Amazon FBA Startup Cost: Everything You Should Know

Starting an Amazon FBA business? Learn the essentials of Amazon's fee structure, what to consider when budgeting, and how to optimize your return on investment. Read now for actionable steps you can take today!

Amazon FBA Startup Cost: Everything You Should Know

Are you looking to sell on the Amazon platform? Are you worried about the Amazon FBA startup cost? Don't panic! Starting selling on Amazon is not as difficult or more costly than you think. Research shows that most of the new sellers on Amazon spend nearly $2,500-$5,000 to begin their selling journey with Amazon, which includes Amazon fees, product costs, and many other critical initial investments. 

However, it has also been found that many sellers on Amazon also started their selling journey with $500 or less. It does not matter how much they have spent on Amazon sales because both extremes can achieve success on this platform. In this post, you will learn about the essential selling costs on the Amazon platform and explore various investments that lead to more profits for sellers. 

Statistics on Amazon FBA Startup Cost

Research shows that nearly 10% of Amazon sellers started their Amazon FBA Startup business with between $501 and $1,000 capital, 12% of sellers began with between $1,001 and $2,500 money, 18% of sellers started with $500 or less capital, other 18% sellers started with $2500 and $5000 capital, and 22% of sellers began with more than $10,000 capital. Therefore, nearly 40% of FBA businesses successfully launch with a $1000 or less budget.

Starting your Amazon FBA Business Guide

Now stop searching for your queries - how much does it cost to start Amazon FBA? This post will answer the cost of Amazon FBA startup to start Amazon selling. Here is the list of essential things to consider before beginning the FBA business on the Amazon platform. 

Inventory costs

The most important thing you need to look at is your inventory, which is predicted to be the most significant expense with the startup business. Usually, the Amazon platform does not care about maximum or minimum or right or wrong to start your business with them. It's entirely depending on you. You can begin with $500 in inventory to avoid taking a risk. Usually, most Amazon FBA startup businesses would like to start with $2500 to $3000 in stock.  

It has been found that many people have started successfully with a smaller amount. Thus, you need to remember that if you purchase limited funds with a limited inventory amount, you have the right to take all profits you make. It allows you to take every profit off every sale and let you spend into more oversized inventory orders. This is the perfect way to grow your current inventory amount and continue increasing your business, so any options work effectively and successfully. 

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Costs For Selling On Amazon

When you want to know how much it costs to start Amazon FBA, you must ensure the monthly cost. Usually, the Amazon platform offers you two options: a professional account option and an individual account option. With the personal account, they may give you a free-of-cost account, where you don't have to pay any monthly cost. Amazon offers a professional account, which may cost you around $39.99 for one month. 

Here, the free individual account does not require any monthly fee, but you need to pay after making a sale every time, which may come to 99 cents for each sale. For a professional account, you do not require to produce an individual amount for making a sale every time. For instance, if you sell over 50 products or orders in one month on the Amazon platform, you must go ahead with the professional account as it is profitable.

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Logo And Graphics Costs

One of the most crucial business steps is spending money on packaging and graphics for your logo. You may find many options to pay for logos and graphics. If you acquire graphic skills, then you can take the responsibility to create one design for your business. Usually, many Amazon FBA startups start with the basic design by creating their graphics. 

If you focus on anything other than anything fancy, you may save more on the logo and graphic costs. Many manufacturers sell products with private labeling to help you with the primary packaging. These manufacturers can help you to design your templates and packaging without charging any cost. 

However, you cannot expect more perfection than you have in your mind, as they don't offer any customization option, but it can be an excellent option for you. You must contact a professional team if you are looking for excellent packaging. Hiring a professional designer can cost you around $500 as they will provide you with specialization in logos and packaging as well as all types of professional products. 

You can also look for some freelancing sites where you can find many graphics and logo designers or service providers who may cost you around $30 or more to help you with a great design by using their innovative skills. 

Shipping Costs

Your shipping cost also plays a significant role when looking for the cost of FBA. Usually, many businesses include their shipping with the product cost. For instance, if the product cost is $10, it involves the import cost, the payment of manufacturers, etc. It affects all taxes, duties, and shipping fees. 

However, there are many free services whom you can contact to find out the exact shipping costs. Here, you need to provide the details of your product weight, size, shipment, and the number of units, and they will give you an accurate quote and an estimation of the cost to import the order or product.

