How To Get Reviews On Amazon In 2021 – Proven Strategies

Want to know how to get more Amazon reviews legally? 6 proven and tested methods to increase your customer satisfaction exponentially.

How To Get Reviews On Amazon In 2021 – Proven Strategies

One of the essential metrics for companies selling on Amazon is customer feedback. Amazon reviews are highly significant in influencing purchases. They have a substantial impact on the Buy Box output of your items, which has a considerable effect on the popularity of your listings. They also significantly aid in the conversion of customers. Seventy-two percent of shoppers do not take any action until they have read the reviews of an item they are considering. Put, if you get more Amazon feedback, you can get more sales!

While reviews are valuable for any online company, they are ten times more important (and ten times more difficult to obtain) on Amazon. Reviews on Amazon have a significant effect on conversion rate, rankings, revenue, and other factors. That is, the ability to obtain feedback will determine whether your product succeeds or fails.

Amazon product reviews play a significant role in a product's performance in the marketplace. According to a G2 survey, 92 percent of us are more likely to purchase a product after reading a favorable review. So, in 2021, what are the best strategies for increasing Amazon product reviews? This post will go into some of the best ways to get those valuable feedbacks. Please keep in mind that there will be no shortcuts or fast fixes in our path to get Amazon reviews – but we will bring you a straightforward formula for success on Amazon.

8 Proven and Tested Strategies to Get Reviews on Amazon in 2021

The following are some excellent marketing strategies to help you get more Amazon feedback. You can do a lot, from using the correct input tools to composing the ideal review requests.

1. Sell a Fantastic Product

If you want to get more feedback, the most critical aspect is your product. All the outreach tactics in the world won't help if the product is dull and unreviewable. Furthermore, if the product is unspectacular or of poor quality, any ratings you do get are impossible to be five-star. It will help if you put in the effort to produce and market a product that customers would naturally want to review. When you ask for ratings, this will make it much easier to get results. You'll also get more organic checked feedback without having to inquire.

Before you launch your product, read the reviews of your rivals and check for famous problems or negative issues. If you address these issues with your product, you will receive several positive feedback from consumers searching for a solution that you have now found.

Incorporate this with high-quality and entertaining product images to generate a good feeling for your customers even before you ask for a review, increasing your likelihood of succeeding significantly

2. Provide Excellent eCommerce Customer Service

Good customer service can mean the difference between a one-time buyer and a repeat customer. Contact you have with your consumers, from a query on product functions to an update on the progress of their shipment, will enhance their view of your brand.

The higher the quality of your customer service, the more likely your customers will leave a favorable Amazon review.

3. Build an Email List

It is a long-term investment, but it can be highly beneficial. It can be not easy at first, but once you have enough email addresses from your first product, you can move on to your second, third, and so forth.

You can then send emails to anyone on the list, generating traffic for your landing page or separate websites with ads you've made and encouraging users to switch to your services in return for promotions, among many other things.

Of course, you would need to engage in a landing page and a separate website for this to be entirely successful. You can also modify the approach to draw crowds through Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube by conducting promotional activities to collect email addresses, but this will take up a significant amount of your time.

4. Request Feedback

We'll make this simple: asking for Amazon reviews is the best way to get them. In reality, most customers (77 percent) are willing to leave a review if a company asks.

Amazon can automatically send an email to your customers requesting a review after they make a purchase. You can give one more thought by clicking the "Request a Review" button on Amazon. However, clicking this button offers consumers the same email that Amazon has already sent them, lacking a personal touch. Instead, use tools such as eDesk feedback to submit your customized review request emails.

You can build your email prototype with eDesk feedback that represents your brand's voice, dynamically adds the customer's name and product, and includes your company logo and brand imagery. It helps to remind the consumer of what they purchased and encourages them to leave a review.

The best thing about using Amazon reviews tools is that you can directly target customers who are more likely to leave a positive review. You can set the rules to only email customers that have already left you feedback, those who got their order on time, and those who purchased a product that usually receives positive Feedback on Amazon.

5. Use Product Inserts

Product inserts are among the simplest ways to increase your Amazon ratings. The great thing about product inserts is that you can go out to every customer and ask for a review.

A label insert is a small card that is included in the packaging of your product. You write a small "thank you" note on the card and politely ask the customer to leave a review. You may include a QR code on your brand insert that links to the product review page or a landing page (that then asks for a review).

Make an effort to get something attractive planned. A nice-looking and feeling product insert outperforms a flimsy piece of paper.

Here are a few product insert best practices:

Request product reviews while remaining impartial. Asking people to leave you a five-star rating, or even showing an image of five-star reviews, is against Amazon's policies.

Provide pertinent details about the business and the product. Make sure people know how to reach you if a problem arises. A company's ability to provide excellent customer service will go a long way toward preventing negative product feedback.

Have incentives in other ways. Product insert cannot financially incentivize ratings; it may incentivize people to enter your email lists or follow you on social media. It would be helpful in the future.

6. Regularly Offer Discounts and Special Promotions

There is a fine line to walk when it comes to commodity pricing. Customers are most pleased when goods are reasonably priced — not too high nor too low.

Everybody enjoys a good deal. According to research, shoppers who earn a $10 voucher have higher oxytocin levels and feel better. That is precisely how you want customers to feel when they leave a review.


If you cannot require consumers to leave a review in return for a discount, you can include discount codes in your daily promotional strategies. A perfect way to introduce your items with fanfare, similar to the Amazon Early Reviewer Program, is to deliver an exclusive discount only available to your email subscribers. Then, once they've made a purchase, you can give them an email asking them to leave a review on Amazon.

You may also provide daily discounts on your items during the year and increase your review requests throughout those periods to automatically attract more favorable feedback.

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7. Use Amazon Review Services

Amazon sellers face difficulties in obtaining early reviews for new items. Customers are much less likely to buy a new product if there is no feedback. Amazon Vine and the Amazon Early Reviewer program are product review services that Amazon developed and managed.

Amazon's Early Reviewer Program is an effort by the company to assist sellers in accumulating feedback for new items. Simultaneously, Amazon maintains oversight of the Early Reviewer program by calling randomly selected customers of participating items and asking them to provide a review.

The Amazon Vine program's main appeal is that it is a fast way to add product reviews to a listing. Many companies want to participate in Amazon Vine only before releasing a new product. By the time the product is available to buy, there already are product reviews available in the listing.

Influential people are open to both constructive and negative reviews. They achieved success in part due to the simple and truthful feedback process. You must understand how to use Amazon's bad reviews to boost the product to make the best use of negative reviews.

It is just as critical to monitor reviews as it is to be reviewed. Staying alert to negative feedback and ratings published about your Amazon product allows you to fix the problem faster and improves response time to customer concerns, putting you in a stronger position to resolve product issues. SellerApp will enable you to configure email ranking warning updates. You may also change the rating alerts' range. To gain entry, sign up.

8. Launch Products on Promotional Marketplaces

Many sellers introduce new goods to Amazon promotional markets such as Jump Send. And, as a result of the money-saving coupons provided by these pages, some customers feel obligated to leave positive reviews with Amazon sellers.

However, keep in mind that an Amazon promotional marketplace cannot request input from a shopper in return for a product. As a result, receiving a recommendation from a highly discounted or free product is not guaranteed.

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Bottom Line

This article's details should have provided you with some valuable ideas on how to get Amazon product feedback in 2021. And, as things change, we'll make sure to keep this information up to date.

At the very least, use Amazon's processes, which are entirely free of "grey areas." Also, please follow Amazon's guidelines. Remember that a few extra sales from a black hat tactic aren't worth jeopardizing the entire seller account.

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