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Add a Gift Message in Shopify Checkout the Easy Way

March 11, 2020

Have you ever received a gift in the mail, and it brightened your whole day? Of course, you'd be delighted. After the excitement wears down, your next thought will likely be picking up the phone to thank the gift giver. But wait…there's no gift message. Hmm. You look at the gift, eye the wrapping paper, turn the box upside down. No luck. Who are you supposed to thank?

For many online retailers, offering gift-wrap options to your customers is a good idea. If so, adding a gift message option is a must. It's not easy for customers to put their personal touch on a gift they buy online. Make it easier by allowing them to write a personal gift message to the recipient. Customers love personalized customizations like this. And, as you can see in the example above, not having a gift message can lead to some serious confusion.

Everyone likes surprises. However, one surprise you could do without is figuring out how to enable gift messages on Shopify. Our handy guide makes it easy. Keep reading to find out how! 

How to add Shopify gift messages in the checkout

Follow this simple two-step process:


  1. Log in and go to the Admin page.
  2. Click Online Store.
  3. Select Customize Theme.
  4. Now you'll see the Theme Editor file list. Find and click Cart Page. This will take you to Shopify cart settings.
  5. Click "Allow customers to add a note to their order". 
  6. Hit Save Changes.
  7. Next, click the default text "Add a note for the seller" so you can edit it. Change the text to "Add a gift message".


  1. From the Admin page, click "Online Store".
  2. Click Themes.
  3. Click Edit HTML/CSS.
  4. Under the Templates list, click "cart.liquid."
  5. Search the file for "Add a note for the seller". Replace the text with "Add a gift message".
  6. Click Save.

You just activated Shopify gift messages. Easy, right?

Hand-written gift messages vs. printed gift notes

Adding a gift message is important when you sell gift-worthy products. But let's be honest — When you receive a gift in the mail, there is a big difference between a hand-written gift note vs. a typed one.

Hand-written notes are much warmer and more personal than printed text. Even though the recipient probably knows it's not the gifter who wrote it, the human touch goes a long way. That is doubly, so in the digital era, where kids don't even learn to write cursive in school.

Hand-written gift messages lend a special touch that printed text simply can't match. It's all about creating a warm and fuzzy feeling. If you can offer that to your customers, that is truly priceless. It's a hallmark of exceptional customer service.

Note: Simpl Fulfillment offers hand-written cards to all our clients for a small fee. This is a great way to make a lasting, memorable impression on your customers!

Gift messages make the shopping experience better

As an online seller, you want to wow customers at every turn. Having a gift message option in Shopify makes your customers' lives easier. If you sell gifts, toys, home goods, tools, or any of thousands of products that could be gifted, give Shopify gift messages a try.

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