5 Best Woocommerce Inventory Management Plugins

5 Best Woocommerce Inventory Management Plugins

Inventory management is a requirement for any online store that sells products. However, managing your WooCommerce store can be tedious and demanding. To make the necessary modifications for each task, go over to the homepage and settings; making these adjustments on your own takes a lot of time, which isn't good for business because you won't be able to focus on other crucial responsibilities like dealing with customers and marketing. When you use a plugin to manage your inventory, it becomes a lot easier. 

Various WooCommerce stock management plugins might make your life easier. This article has created a list of some of the best WooCommerce Stock Management Plugins for your business.

1. Atum Inventory Manager

ATUM is one of the best and free-to-use inventory management plugins that keeps track of modifications in your business, such as items, sales, prices, and more. A robust WooCommerce supply solution is a requirement for any severe store owner. The ATUM dashboard statistics provide you with complete control over your WooCommerce stock. Get instant access to all aspects of your WooCommerce inventory, including suppliers, SKUs, locations, weight, and even prices. The system, neatly carved on the WordPress design, feels natural and user-friendly.

2. Z Inventory Manager

Another excellent WooCommerce inventory management solution on our list is Z Inventory Manager. It's a simple and inexpensive solution for automating stock inventory and increasing efficiency. With this plugin, you can quickly and swiftly arrange your sales, customer orders, and deliveries. A pro version of Z manager is also available, which contains additional pro features such as copy purchase orders and inventory data and records. You'll also get 12 months of free support and updates.

3. WP Inventory Management System

WP Inventory Management system is a relatively new order management plugin in the WordPress repository, with only a few thousand active installs. That doesn't imply that it's less helpful than the other plugins on this list. With this plugin, you can control bulk products in your store, changing stock levels, costing, and adding variant pricing with a single click. The pro edition includes some additional features such as support and the opportunity to apply premium add-ons.

4. Stock Synchronization

Stock Sync inventory management plugin for WooCommerce is also one of the best inventory plugins as it allows two WooCommerce stores to communicate stock quantities. When a customer buys an item or changes the product number in the admin, the amount in the other store is immediately updated. The plugin uses Woo Commerce's built-in API to communicate across stores. It's just like WooCommerce in terms of security.

5. Woocommerce POS

Another amazing inventory control plugin is WooCommerce POS, which allows you to do a physical stock count for the products in the inventory using a Barcode scanner and modify stock numbers from the scanner. WooCommerce POS has a simple interface that takes orders at your WooCommerce store's point of sale. WooCommerce POS is a fantastic option for Vendor Shopify POS because it doesn't require inventory sync, and there are no monthly subscription charges.


If you’re looking for a comprehensive inventory management solution for your WooCommerce store, one of the plugins on this list is sure to fit the bill. And if you need help with fulfillment or order processing, our team is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your online store run like a well-oiled machine. Thanks for reading!

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