Client Referrals and Partnerships

Client Referrals // Tell Your Friends

Once you've begun working with us and realized how much it's changed your business, you'll probably want to tell your friends. We're a massive fan of win-win situations, which is why we offer a monthly commission based on the referred clients fees (5-10%) for the first year.

For Example:

The client you refer is doing 1250 orders a month at $2.50 per order. With our 10% referral commission, you'd make $312.50 for a full year paid directly to you!

Lead Generation // Generate Leads

We will pay you a flat-rate commission for every lead we get via a form on your website. The rate varies based on our criteria and quality of lead, but we generally pay $10-30 per lead brought to us.

Custom Content Generation // We produce HQ content for you!

At our core, we're working to help store owners by offering them tools for growth, the first of which is an automated fulfillment solution. We love sharing our knowledge and things we've learned over the years, and we're always looking for places to house that content. We'll work with you to create tailored content for your blog/website/etc., and in exchange, you'll feature us. This helps get the word out about us and enables you to get content for your various needs.

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