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Simpl Fulfillment vs ShipMonk Comparison

Choosing the right fulfillment partner is vital for a growing eCommerce brand. Are you looking for a new fulfillment service provider for your eCommerce business? Are you thinking of changing your current 3PL to a better one? We're going to go over a side-by-side comparison of Simpl Fulfillment Vs. ShipMonk.

It's true, Simpl Fulfillment and ShipMonk are both leaders in the order fulfillment service provider industry. Both companies work to make it easier for eCommerce store owners to get their orders to their customers globally. With that in mind, there are a few differences and that's what we're here to discuss.

At Simpl Fulfillment, we include:

Inventory management
eCommerce platform integration
Custom packaging and other value-added services
Pick and pack
Global shipping
Tools for managing returns and exchanges

Here are some of the main differences between the two:

Inventory Receiving

Both ShipMonk and Simpl Fulfillment offer good faith recieving free of charge to all of their customers. The only difference is, ShipMonk charges $2.50/carton for any cartons with less than 5 pickable units in them. Simpl Fulfillment does have any fee like that as long as you follow our guidelines.

Pick and Pack Fees (Per order fees)

ShipMonk charges a flat-fee per order depending on the number of orders that month (tiered pricing) starting at $2.50 and then $.50 for each additional item. They also charge $.20 for any inserts that go into the package.

At Simpl Fulfillment, we charge a low, flat, per order fee + pick fee. We do this, so it's clear what you're paying per order, and assuming you're shipping single item orders or a few item orders, you'll pay less. We do this to make our solution even more flexible for our clients and help keep our cost transparent and straightforward. We do not charge for promotional inserts.

Warehousing/Storage Fees

ShipMonk charges $1/month for each small bin, $2/month for each medium bin, $3/month for each large bin, $4/month for each x-large bin, and $20/month for each pallet.

At Simple, we charge a flat-fee, per pallet, per month. We don't charge extra for how long we're storing it or for each shelf or bin you need. We only charge for the pallet space taken up.

We hope this information helps you in your decision to find the right 3PL partner. It's essential to establish early on if it's a good fit, who your contact at the 3PL will be, and if it's the right partner. The right fulfillment partner is vital for a successful DTC eCommerce brand.