Does Amazon Ship to Australia?

Does Amazon Ship to Australia?

Are you planning to shop on Amazon? It is one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces in the world, where you can find almost everything. It includes apparel, beauty, electronics, home items, books, baby products, and many brands on the Amazon platform. 

Over the past decades, consistent growth has been observed in the market revenue of Amazon, which has generated nearly $386 billion. Does Amazon ship to Australia? This platform ships to Australia directly, but it has found that shipping for some products is sometimes unavailable and is considered more expensive. Hence, this post will guide you better if you are new to this platform and want to shop online. 

Advantages Of Overseas Online Shopping

Many benefits are associated with overseas online shopping that makes it an attractive option for consumers, which includes:

  • Wide product selection is one of the most significant advantages unavailable locally. It open ups more opportunities to discover exclusive brands, unique items, or products at competitive prices. 
  • Get exclusive deals and discounts that help shoppers to save money on their purchases. These special discounts and offers include clearance events, seasonal sales, or limited-time promotions. 
  • It offers competitive pricing when considering lower manufacturing costs and currency exchange rates in specific regions. 
  • Get convenience and accessibility to international stores.
  • It allows users to explore various fashion and cultural trends worldwide. 
  • Some overseas online retailers specialize in niche markets or specific products.
  • They also offer detailed product descriptions, ratings, and customer reviews to make informed performance, quality, and suitability decisions. 

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Tips To Buy From Amazon USA And Ship To Australia

When you want to know – "Does Amazon ship to Australia," it is essential to understand the process. Buying from Amazon USA and shipping to Australia is one of the convenient ways to access a broad range of products that are not available in the local market. However the process might be complicated, but the process can be smoothening by following some essential steps. Let's understand how to buy from Amazon USA and ship to Australia.

Set Up an Amazon Account

If you are a new user, you must create an Amazon account. For this, you need to visit the website of Amazon and click on the option of account and lists. After that, you must choose new customers and follow the prompts to open a new account. 

Select an International Shipping Service

You can use third-party package forwarding services or the international shipping service of Amazon to ship from Amazon to Australia. You need to research various options and compare their costs, customer reviews, and shipping methods to select suitable services based on your needs. 

Check pricing and Product Availability

You need to check Amazon USA to find the desired products. You need to know that all products may not be available to ship internationally. Here, you can check for the options like "Ships to Australia" or "International Shipping" on the product page to ensure it can be shipped to your preferred location. Look for pricing, including shipping fees, product costs, and any applicable customs taxes or duties. 

Add products to Your Amazon Cart and Proceed to Checkout

After selecting the products that you want to buy, you need to add them to your cart. Next, you can review your cart to ensure its accuracy and click "Proceed to Check out."

Enter Your Shipping Address

You need to give your Australian shipping address during the checkout process. Ensure your address details, including the complete and accurate postal code, is essential. Ship from Amazon may give estimated delivery dates and calculate shipping fees depending on your address. 

Choose the Shipping Speed

You must choose the desired shipping speed based on your budget and preferences. However, you must know that faster shipping options are always associated with higher fees. 

Pay for Your Order

Regarding Amazon shipping costs to Australia, you must select your preferred payment method, like an Amazon gift card or credit card, and complete the payment process. You need to ensure a valid payment method for international transactions.

Track Your Package

Once an order is placed, you will receive an email for order confirmation from Amazon. After shipping the package, you will receive an email for a shipping confirmation with tracking information. Here, you can be able to track your package progress by using the information.  

Customs and Import Duties

Your package may be subject to customs and import duties when shipping to Australia. You need to familiarize yourself with thresholds for duty-free imports and Australian customs regulations. Here, you may require paying additional fees upon delivery based on the nature and value of the goods. 

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Enjoy Your Package

After the arrival of the package in Australia, it will be delivered to your location. Here, you can check the package content and ensure everything is in good condition. If you have concerns or identify any issues, contact Amazon's customer support or the shipping service provider for assistance.

Shipping from Amazon USA to Australia Cost

When you want to know ship by Amazon to Australia costs, you need to understand that it varies based on different factors like dimensions and weight of the package, any additional involved fees or services, and the selected shipping method. Here, you need to consider several factors related to the cost of shipping from Amazon to Australia. 

Shipping Options

Ship by Amazon has different options like expedited, standard, and priority shipping. However, the fast delivery options can influence the cost of shipping.

Amazon Global Shipping

Amazon has a service called Amazon Global that enables customers to ship appropriate products directly to particular nations, such as Australia. Typically, the delivery fees are computed and shown during the checkout process.

Package Weight and Dimensions

It has been found that the calculation of shipping costs is often based on the dimensions and weight of the package. Here, Amazon shipping costs to Australia may increase with the bulkier or heavier parcels. 

Shipping Carriers

The pricing can vary depending on the shipping company utilized for overseas shipments. Amazon may collaborate with carriers, including DHL, FedEx, UPS, or local postal agencies, to manage international delivery. Each carrier has a unique pricing scheme that might affect the shipping price.

Currency Conversion

When you want to buy from Amazon and ship to Australia, you must understand that the displayed prices on Amazon USA are always in USD, while the actual cost charge is converted to AUD in terms of the prevailing exchange rate. That's why the final costs get affected by the fluctuation of currency conversion rates. 

Import Fees Deposit

Extra charges, such as customs tariffs, taxes, or handling fees, may be levied by the Australian government when packages are shipped from Amazon USA to Australia. The total cost may change if Amazon estimates these fees and collects them at purchase, which can influence the overall cost. 

Third-Party Shipping Services

Many third-party package forwarding companies can help to buy from Amazon and ship to Australia. These shipping services offer package delivery with a US-based address and forward the packages to the Australian address. Here, the price of such services will differ based on the specific chosen services and provider.

Promotions and Discounts

Amazon offers many promotional offers, discounts on specific orders or items, or free shipping options. You need to take advantage of these opportunities to reduce shipping costs. 

Overall, you need to include the desired items in your Amazon shopping cart and enter your shipping address in Australia to estimate the shipping cost for the item accurately. Before you finalize the purchase, Amazon will calculate the shipping fees by displaying the total cost and the package details. 

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Recommendations for Amazon Ship to Australia

When questioning - does Amazon post to Australia? Researching and comparing shipping services is recommended to identify suitable options for your requirements. Before purchasing, you need to check customs regulations, shipping restrictions, and product availability. Moreover, you need to monitor the progress of your package using the given tracking information. It is crucial to keep track of shipping fees, taxes, and customs duties to calculate your order's total cost accurately. You must be aware of any warranty restrictions or limitations when buying internationally. 


To sum up, Amazon offers shipping down to Australian residents. Shipping costs vary based on the item purchased and the alternative shipping method you choose, so it's essential to use an online calculator to get an estimate before buying anything from Amazon. Additionally, if you want convenience or a more secure delivery process, consider upgrading your shipping method to ensure your package arrives safe and sound in Australia. Simpl can help with all those needs - from calculating shipping costs to keeping track of shipments and preparing custom declaration documents for orders. By taking extra precautions, like selecting insured packages with tracking information and being aware of any restrictions, you can buy items from stores worldwide and control your international shopping experience. So don't let fear stand in your way - Amazon has covered you when delivering items safely, securely, and affordably right to your doorstep! Need help fulfilling Amazon orders? Get in touch with Simpl now.

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