Advertising Costs

Advertising your product is the essential step when you want to Start FBA Business. It is a crucial step to get traffic for your product page. Just uploading your product image on the Amazon platform will not do the job; you need to make an effort to start making sales through advertising. 

If you don't have advertising funds for your startup business, you can start by taking help from family, friends, and your social network. You can post your product or new business on social media, whether on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. Utilize these platforms to make people like and share your product to get more traffic and exposure. 

This initiative can help to improve your business by increasing your sales. Apart from this, you can also look for another way to get sales. You can choose Amazon Sponsored Product Ads to get more deals for your product. However, it may cost you some amount, but it is pocket-friendly that you can afford. 

Usually, if you choose this option, Amazon will deduct some amount from your balance when you make any sale on its platform. Every two weeks, Amazon will add money to your balance to pay out for advertising and deduct the advertising cost from that amount. After getting some traffic and sales from Amazon Sponsored Product Ads, you can search for external ways to grab traffic. Social media platforms like YouTube, Google, AdWords, etc., can be the best way of getting traffic.

Product Photos Costs

Another important thing that you need to pay attention to is your product photos. To increase your Amazon sales, giving product photos is the key to success. Usually, customers look for real-time product photos from different angles to make better purchasing decisions. When you Start FBA Business, you need to look into a couple of options. Currently, you have the smartphone option to help you click some fantastic photos of your product. 

If you are good at taking good photos, you do not need to spend on product photos. You need to hold your smartphone, set a bright and clear area, and take the best clicks of your product. However, if you need a professional touch or more perfection in your product photo, you must pay a professional photographer. These professional photographers can make you stand out from the competition by giving you more clean and concise images of your product.

Professional photographers can cost you around $30 or more per photo, so you must decide first the number of images you want for your product. Amazon allows you to post up to 9 pictures on your product page, so you must calculate your cost accordingly. Here, the most important photo is the primary product image that will be first shown to the customers. 

If you have limited Amazon FBA startup costs, choose a professional photographer who can click the main image of your product. And you can use your primary photo on your product page. You can also use other images on Amazon for the rest of the space, where you do not require to pay. The most important is the primary image that will grab people's attention and appear in the search results.

Recommendations To Start Your Amazon Business

Many professionals recommend that Amazon sellers spend money on FBA startups by understating three critical factors discussed below.

Tools and supplies

Some many supplies or tools can help you to start your Amazon business. The minimum things that you require to start your business are a smartphone (for checking out products in the store), computer (works for your seller account), printer (to print product labels and box shipping labels), Scanning App (free of cost using the Amazon Seller App), Scale ( to weigh the boxes), Shipping labels or paper ( to send your products to e-commerce platform), address labels ( used to label the product), Boxes, Shipping or packing tape (to close the boxes), etc. The Amazon FBA startup costs for tools may cost you $100 worth. 

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Inventory is the baseline of your business and helps determine the profit you will make from your product. When starting with the reselling company, it is recommended to begin with $500 in inventory. This is because it will offer a better product amount so that you can start looking for sales immediately, without any problem or running out of inventory. You need to use the FBA calculator or the Amazon Seller App when buying inventory to ensure the items will be profitable. 

Usually, Amazon charges you some amount for your product sales, so you need to calculate the amount beforehand. Using something other than free tools is recommended as it increases the risk of buying inventory, which leads to loss for your sale. Selling on Amazon is great for sellers as it uses the Retail Arbitrage business model so that you do not need to purchase many products.


Taking a training course to start your Amazon business is optional. But many experts recommend a training course to know the proper technique to increase your sales. Many training providers offer step-by-step video courses to make you understand the concept of Amazon business to make a business sale. Moreover, you can also go for some free tutorial options on Google, YouTube, and blogs to grab knowledge. For nine years, the Amazon platform has allowed sellers to sell their products on this e-commerce platform. 

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Starting a business on Amazon FBA may seem like a lot of work, but the results are worth it. With thorough research of Amazon's fee structure and mindful consideration of the factors discussed here, any business owner should be able to take their profits to new heights. This blog post has taught you why understanding the operating costs associated with an Amazon FBA Store is an absolute must and provided tips on managing those costs to make your venture a success story. Now all that's left is for you to take action! Start doing your research, crunching numbers, and buying inventory right away. If you feel overwhelmed by the process, feel free to ask for help! Need help fulfilling Amazon orders? Get in touch with Simpl; they'll take care of everything while you focus on growing your business. With clear goals and thoughtful money management, launching your own Amazon FBA store can be a breeze!

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