FBA Prep, Automated.

Your own dedicated logistics team and everything you need to scale your Amazon store. You'll gain access to our powerful software to track inventory, manage shipments, chat with our awesome CS team, and more.

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💰  Simple, transparent pricing - no hidden fees.

💫  Powerful software and inventory management.

🚚   On demand, fast, and reliable FBA Prep.

📫   Quick CS reply times.

🚀   Fast turnaround.

"Their software helps us track all of our inventory easily. It is awesome knowing our products will be prepped correctly, every time"

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars

"We've needed a partner who could handle our removals - Simpl turns them around fast.."

"My last 3PL lost thousands of dollars worth of my inventory and then blamed us. We were nervous to try out another one after that but I'm glad I found them."

"There pricing is incredibly transparent and simple. We always know what we're going to be billed for and my accountant is so much happier."

"Simpl has worked with us from when we only did 50 items a month
and now we're doing thousands."

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars

"We tried to run our own prep operation but struggled to scale and the cost kept increasing. We can send container after container to Simpl and know it'll get handeled quick. We also love how hands-off it is."

"I literally drove to our last prep center to prep items after they made a huge mistake. So glad we found them."

"There pricing is incredibly transparent and simple. We always know what we're going to be billed for and my accountant is so much happier."

We designed our process to be Simpl...

We receive and process your inventory.

We prep your products per your (and Amazon's) requirements.

We create the shipment and it's off to Amazon

so you can focus on growth.

We can help with all of your FBA Prep needs.

We're a one-stop shop when it comes to FBA Prep. We offer all of the services required to get your items ready to be sold. If you need something custom, reach out and we'll do our best to accomodate!

Amazon Transparency Labels
Barcode Coverup
Container Handling
FBA Removals
Fragile Prep
Hazardous Products
Packaging Sourcing
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How It Works

1. Send us your merchandise

Ship your items to our facility using the carrier of your choice. We'll set you up with our proprietary software to manage all of your shipments. You can send your items one-by-one, or send multiple pallets — no shipment is too large. We do not charge any fees for receiving pallets.

2. We Prep Your Merchandise

We will process your inventory fast and get it out the door in 48 hours or less. Once your products arrive to our facility, processing begins right away. This includes inspecting your items and preparing them for shipment to Amazon. Using our propietary software, we'll create FNSKU labels and the shipment for Amazon.

3. We Send Your Inventory to Amazon

Now that your inventory has been processed, it’s ready to be shipped to Amazon. We arrange daily pickups to get your inventory out the door fast so you can start earning money. We'll use Amazon partnered carriers to make sure your goods get to Amazon quickly and safely. Amazon will bill you directly for the shipping cost.

4. Amazon FBA Processes Your Products

Once your inventory arrives at Amazon's FBA facilities, it will be processed quickly, and we guarantee that it will comply with their strict receiving guidelines. Part of our work is ensuring that we can quickly get your product from the manufacturer to live as soon as possible. If there are any issues, we'll help resolve.

We act as your on-demand FBA Prep expert.

We know you're busy growing your Amazon store; that's where we come in.

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No Commitment

We work with Amazon Sellers of all sizes and offer Pay-Per-Use pricing to keep it simple. Our clients continue to use us because they like our work, not because they're stuck.

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Track Inventory

You get access to our powerful software from anywhere and always have an idea of what's on hand. We guarantee our inventory numbers, and you can quickly create  shipments.

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Easy Payments

We send clear, concise invoices which can quickly be paid with ACH, credit card, Transferwise, etc. We have clients globally, so we have a ton of solutions.

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Live Reports

You can quickly see your inventory, inbounds, and Amazon shipments and know what's happening in real time, from anywhere. You'll always be in the know.

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We work with hundreds of clients globally.

Message us on WhatsApp +17138554833

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