Simple Fulfillment vs. Shippo: Comparison of Fulfillment & Shipping Solutions

Looking for the best shipping and fulfillment solutions? This guide compares Simple Fulfillment and Shippo, covering capabilities, pricing, pros and cons. Learn which is best for your eCommerce business.

In the bustling landscape of e-commerce, businesses are constantly seeking solutions that streamline operations without breaking the bank. One of the critical aspects to streamline is the shipping and fulfillment process. In this segment, two platforms have prominently risen — Simple Fulfillment and Shippo. This guide offers a detailed comparison of these two giants, highlighting their capabilities, pricing, features, and how they can work together to simplify your shipping and fulfillment process.

Understanding Simple Fulfillment and Shippo: A Deeper Dive

As a business grappling with e-commerce dynamics, understanding the differences between Simple Fulfillment and Shippo is critical in optimizing your operational strategy.

Simple Fulfillment emerges as a boutique 3PL partner, catering specifically to high-growth brands. This platform offers a comprehensive solution, right from warehousing to a global logistics network. It stands as an ideal choice for brands aiming to invest in expansive growth, providing an extensive array of services including custom packaging, gift notes, kitting, assembly, and B2B solutions. Its Warehouse Management System (WMS) is intuitive, centralizing real-time inventory, shipments, returns, and analytics across all sales channels, making it a robust choice for in-house warehouse fulfillment.

On the other hand, Shippo, a potent shipping API, facilitates easy generation and management of shipping labels, helping businesses find the best carrier rates and automatically send order tracking information to customers. It proves to be a versatile standalone shipping software, especially for businesses managing in-house shipping.

Key Features and Services: A Comparative Analysis

Fulfillment Services

  • Simple Fulfillment: Yes
  • Shippo: No

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  • Simple Fulfillment: Yes, offering an all-encompassing solution including an intuitive dashboard with built-in inventory management tools and advanced analytics.
  • Shippo: No

Label Creation

  • Simple Fulfillment: Sources labels from a variety of vendors, facilitating a seamless shipping process.
  • Shippo: Allows self-service label creation, offering a choice from diverse packing slips and label formats, thereby saving time and money.

Multi-Carrier Access

  • Simple Fulfillment: Collaborates with leading carriers globally, offering discounted rates for an array of services straight from its fulfillment center.
  • Shippo: Offers real-time carrier rate comparison from a network of carriers, assisting businesses in choosing the best match.

Package Tracking

  • Simple Fulfillment: Streamlines the pick, pack, and shipping processes, enabling automatic confirmation emails and sharing tracking details with customers.
  • Shippo: Facilitates setting up tracking and notifications, keeping both businesses and customers updated with detailed insights on package location, time, and status.

Integration and Compatibility

  • Simple Fulfillment: Integrates seamlessly with leading e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, offering EDI solutions for B2B orders, crafting a comprehensive fulfillment and logistics platform. Learn more
  • Shippo: Provides a global network of technology and fulfillment partners along with carriers, creating an easy-to-use shipping solution with extensive connectivity. Learn more

Pros and Cons: Weighing Your Options

Simple Fulfillment: A Detailed Examination


  • Operates a comprehensive international logistics network backed by unified technology, stringent SLAs, and premium customer support.
  • Global shipping hub based in Austin, TX, facilitating simplified supply chain management and reduced storage costs.
  • Features an intuitive dashboard with tools for inventory management, easy SKU management, and insightful data analytics.
  • Offers additional capabilities including custom packaging, gift notes, kitting and assembly, and B2B solutions.


  • Positioned as a premium service, it may not be the most economical option for budding businesses.
  • Ideally suited for brands keen on extensive growth and expansion into various sales channels.
Shippo: An In-depth Look


  • Enables the creation and management of shipping labels across various formats, streamlining the shipping process.
  • Provides a platform for real-time carrier rate comparison, helping businesses choose the most cost-effective shipping options.
  • Integrates smoothly with popular sales channels, centralizing shipping management and fostering operational efficiency.
  • Features detailed package tracking with notifications, enhancing transparency and customer satisfaction.


