How To Ship A Wedding Dress

How To Ship A Wedding Dress

Don't let your wedding dress get lost in the mail! Here are some tips on how to ship a wedding dress.  A well-packed, insured package will keep your precious gown safe and sound. Be sure to tape down the top of the box securely with strong packing tape or use bubble wrap for added protection. When shipping internationally, be aware that customs duties may apply, so be prepared by filling out any necessary forms in advance  If you're not sure what else to do when shipping a wedding dress, here is a quick guide.

What Should You Keep In Mind When Shipping A Wedding Dress?

A cotton shirt is simple to ship: fold it, place it in a labeled poly mailer, and send it. When the client gets the crumpled item, all they have to do is iron it.

Meanwhile, the intricate design and fragile fabric of a wedding gown make it more difficult to package. You want it to arrive wrinkle-free to save the bride the trouble of ironing, which can destroy the dress if she isn't a clothing specialist.

You would like to make sure that all of the items arrive in one piece. To ensure that your customer chants your compliments on her wedding day, keep the following factors in mind while shipping her gown:

1.Beads And Sequins

These lovely trinkets adorn the majority of bridal gowns. They may fall off during transit if not well packaged. Worse, they could snag an overlying layer of cloth, destroying your design. Your packaging strategy must protect the clothing from such adversity.

2. Fabric

One issue to consider now is whether the fabric you use will remain crease-free throughout transport. If the bride selects such a fabric for her gown, packing should be a breeze. However, if she chooses a wrinkle-prone material, you may need to provide additional cushioning between the folding layers or plan for an alternate manner of delivery.

Another source of worry is the disparity in weight between the bodice and skirt. If the skirt is significantly thicker than the bodice, it may yank on it during transportation and ruin its fit. You can avoid this by folding the dress carefully and making sure it doesn't move around too much during shipping.

3. Ensemble Dimensions

Some brides choose simpler gowns, while others insist on longer trains. The size of your dress affects both your shipping method and prices. Buyers are often dissatisfied with low-cost packaging, but excessively high shipping costs might also turn them off. Examine the gown attentively to determine the best type and size of packing for it.

4. Packing Materials

To send a wedding gown, you'll need packaging material that meets the following criteria:

- They must be the correct size.

- They must be able to keep creases and snags at bay.

- During transportation, they must keep all parts of the outfit in the same spot.

- They must preserve the dress odor-free, stain-free, and moisture-free.

Keeping these considerations in mind, experts advise using the following items to box a bridal gown for shipping:

(a) Wrapping Paper

Retailers can pick between acid-free tissue paper and newspaper paper for the interior wrappings of the dress.

Because tissue paper is lighter, it is more malleable. However, this increases the likelihood of movement during transportation. In addition, if the tissue paper is dragged in different ways, the bridal gown may lose some of its protection.

 (b) Garment Bag

Garment bags are bags composed of fabric or plastic that are specifically designed to hold garments.

Garment bags are often composed of nylon or muslin. Whichever you choose, both shield bridal gowns from dust and sunlight. They are light and will not significantly increase your shipping charges. They are also non-hazardous to handle because they do not leach toxic substances.

Shipping specialists, on the other hand, favor plastic clothing bags over their fabric equivalents. They, like the latter, can protect clothing from dust. If light sensitivity is an issue, dark ones can offer UV protection. However, the most significant advantage of plastic is its capacity to guard against dampness.

If the dress must travel a long distance or if rain is expected to arrive, it is best to use plastic.

(c) Shipping Box

When picking a bridal gown for shipping, treat it as though it were any other fragile item.


Some brides want to have theirs delivered in a nice customized box. Unfortunately, this complicates your packing approach because you now have to take good care of both the box and the clothing.

Among the most crucial selling elements is the branded wedding dress box. It should include your company's name and logo so that consumers will never remember you. However, to achieve the ideal unpacking experience, it must also arrive at its new owner in pristine condition. As a result, you may be forced to employ the double-box strategy.

 (d) Padding Materials

The use of padding materials allows you to protect the entire contents of the shipping box. You have two options for wedding gowns: newspaper paper and bubble wrap.

For light parcels, newspaper paper provides adequate cushioning. In addition, unlike when storing huge vases or platters, it will not readily distort under a wedding gown. However, many bridal gown retailers choose bubble wrap since it is lighter, less visually appealing, and easier to utilize.

Quick Guide: How To Properly Package A Wedding Dress

Make use of a foldable solid cardboard box. Find one for a low cost (usually less than $5) at your nearest Post Office or UPS outlet.

Get a box that is just the right size. Remember that the greater the size of the box, the greater the shipping expenses (even for the same weight). UPS offers 24x18x5 and 18x16x9 packages (and many more options). Search for something within that price range. 

Fold the gown as needed and cover it with plastic 

Secure the flaps and seams with sturdy mailing tape that is at least two inches wide.

Put the shipping label on top, being careful not to place it over a seam/closure or on the upper edge of the tape. Inside the box, put a duplicated label (with a phone number).

Bottom Line

To ensure your wedding dress arrives safely, be sure to use a well-packed box and packing materials. Be aware that customs duties may apply when shipping internationally so plan ahead by filling out any necessary forms in advance. There are many other tips for safe international shipment of wedding dresses such as using FedEx International Priority Service with tracking and ePacket delivery service which offers the lowest possible rates on shipments from China! We hope these tips help you ship your special gown without worry or concern.

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