eBay Fast' N Free: What You Should Know

eBay's new shipping option, Fast' N Free, is perfect for buyers who want their items quickly. Here's everything you need to know about it!

eBay Fast' N Free: What You Should Know

eBays's latest shipping option is fast 'n free shipping, which needs to be understood by some companies. Thus, this post has highlighted how to get fast shipping on eBay, its works, benefits, and some tips to go ahead.

What is eBay Fast' N Free, and How Does It Work?

eBay fast n free shipping is used in an e-commerce business that focuses on fast shipping on your ads, product listings, and pages. Suppose you join eBay's fast and free shipping program. In that case, a guaranteed delivery time will be shown automatically depending on your handling time, and eBay will list your offering courier and delivery services. 

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How To List An Item On eBay Fast' N Free?

Some criteria need to be focused on for a better listing:

- 1-day or same-day handling

- Less than four days of delivery time

- Shipping limited to the 48 contiguous US states 

- Provide an expedited delivery option and free shopping

- Not the classified ad format

- The default shipping option is not freight or local pick up

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Benefits of Using eBay Fast' N Free

Reduced abandonment

Research shows that cart abandonment is found among nearly 43% of shoppers, depending on the delivery time. However, this cart abandonment can be reduced or removed by providing free 3 to 4 days shipping. 

Increased trust

Establishing trust factors on the eBay platform is tricky and risky. But fast shipping eBay trusts shoppers due to the eBay guarantee and association. It ensures the approval that you are a vetted seller, a fast shipper, and someone to trust.

Rank higher

The fast tag can improve the SEO of your eBay as there is no direct correlation between higher search ranking and fast shipping tags. For a higher ranking in the search result, eBay needs immediate handling times, SEO-optimized listings, free shipping, and competitive pricing.

Search Visibility

Another significant benefit that fast 'n free eBay provides is standing out listings in the search result and ensuring delivery estimation. The tag can immediately recognize that shoppers want fast delivery.

Boost customer experience

The customer experience gets improved with a better delivery experience. Thus, you can improve the customer experience through accessible and fast deliveries.

More sales

The shopper looks for fast shipping, and eBay gets it fast, so the shopper gets the confidence to shop. Likely, more sales are generated.

Higher average order value

Research shows that 93% of shoppers feel encouraged to buy items when they find the availability of free shipping. It creates a sense of value for the shoppers that can raise your average order value.

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Tips for Using eBay Fast' N Free Successfully

If you are worried about getting fast and free on eBay, follow the tips to succeed on eBay.

Use SEO Optimization For Item Descriptions

The first tip for getting fast and free on eBay is to use SEO optimization in your item descriptions. This will help your listings rank higher in search results, making it more likely that potential buyers will find and purchase your items. To optimize your item descriptions for SEO, include relevant keywords in your titles and illustrations and high-quality images that use those keywords. Additionally, it would help if you aimed to create detailed, accurate listings with clear product information and fast shipping times.

Consider eBay Listings For Pricing Guidance

Another way to get fast and free on eBay is to consider using other sellers' eBay listings as a pricing guide. Many sellers will use the "completed listings" feature of eBay to view similar recently sold items, so you can see what prices are typically achieved for items within your category. This will give you a good idea of how much you can realistically charge for your items, which can help you sell faster and get more bids.

Establish a trust to grow your sales

 To get fast and free on eBay, it is also essential to establish a good reputation and trust with your buyers. This can be done by providing excellent customer service, responding quickly to questions or concerns from buyers, and maintaining positive feedback ratings. By building this level of trust with your customers, you will not only make more sales, but you will also have more repeat buyers, which can help you grow your business over time.

Use Quality Photos To Attract Buyers

 Another critical factor to getting fast and free on eBay is to use quality photos in your listings. High-quality images can help your items stand out in search results, making them more likely to be seen by potential buyers. Additionally, well-composed photos that accurately depict the condition and appearance of your items can also help boost buyer confidence, leading to more bids and sales. With the right images and a good SEO strategy, you can get fast and free on eBay in no time!

Price The First Launch Of The Product Low

If you want to get fast and free on eBay, one of the most important things to consider is the price of your product. A good strategy for obtaining quick and accessible on eBay is to price the first launch of your product low to attract more buyers and generate more bids. This can be done by researching other similar products on eBay and determining a competitive price you can reasonably charge. Additionally, it is essential to consider your shipping costs when pricing your items, as this will factor into the overall cost of making a sale.


If you're looking for a fast and free shipping option, look no further than eBay's new "Fast 'n Free" shipping program. This post has outlined how to take advantage of this new shipping program, as well as the benefits that come with it. Need help fulfilling eBay orders? Get in touch with Simple today. We can help make sure your business is taking advantage of all the best online options.

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