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August 31, 2021

How To Ship A Bike?

A bike, also called by many names such as motorbike, motorcycle, or cycle, is commonly a two-wheeled or less generally three-wheeled motor vehicle and usually moved by an internal combustion engine. Bikes are the most inexpensive form of motorized transport in many parts of the world. There are around 200 million bikes, and people use them for their ease and purpose. The vital thing to tell you all is that you can also ship bikes to different parts of the world. The important things to know before shipping are the full details of shipping, including cost, shipper contact details, and the description of the experience; read the reviews and ratings before selecting the cargo company.

Shipping a bike is nerve-wracking. After you transport your bike together with your car, you will at least keep a close eye on it and maintain a strategic distance from any potholes that might shake or harm it. But when you send the bike on an ordinary truck, you take a risk because it may be dropped, rolled, or crashed in transit, and this is a wholesome risk because your bike is precious cargo. So after many observations and readings, the best method to cargo the bike is via air because it gives less overall handling. After all, it is all in the hands of the shipping company.

Shipping a Bike- Factors to Consider

· The first important factor is the shipping price, which depends on the shipping service and provider you choose. Anticipate anyplace from around $50 (brief separate, slower shipping, and do your claim pressing) to upwards of $250(longer remove, speedier shipping, and professionally pressed).

· The leading shipping companies are UPS, and FEDEX will ship your bike for a fee. Shipping the bike is only part of the service. The other factor to focus on is that you also need to figure out how to pack the bike.

· The other services are Ship Bikes, Bike Flights, Sports Express, UPS, and FedEx.-all these are specialized in shipping bikes. And no matter which option you choose, the cost will be determined by the dimension of a bike, the distance, and most importantly, service.

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Different Cargo Shipping Companies

1.      Bikeflights: They will help their customer in the whole process step by step. Once you contact them, they will send you a shipping box according to your bike requirement, and they have online resources to pack the bike, and then they will bike up to your bike.

2.      UPS: UPS offers a wide range of supplies and materials to their customers who include envelopes, boxes, bubble cushioning, packing peanuts, and tapes. There are experts available for help in picking a bike, and they also determine and make sure the package is properly sealed or not.

3.      FEDEX: FedEx is the solution to your big problem. FedEx can guarantee and ensure the safety of your valuable items during the shipment of bikes or other fragile items.

How to Ship a Bike : 3 Steps to Most Efficient Shipping Experience

This is the procedure to follow while shipping the bike. The very first important thing to know is the maximum weight to ship bicycles is 95Ibs.

1.  Deconstruct the bike

Before visiting the office, first of all, disassemble the bike thoroughly. The parts that have to be pulled apart include tires, pedals, handlebars, seats, and also make sure to disassemble the amount that would not fit in the delivery box.

  • Have enough padding, bubble wraps, and zip ties on hand, in addition to your bike tools.
  • Remove the handlebars
  • Detach the front wheels
  • Separate the pedals
  • Wrap the bike so you don't get any metal-on-metal or metal-on-carbon friction in the box

 There are some custom boxes for bikes by bike manufacturers that weigh over 95Ibs. The custom boxes which weigh less than 150Ibs are allowable at the office.


2.  Pack and Cargo at the location

The second step to follow is to create a consignment at your local office with your shipping information and a payment procedure. The pricing includes equitable FedEx box solutions, cushioning mediums, and a good loading service backed up by office services.

3.  Ship by staying at your place

This is the easiest method because you do not have to go to an office location. All you have to do is by staying at your place. The first thing you have to do is to take a cargo box and fill up the box with the packing material such as loose-fill peanuts or air cellular cushion. Ensure to put the shipment in the center of the box and fill up the empty sides for safety purposes.

Utilizing the H tape strategy, apply pressure-sensitive cement plastic to both the beat and the foot of the carton to secure the box and its substance. Tape all creases or folds.

Shipping the bike is a considerable risk of a valuable item, but the cargo shipping services provide various facilities at your doorstep to help you. The shapes, size, and weight of the bikes can be challenging when moving them to the other part, but the services like FedEx and UPS, and many more simplify this process. Just make sure to choose the best service specializing in moving bikes because this ensures your bike is in safe hands. Look at the company's experience in preparing, storing, handling, and assembling bikes during every shipment step. And the other important thing is when you are talking to the cargo company, make sure to understand their insurance and liability coverage as this is important for a high-value bike. If your carrier does not have the proper scope, your choices are to arrange extra-scope, get extra scope yourself through a third party, or discover another airline.

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