How to Ship Vinyl Records

Learn everything you need to know about shipping vinyl records in this comprehensive guide. We'll cover the best way to ship vinyl records with FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

How to Ship Vinyl Records

The Vinyl records comeback was indeed late in the digital world. In 2015, it overtook the free digital streaming services with USD 226 million versus USD 163 million in the first half of the respective year. Therefore, today, the interest and demand for shipping vinyl records outsell digital music downloads worldwide. Today’s stat shows that the demand is outraising and in the future, it will continue too. 

The proper and efficient shipping and mailing of vinyl records are in demand; therefore, the logistic companies have come up with secure ideas. Both packing and shipping need careful processing and attention. When preparing the vinyl records for shipping, there are many mindful tips to remember and consider. Proper planning with the right logistic company will save your time and money in shipping vinyl records.

How To Package Your Vinyl Records For Shipping

Step-1 Bubble Wrap Packing- You must cross the pieces of bubble wrap that are wide as the vinyl records. You can put 20-22 records on the top center of the box, where the bubble wrap is crossed.

Step-2 Folding Bubble Wrap- In the next step, you should fold the wrap. Then secure them with tape.

Step-3 Cut Cardboard- With the help of cardboards, you can secure the package. Fold it twice and tape the ends with sturdy corner protections.

Step-4 Placing Bubble-Wrapped Records – You must place the shipping records into the record mailer. Then insert the protective corners. Corner detailing is necessary. 

Step-5 Fill The Extra Spaces – you should fill the extra space left in the box with newspaper.

Step-6 Close Record Mailer – In the final step of packaging for shipping a record, close the record mailer and secure it with the help of tape.

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How To Choose The Correct Shipping Service

Many courier services ship vinyl records, so Before choosing the right one, you need to compare the packaging and shipping factors. Before selecting the shipping service, you must confirm the packaging type, security, shipping cost, delivery time, and many other details. Here are the most popular shipping services.

How To Ship Vinyl Records: FedEx

This courier service is the most preferred option for shipping vinyl records. The courier has records proving it can ship valuable records to the customers. FedEx offers insurance; therefore, it is best for shipping vinyl records

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How To Ship Vinyl Records: UPS

UPS is another service provider for Vinyl record shipping with the best track record for regional and international deliveries. Their courier services include tracking, insurance, and timely delivery. UPS is an expensive option, but still, the benefits are considered quite suitable for vinyl record shipping.

How To Ship Vinyl Records: USPS

USPS Media Mail is a reasonable and convenient mailing service widely used for shipping records worldwide. It is also the longest courier delivery time. These services have their packaging and shipping process for vinyl records. You can select the suitable one as per your requirement and estimated delivery. 

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Shipping Rates And Delivery Times

The exact cost of vinyl records shipping is hard to estimate approximately. It depends on various factors which determine the shipping cost. The factors include the shipping service chosen, mailer cost, padding material cost, and recipient location. Along with this, the quality of shipping and insurance type is also included. 

The above factors together consider the shipping rates of the vinyl records. For example, USPS Media Mail starts at USD 2.63 but has a weight limit of 70 lbs. 

The delivery time is different based on the service preferred. Delivering the vinyl records takes two to three business days or a week. The delivery days depend upon the distance. 

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Tips For Avoiding Damage During Transit

Store Vinyl Records In Dry Place: Ensure to keep the vinyl records in a dry and cool place. Keep it at a room temperature of 65-75 degrees to avoid humidity.

Use the Right Vinyl Record Box: There are many storage boxes to safely store the vinyl records, such as Cardboard storage boxes, wood crates storage boxes, and Hard case storage boxes.

Handle Vinyl Records With Care: You have to handle the vinyl records with care while packaging. Only the label edges are recommended to touch. 

Protect With Custom Vinyl Sleeve: The custom record sleeves protect the vinyl records from dust and dirt particles. 

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