Simple Fulfillment vs ShipHype: Which FBA Prep Service Is Best in 2023?

Looking for the best FBA prep service in 2023? This in-depth comparison of Simple Fulfillment and ShipHype examines pricing, speed, services and more to help you choose the right partner for your business.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) has become an essential service for ecommerce sellers looking to scale their businesses on Amazon’s marketplace. Proper preparation of inventory to send into FBA warehouses can make or break a seller’s success. Choosing the right FBA prep service provider is key to ensuring products get to Amazon quickly, efficiently and ready for sale.

In this article we’ll compare two leading FBA prep service providers in the US - Simple Fulfillment and ShipHype. We’ll examine the core services offered by both, their pricing, performance and more to help you determine which is the better fit for your FBA needs.

Overview of Simple Fulfillment’s FBA Prep

Simple Fulfillment is a Texas-based company offering end-to-end FBA prep designed to get your products ready for Amazon and delivered to fulfillment centers fast.

They provide the full spectrum of FBA prep services including:

  • Boxing, bubble wrapping and protective dunnage
  • FNSKU labeling
  • Bundling/kitting
  • Poly bagging
  • Taping/sealing
  • Hazmat products handling
  • Quality assurance checks
  • Shipment plan creation

A key benefit of Simple Fulfillment is their flat-fee FBA prep pricing that allows you to accurately calculate costs in advance. There are no hidden fees or surprises. Their all-inclusive pricing covers shipping boxes, basic inspection, dunnage materials, shipment plan creation and receiving inventory into Amazon.

Fast processing is another major upside. Simple Fulfillment offers 1-3 day turnaround times on getting inventory from their facility to Amazon fulfillment centers. Their location right by the DFW1 fulfillment center allows for quick receiving by Amazon once shipments are sent.

Simple Fulfillment also provides easy-to-use order management software for submitting prep requests and tracking inventory levels in real-time. This combination of fast processing, transparent pricing and robust tools makes them a leading full-service FBA prep provider.

Overview of ShipHype’s FBA Prep

ShipHype offers tech-driven FBA prep services focused primarily on case forwarding inventory to Amazon as needed.

Their core prep-related services include:

  • FNSKU labeling
  • Bubble wrapping
  • Poly bagging
  • Bundling/kitting
  • Inventory storage
  • Shipment creation
  • Tracking inventory levels

A major benefit provided by ShipHype is their drip-feed model for getting products into FBA. Instead of sending all units at once, they strategically forward inventory to Amazon as you need it to maintain optimal stock levels. This helps limit potential long-term storage fees.

ShipHype also offers fast turnaround times, with most FBA prep requests processed in 24-48 hours. Their advanced fulfillment software enables easy submission of requests and real-time visibility into order status, inventory levels and task completion.

While ShipHype provides robust software and quick processing, their service model is more suited to forward inventory rather than end-to-end FBA prep.

Comparing Performance and Reviews

When choosing an FBA prep provider, it helps to compare third-party data on customer satisfaction and service levels.

According to TrustScore, Simple Fulfillment earns a TrustScore of 9.0 across hundreds of reviews. 92% of customers rate their services as “Excellent”.

ShipHype earns a slightly lower TrustScore of 8.7, but also maintains a 92% “Excellent” rating across thousands of reviews.

Both companies offer robust platforms and maintain excellent customer satisfaction levels. Simple Fulfillment though may have an edge in service quality based on their full FBA prep capabilities beyond just forwarding.

Pricing Comparison

On pricing, Simple Fulfillment stands out for their simple flat-fee structure that allows you to know your costs upfront. They charge on a per-unit basis with no tiers or complex pricing.

Their flat fees start at around $1 per unit for basic FBA prep needs, with add-on services like labeling, bundling, specialized packaging and more available for reasonable fees per unit.

ShipHype offers volume-based pricing tiers starting at $55 monthly for up to 150 units, scaling up to thousands of units for larger accounts. While they provide quotes upfront, the pricing model is more complex than Simple Fulfillment’s transparent flat fees.

For sellers that prefer predictable per-unit pricing, Simple Fulfillment has the edge. But larger sellers may benefit from ShipHype’s volume pricing if negotiating a customized plan.

Turnaround Time Comparison

When it comes to processing times, Simple Fulfillment again stands out by offering 1-3 day turnarounds on FBA shipments. Their location near Amazon's DFW1 warehouse enables this rapid fulfillment.

ShipHype advertises 24-48 hour turnaround for most FBA prep requests. While not as fast as Simple Fulfillment, they still aim to process orders much quicker than the 5-7 days many competitors take.

For sellers focused on getting inventory into FBA quickly, Simple Fulfillment is likely the best option. But ShipHype still provides reasonably fast processing for on-demand needs.

Support and User Experience

Both companies aim to provide robust customer support and easy-to-use order management platforms.

Simple Fulfillment offers a dedicated customer success team along with their intuitive self-serve software. ShipHype provides dedicated account managers and dashboard access for tracking orders.

Simple Fulfillment's platform may provide a more user-friendly experience for submitting and managing FBA prep requests. But ShipHype also enables direct support and real-time visibility into inventory.

Overall, both offer strong technology and customer service - buyers should evaluate which software and support model best fits their needs.

Compliance and Quality Control

Proper FBA prep requires strict compliance with Amazon's guidelines to avoid potential suspensions or inventory rejection.

Simple Fulfillment conducts multi-point quality assurance checks on all prep work to ensure full compliance. Their deep FBA experience helps identify potential issues.

ShipHype also advertises compliance expertise for FBA labeling, packaging and shipment creation. Their systems integrate directly with Amazon for up-to-date requirements.

When it comes to compliance and quality control, both companies highlight their processes to provide full FBA-compliant services. Simple Fulfillment likely has a slight edge given their end-to-end prep capabilities.


For most FBA sellers, Simple Fulfillment stands out as the best full-service prep provider based on their fast turnarounds, flat-fee pricing, and compliance expertise. Their end-to-end services can handle any prep need quickly and cost-effectively.

However, ShipHype offers a solid technology-driven solution focused on strategic inventory forwarding. For larger sellers shipping high volumes, their pricing tiers and inventory tools may provide better value.

Overall, identifying the right FBA prep partner requires matching their services, pricing and performance to your specific business needs. Evaluating providers like Simple Fulfillment and ShipHype can help you select the best fit to scale your Amazon business.


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