Amazon Pick and Pack Fees: Your Complete Guide

The Amazon pick and pack fee, or fulfillment fee, applies to FBA shipments. Find out what your online business will pay for orders in this complete guide.

Amazon Pick and Pack Fees: Your Complete Guide

The amazon pick-and-pack fee is the fulfillment fee that applies to Amazon's fulfillment network. This advancement charges a per-unit price, which helps Amazon to generate income by sending sellers' products to consumers and covering costs. It has been identified that significant changes can be seen in this fulfillment network based on different products, with the product size, weight, and category influencing the cost.

If you don't have more knowledge about pick-and-pack fee services, this post is for you. This post will give you a complete guide about the pick and pack fee, including its benefits, calculations, and how to minimize it. Now, let's begin with - what is the amazon pick and pack fee?

What is Amazon Pick and Pack Fee?

Amazon has created a fee charged named the amazon pick and pack fee. It has been designed to fulfill orders for the items sold. This fee involves picking up item costs in the fulfillment center and shipping items to the customers by packaging items for shipment. The fee differs depending on the weight and size of the item, which ranges between a few dollars and a few cents. The other costs are also linked with selling on Amazon, like storage fees for stored items in fulfillment centers, the monthly subscription fee for the selling plan, and fees for other Amazon services. 

When the pick-and-pack fee is added, a small cost is added as compared to the selling benefits on Amazon. Amazon is one of the most popular and largest e-commerce platforms worldwide that has a global reach with millions of active users. A seller can gain more profits by selling items on the Amazon platform. They can access a broad range of customer bases and the right resources and tools to increase their business. While doing business on the Amazon platform, the seller has to be associated with the pick-and-pack fee. It lets the seller decide whether selling items on Amazon is beneficial or worth the cost. 

Benefits Of Using Amazon Pick And Pack Fee Services

If you are a smaller seller and want to fulfill ordered items for your customers, then you must know the pick-and-pack fee amazon services. Such services include a seller's physical store and products at the fulfillment center and tracking the picking, shipping, and packing of those products to the customers. The use of Pick and Pack Fee services has many additional benefits that are discussed below. 

Get Access To A Huge Customer Base

Amazon platform has a vast customer base across the globe. Research shows that Amazon has more than 300 million active accounts customers. A seller can use the fulfillment network of the Amazon platform to access the broad customer base of Amazon. This way, the seller can grow their business at a large scale and increase their sales effectively. 

Automated Order Processing

The advanced technology of Amazon can reduce the efforts and time required to fulfill an ordered item by automating the shipping and processing of ordered products. This can be beneficial for the sellers as it eases the work process.

Increased Efficiency

Another significant benefit of the amazon pick-and-pack fee is that it helps to increase efficiency. This fee can help the seller to save valuable money and time and streamline their order fulfillment process with the state-of-the-art fulfillment centers of Amazon. 

Customer Service Support

It has been identified that the Amazon platform offers customer service support to the buyers on behalf of the sellers. This results in reducing the workload of the sellers and enhancing the customer experience at the same time. 

Prime Shipping

Another essential benefit of this new technology is prime shipping. It has been identified that Amazon's fulfilled products are eligible for Prime Shipping, which offers customers reliable and fast shipping options. Moreover, prime shipping is also helpful for sellers as it increases their sales. 

Improved Product Visibility

It has been observed that Amazon allows customers to search for relevant products on their search bar and lists the products on Amazon's site. As Amazon fulfills the products, it helps to increase the sales of the products and increase product visibility. 

Reduced Shipping Costs

The bulk shipping rates are introduced by Amazon, where a seller can create an opportunity with lower shipping costs. This way, a seller can increase their business profits and reduce expenses. 

Inventory Management

Another benefit of using pick-and-pack fees is inventory management. A seller can utilize the inventory management services from Amazon that help them to minimize the stockout risk and improve their product stock levels management. 


When sellers make their efforts to grow their business through the Amazon platform, it also influences the fulfillment network to grow effectively. This way, Amazon allows the sellers to reach more customers and fulfill more orders. 

Global Reach

Amazon's fulfillment network has made it easy for all sellers to reach their potential customers. Introducing pic and pack fees allows the sellers to ship their products to worldwide users, which helps them increase their sales and acquire a global market. 

How To Calculate Amazon Pick And Pack Fees?

You can quickly determine your cost by focusing on the different characteristics Amazon provides. It has been identified that four core values are applied to calculate the pick and pack fees with the individual products. 

Pick And Pack Fee Rate Card

Amazon Marketplace published a pick-and-pack fee rate card with their fulfillment cost to make you know about the correct cost of the product shipment and processes. It has been observed that the price often gets changed and updated regularly. If you are a smaller seller and want to sell your product online through Amazon, then checking FBA pick and pack fee can be an excellent resource to check the cost. 

Product Size Tier

The pick-and-pack fee is generally depending on the product size. The product dimensions, weight, and type identify the product size tiers. Amazon has set up measurement standards based on your location. For example, the US uses pounds and inches as measurement standards. A seller needs to meet the criteria of Amazon for a standard-size item. Apart from the standard size, the company also employs product category labels. Hence, Amazon follows a different price calculation for standard-size non-apparel and standard-size apparel goods. Overall, Amazon looks into the product dimension, including DIM weight and the product category, to determine how much to charge you.

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Amazon Pick And Pack Fee Rate Card

According to Amazon, here are the fees you can expect:


Ways To Minimize Amazon Pick And Pack Fees

It is crucial for the sellers to look for effective ways to reduce the pick and pack fees by Amazon. It has been identified that the seller can use cost-effective and efficient packaging methods and materials to minimize pick-and-pack costs. The process may include reducing the packaging size and using lightweight materials, which can lead to a less expensive item to ship. In addition, the sellers may choose to use a third-party fulfillment service or can fulfill orders themselves to avoid the Pick and Pack fee at one time. However, many ways to minimize these fees are guided below.

  • One of the most effective ways is automating your pick-and-pack process for printing shipping labels, optimizing warehouse layouts, and selecting the right order fulfillment software. 
  • You can take advantage of FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) by creating the distribution network and the best warehouse to ship and store your product. 
  • You can reduce your pick-and-pack fee by utilizing Multi-Channel Fulfillment, which allows you to buy your goods in huge quantities. 
  • You must have a professional seller account so that you will be able to manage your inventory and be eligible for the buy box. 
  • You can also get free shipping with Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP), which allows third-party sellers to meet the orders using delivery services and their warehouses.
  • It is essential to accurately label your products as it helps the company to quickly pack, locate, and retrieve the product for shipping. 
  • Usually, it takes years to track, revise, and evaluate the overhead charges to improve efficiency. Thus, you can focus on your carriers to negotiate to reduce shipping rates.
  • Less use of materials for packaging helps reduce the resources needed for packaging and the amount of labor that can influence the costs.
  • Doing essential preparation beforehand can reduce the fees. 
  • The pic and pack single amazon fees can also be reduced by optimizing products for maximum space.


Overall, the amazon pick-and-pack fee services offer more seller benefits, including improved customer experience, reduced shipping costs, increased efficiency, increased product visibility, etc. Likely, a seller can emphasize improving their business and streamline their order fulfillment process by using the fulfillment network from Amazon. Need help fulfilling Amazon orders? Learn how our team at Simple Fulfillment can take your business to the next level with our pick, pack and ship services.

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