What are Amazon Lightning Deals?

Everything you need to know about Amazon Lightning deals: benefits and requirements and how this powerful eCommerce website works.

What are Amazon Lightning Deals?

Amazon is among the top eCommerce websites in the world. The company uses different strategies to cater to more customers, such as discounts, monthly offers, lightning deals, etc. Amazon Lightning Deals is a popular marketing strategy among sellers in amazon to increase their sales.

To know more, read this article about Amazon Lightning Deals and how it works.

What are Amazon Lightning Deals: Benefits, Eligibility & Requirements

Amazon Lightning Deals is a marketing and promotional strategy that offers special discounts on a wide range of products. You can find these fantastic deals on the "Prime Page" and "Today's Deals" sections of Amazon's website.

These lightning deals persist for a limited period. So, sellers in Amazon introduce special prices for different products to gain more sales from their customers.

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Benefits of Amazon Lightning Deals

Online sellers on Amazon, get be primarily benefitted from these deals and acquire more customers for different types of products. Here are some benefits of Amazon Lightning Deals-

Organic Ranking

By setting up special deals and attractive prices for products, you can attract more customers. Customers find the more your sales, the more your organic ranking increases.

Advertise In Fewer Costs

Amazon lightning deals is also a unique tool for the sellers to advertise their product without much hustle and higher costs. It also helps to increase sales during holidays, festivals, and other special occasions.

Attract New Customers

All customers can go through all amazing lightning deals; this helps introduce your product to new customers every time.

Remove Stocks

Sellers try to eliminate any excess stock and gain substantial revenue for the products which are not in demand. In this way, they generate space for a more new and wide range of products.

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Are You Eligible for Amazon Lightening Deals?

If you are running a business and want to offer deals on Amazon, you have to complete the following criteria-

1. You need to have a sales history with Amazon with a minimum rating of 3 stars.

2. Follow the pricing policies of amazon

3. You must gain at least five seller rating every month

4. Have various ranges of products

What are the Requirements for Amazon Lightening Deals?

To ensure an efficient and convenient flow of deals, here are the few requirements needed for Lightning Deals-

Storage/ inventory- It is essential to ensure that you have an adequate amount of stocks for sale. Amazon allows mentioning the quantity of the products which the sellers want to list in the Lightning deals. The storage should be complete and remain in the inventory before the sale starts.

Discount- The product discount should be over 20% of the average price in recent past months.

Ratings- The product must have a minimum rating of 3.5 or more than that.

Competition- Sellers are not eligible to set lightning deals promotions on Amazon's products.

Amazon has different types of policies for various products. Sellers around the world participate in lightning deals and gain profit. You can also learn and gain knowledge slowly by implementing these above steps and following the policies.

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