What Are Scheduled Delivery Pending and Awaiting Delivery Scan Statuses?

Understand the meaning of Scheduled Delivery Pending and Awaiting Delivery Scan statuses of USPS, UPS and FedEx.

There are specific terms used by package and mail delivery services, including FedEx and USPS, such as scheduled delivery pending and awaiting a delivery scan to indicate the status of packages and mails to the customers. Once a shipment enters the network of USPS or FedEx, an expected delivery date is provided, which can be viewed by the customer. 

However, there can be occasions when tracking messages such as scheduled delivery pending or awaiting delivery scan can pop up. These are confusing terms due to their cryptic nature. An interpretation of these terms is necessary for the benefit of the senders and receivers. 

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What Does Scheduled Delivery Pending And Awaiting Delivery Scan Mean?

Awaiting Delivery Scan message from USPS is quite common. So what does awaiting delivery scan mean? There are multiple meanings of this term. These are the instances that prompt this tracking message.

1. The package was loaded onto the delivery vehicle without scanning. 

2. The package has been delivered, but the system has not recorded the delivery due to either the delivery executive failing to scan the parcel before handing it over or a glitch in the system which caused failure to update that the delivery has taken place. 

3.The package was scanned for delivery but was not delivered because either the box was missed by the carrier, the package ended up in another truck due to the high volume of shipments, or there was a problem with the receiver’s address.

 Either way, it would be some time before the package is delivered. In this case, the out for delivery scan status would change to awaiting a delivery scan. 

Scheduled Delivery Pending message means there is a delay in delivering the package due to reasons not under the carrier's control. The statement implies that the carrier has possession of your parcel and is trying to deliver it but cannot currently give the exact date. Road accidents, inclement weather, natural disasters, and other supply chain issues can result in such a situation.

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Why Are The Terms Scheduled Delivery Pending And Awaiting Delivery Scan Important?‍

People not familiar with the tracking terms used by USPS and other carriers such as FedEx tend to get worried when such messages appear in the tracking status. Familiarity with such terms prevents confusion. For instance, knowing about awaiting delivery scan USPS means you know that your package is in the carrier system and will be delivered. 

The alert messages don't last for more than a few days.

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Example of an alert message by a carrier 

FedEx widely uses the above-discussed terms. Thus, if you get a FedEx “scheduled delivery” changed to a “pending” message, it means your package has got delayed due to reasons beyond the control of FedEx. FedEx changes the status as soon as the delivery commitment progresses.

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Awaiting Delivery Scan means your package is close enough to be delivered soon. On the other hand, Scheduled Delivery Pending implies that your package is delayed and it would take more time to be delivered.

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