Amazon FBA Canada: How Do I Know If Amazon Is The Right Choice For Me?

Amazon FBA Canada: How Do I Know If Amazon Is The Right Choice For Me?

In the last five years, Amazon Canada has seen a lot of growth. In fact, it's grown so much that many people don't know about all its opportunities! There are still tons for new sellers on this marketplace and if you're Canadian then I recommend getting started today because when we hit 3 million users per year - your products will be in demand across North America.

Why Should You Consider Amazon FBA Canada?

There are several benefits of using Amazon FBA Canada, such as:

1. Canada has a large population, and as a seller on Amazon FBA, you can expect a boost of almost 10% to 20% in your sales on Amazon.

2. Another advantage of selling products on Amazon Canada is that you may use multi-channel achievement to deliver Canadian orders out of your internet site to Canadians direct from Canada (you can't use MCF for global orders). This avoids responsibilities and lengthy transit instances and is a massive advantage for Canadians.

3. One of the main benefits is having more audience, but it is easier to sell your products due to low competition.

4. It gives the advantage to you to deliver products from Canada to Canadians from non-amazon sources.

Amazon FBA Canada Fees For Sellers

Let's look at the fees as an Amazon FBA seller. You will be on the hook for additional prices to cover all of the work that amazon will handle on your behalf (inventory service, packing, transport, customer service). The actual FBA charge you pay is decided by using the scale and weight of every product you want to sell on Amazon.

FBA Storage Fees

On top of FBA costs, FBA dealers are also accountable for using amazon's warehouse area storage fees. There are two types of FBA inventory fees: month-to-month and long-time period.

Month-to-month stock storage fees commonly are charged between the mid of the month following the month for which the price applies.

Much like amazon US, long-time period storage prices are assessed on the 15th of every month. Any products that have been placed in an Amazon FBA inventory for more than twelve months will be charged a long-term monthly period storage rate of CAD 150$ according to cubic meter.

Sales Tax

There are different types of sales taxes in Canada:

Federal income tax, also known as the goods and offerings tax (GST) or harmonized sales tax (HST), are administered mutually. Whether you are charged for HST/GST relies upon the unique province or territory you work in. However, you may be responsible for the taxes even if your enterprise isn't registered in Canada.

Provincial sales tax, additionally known as the Quebec sales tax (QST) or retail income tax (RST). Whether PST, RST, or QST applies depends on the business's particular province.

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Amazon FBA Inventory Locations In Canada

Amazon warehouses in Canada are located in some of the towns: Toronto, Vancouver, and Westminster. If you have an amazon Canada account and sell in the Canadian market, knowing about only a few of the locations is enough for you. Choose the proper on your products shipped from China to Canada Amazon FBA to control your Amazon cost.

How To Get Started On Amazon FBA Canada

You'll want to ship your goods thru USA or FedEx or any other carrier that permits you to be billed for any obligations and taxes, also called DDP.

Listing The Products On Amazon Canada

It is, in reality, relatively easy to transfer your US listings over to the Canadian market. On your unified account, move over to Canada from the drop-down. Input the ASIN out of your amazon account list and click search. All of the records from the US List will automatically load for your new amazon Canada list draft. From there, you want to click "promote this product" and move directly to the subsequent page. One of the best things is that your reviews are also transferred, so it is easy to sell the products, and you do not have to start from scratch.

Sending Your Products

While sending FBA inventory into Canada, we recommend sending less than what you will ship to a US FBA, at the least till you figure out how many products you will be selling each month. Canada's market is smaller than the US, and you could find that you do not want equal inventory levels to serve every marketplace.

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Use Sponsored Ads And Products

The primary thing you need to do once you get your stock to FBA begins the usage of sponsored products if you are using them for amazon. Com. You will pay less than what you mostly pay for

Keep Check Of The Exchange Rate

While you price your items in Canada, you are possibly sincerely converting from US Dollars to Canadian dollars. Screen this alternate charge on a quarterly or monthly basis as it will alternate, and you need to change your fees as a result.

Remote fulfillment

Suppose you do not need the struggle of sending your stock to Canada from the United States. In that case, Amazon has a program known as remote fulfillment that lets dealers deliver orders to customers in Canada and Mexico from their US FBA inventory. While the delivery speeds will be slower than the usual two-day transport, you can still sell products in Canada.

Putting Up A Business Canadian Number

If you are sending goods up to amazon Canada FBA through UPS or FedEx or any other transportation as an ordeal, you can, in all likelihood, avoid this requirement on your first couple of shipments. However, when you make more shipments regularly, you need an official Canadian business number. If you are sending something that requires a customs broker to clean, you may want a business number.


Amazon FBA Canada is the perfect solution for Canadian sellers to make their products available on one of the world’s most popular online marketplaces. With a wide range of inventory locations across Canada, shipping costs that are as low as $5, and fees that start at just 8%, it doesn’t get much easier than this! If you have been considering selling your products on Amazon but haven't started yet, now's the time.

Get in touch with our team today so we can help you find success on Amazon FBA Canada by fulfilling orders from any location in Canada or around the globe.

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