  • While providing premium shipping features, it doesn't encompass a full-suite fulfillment solution, catering mainly to optimizing shipping strategies.

The Verdict: Making an Informed Decision

Simple Fulfillment stands as a reliable ally for numerous burgeoning e-commerce brands, facilitating global expansion and logistics cost-saving. If your brand is in a stage ready for substantial growth, partnering with Simple Fulfillment can be a game-changer, offering a comprehensive fulfillment solution or a standalone WMS for your existing warehouse.

On the other hand, Shippo shines as a robust shipping API offering a comprehensive last-mile delivery experience, especially when synergized with a fulfillment solution like Simple Fulfillment. It stands as a great option if you are initiating your e-commerce journey with in-house shipping management.

Conclusion: Simplifying Your E-commerce Journey

Navigating the complex world of e-commerce logistics requires a solution that is not only robust but also flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of your business. When it comes to choosing between Simple Fulfillment and Shippo, the decision boils down to your specific requirements, the scale of your operations, and your future growth plans.

Simple Fulfillment stands as a powerhouse, especially for brands aiming to spread their wings globally. With its extensive network based in Austin, TX, it promises swift and cost-effective shipping solutions. It also offers a powerful dashboard that grants real-time insights, helping brands to constantly evolve and meet customer expectations globally. Moreover, its fulfillment center allows fast-growing brands to offer customers 2-Day Express Shipping across the continental US, positioning them favorably in a competitive market.

In addition, it brings to the table custom packaging options and B2B solutions, further enhancing its appeal as a comprehensive solution. Its Warehouse Management System (WMS) facilitates seamless integration across various sales channels, be it DTC or B2B operations, embodying a truly all-in-one platform for both in-house and outsourced fulfillment needs. It's an ideal solution for brands ready to take the leap and expand into diverse sales channels, optimizing their reach and customer satisfaction levels.

However, Simple Fulfillment does come with a premium price tag. It's an investment that makes the most sense for brands poised for growth and expansion, ready to leverage the sophisticated tools and global network it offers.

Shippo, on the other hand, serves as an essential tool for brands that are at the nascent stages or those that are looking to optimize their in-house shipping processes without outsourcing the entire fulfillment spectrum. It specializes in offering a seamless shipping experience, with features such as easy label creation and multi-carrier access which facilitates real-time rate comparison and an expansive network of carriers. Moreover, Shippo ensures your customers stay informed, offering detailed package tracking and notifications, a feature that can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and brand trust.

But it's important to note that Shippo is not a full-suite fulfillment solution. It's more focused on optimizing shipping strategies and simplifying the process for businesses. It serves as an excellent stepping stone for businesses not yet ready to completely outsource their fulfillment processes. Yet, when the need arises, it integrates perfectly with Simple Fulfillment's technology, creating a harmonious and efficient end-to-end e-commerce solution.

Final Words: Mapping Your Path in E-commerce Logistics

Choosing the right shipping and fulfillment solution is a critical decision in your e-commerce journey. It's about balancing cost, efficiency, and scalability to carve a path that aligns with your business vision.

  • If you are a burgeoning brand, focusing on establishing a foothold in the market, starting with a solution like Shippo can be a strategic move. It allows you to streamline your shipping processes, maintain control, and yet, offers the flexibility to scale as you grow.
  • For fast-growing online brands, Simple Fulfillment emerges as a front-runner, offering a comprehensive ecosystem that not only addresses shipping needs but extends to include global fulfillment, discounted carrier rates, and a technology-rich platform that integrates seamlessly with various e-commerce platforms and marketplaces.

In conclusion, the choice between Simple Fulfillment and Shippo rests on a keen understanding of your current operational scale and future growth projections. Both platforms offer a robust set of features, facilitating an easier, less time-consuming, and more streamlined approach to e-commerce logistics.

As you stand at this critical juncture, equip yourself with a solution that not only meets your present needs but also aligns with your vision for future growth. Whether it's the comprehensive prowess of Simple Fulfillment or the streamlined efficiency of Shippo, making an informed decision now can set the stage for a prosperous e-commerce journey ahead.

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