Do You Know About USPS Shipping Cost?

Get excellent information on USPS shipping costs and rates. Learn how to calculate DIM pricing in USPS shipping cost.

Do You Know About USPS Shipping Cost?

The United States Postal Service or USPS offers international and domestic shipping by air and land route. It is an independent organization by the government of the United States.

During the year 2019, USPS added new criteria of dimensional weight to calculate the shipping charges. In this way, It increased the final shipping price to a substantial rate. Though, USPS doesn't add fuel costs for shipment. If you want to know more about the USPS Shipping Cost then, you should read below further.

DIM Pricing

DIM or Dimensional Weight Pricing is a technique to calculate the total shipping cost of a package. It includes the fee of the size of the box to the paramount price of the shipment. Though, there is no problem if the package is small or heavyweight. You only have to pay according to the package size.

It helps to lessen the shipping costs and encourages customers to avoid unnecessary packaging with larger boxes. In this way, DIM pricing help to cut off the fuel emissions to a specific rate.

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How to Calculate DIM Pricing in USPS Shipping

The USPS has added a new formula to balance out the size and weight and avoid unnecessary packaging like cushioning, bubble wraps, etc. By this formula, you will be able to know whether you have to pay for DIM pricing or not. . Here is the DIM formula to calculate the USPS shipping cost-

Width x Height x Length the, if your answer is above 1728 cubic inches or one cubic foot, divide it by 166. Also, if your answer comes below one cubic foot, then DIM pricing will not apply to your package.

Many products like sculptures or glass items are fragile and bulky. They require extra cushioning, which can increase the DIM costs.

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What are The Factors for DIM in USPS Shipping?

It would be best to keep in mind that USPS Shipping costs include two formulas for different types of packages.

  1. Retail rates- 166
  2. Daily Rates- 139

Daily rates are used by the shippers who have a daily schedule for sending and receiving the package. The daily shippers of USPS are lower as the boxes are usually less heavy than the retail shippers.

Whereas the retails, shippers are the ones who occasionally ship with the USPS. Also, the retail packages are comparatively heavier than the daily packages.

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Benefits of Choosing USPS for Shipping

USPS is a convenient and great option to ship internationally and domestically. You can lessen your USPS Shipping costs if you know about the formula of DIM charges. It also doesn't charge extra for delivery on Saturdays.

You can track your shipment orders by their unique USPS number. They also offer discounts, free pickup of packages, priority mail flat rate, and you also get free supplies when you use PC postage service.

USPS shipping is an excellent option for shipment, especially among eCommerce businesses, to boost up. The tips mentioned earlier will help you understand the USPS shipping costs to save some money from unnecessary packaging.

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