getting started, don't hesitate to contact Simplified Fulfillment - we would be more than happy to assist you with your eCommerce fulfillment needs!

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