Cheapest Shipping From USA To UK

Find out the best ways to get cheap shipping rates when importing goods from America into Britain. Learn how to ship from the US to the UK using popular carriers.

Cheapest Shipping From USA To UK

As an eCommerce business owner, knowing the cheapest shipping option for your products can be challenging. Shipping from the USA to the UK might seem like a simple task, but many factors could make it costly. This blog post will take you through some of the most effective ways to get cheap shipping rates when importing goods from America into Britain.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship From USA To UK

The cost of shipping a parcel or package from the United States to the United Kingdom is determined by several factors. These are some of the different factors such:

  • Measurements of your package
  • Shipping time frame

The lesser these factors are, the more likely you will receive low-cost delivery services to the United Kingdom. Packages with unusual forms or measurements are charged more costs than those with typical shapes and sizes. When it comes to delivery, you have complete control over how fast you want your goods delivered. As a result, if you don't worry about your shipment taking a bit longer to reach its location, you may choose the lowest shipping method to the UK.

Shipping Services From USA To UK


Because of its flat-rate delivery, USPS is a beautiful alternative for UK shipping because you can readily predict shipping expenses. USPS charges are determined by the package's weight and delivery date, just like other carriers. One significant disadvantage of choosing USPS to ship to the UK is that tracking items once they leave the US is no longer possible. Once shipments arrive in the UK, they are handed to Royal Mail. This can cause delivery timeframes to be delayed by a few hours, days, or even weeks.

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One option for delivery to the United Kingdom is FedEx. Because UPS is their primary competition, they provide similar services and delivery prices. They may also pick up parcels in the United States and deliver them in as few as three days to destinations in the United Kingdom. If you are delivering a large number of items, FedEx is an intelligent choice. FedEx usually is more costly than the USPS, although it competes with UPS and DHL in terms of price. If you're mailing a limited number of packages, USPS is usually the preferable option because it lowers costs.

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DHL is known for its worldwide shipping capabilities for firms situated in the United States. They have a headquarters in Germany, which puts them near the United Kingdom, making transportation much more accessible. If you need to transport something internationally, DHL is the carrier to choose.

However, compared to UPS and FedEx, they do not have as much of a presence in the United States, so you may go out of your search to ensure a DHL site to drop off parcels. Due to some increased taxes, shipping charges might become rather costly.


Because of its global logistics chain, UPS is an excellent choice for shipping to the United Kingdom. They can collect shipments in the United States and deliver them in as few as three days in the United Kingdom. Unlike USPS, UPS's tracking system allows you to follow your items from pickup to delivery. However, if you are transporting products that weigh more than 10 pounds, UPS might be a costly service.

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Important Points To Do Cheap Shipping From USA To UK

Getting the most significant discounts and working with trustworthy carriers aren't the only keys to successful shipment. There are a few pointers to keep in mind and several blunders to avoid. 

Here are a few examples:

1. Use a platform that will automate most of the shipping process to make the procedure easier.

2. Provide a variety of delivery alternatives (and with realistic pricing!) to your consumers.

3. To avoid parcel delivery issues, double-check the recipient's information.

4. Avoid inputting erroneous weights for your goods and packages; it will result in you spending more for delivery than you need to.

5. Don't rely on a single shipping company; instead, use many.

6. Customers should be able to comprehend your return policy.

7. Before you ship internationally, learn about the customs rules and restrictions for each country you wish to send to.

8. Before you choose a shipping provider, take your time to analyze the transit timeframes.

9. You may pick the United Kingdom or even the name of the relevant nation, such as England, Wales, or Northern Ireland, while sending your box.

10. Check that you have the correct postal codes - typical UK zip codes are 6 to 8 figures long, consisting of letters and digits, and are separated into two portions.

11. Importing some items into the UK may be subject to charges and taxes. Check this and determine if you or the parcel receiver will be responsible for these costs.


International shipping is a complicated task for any eCommerce business owner, but it doesn't have to be an intimidating one. Simpl will help you find the cheapest rate possible with their international shipping service that understands how much weight your order has and can handle all of the customs paperwork on behalf of your company.

From pricing changes due to exchange rates to import duties on products coming from outside of Europe, there are plenty of factors at play when dealing with international shipments. But by partnering up with Simpl's 3PL solution, these headaches become less daunting because they take care of everything for you! You'll never have another sleepless night worrying about what could happen if something goes wrong during transit ever again - just contact us today so we can get started

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