eCommerce Fulfillment Pricing

We worked hard to come up with the simplest pricing and to ensure it'll grow with you. As your orders increase each month, the price per order goes down!

How many orders are you averaging a month?

We offer tiered based pricing that resets monthly.

orders per month

  • 0 - 500
    Monthly Orders (Tier)
  • $2.00
    Flat Fee Per Order
  • $0.30 per item
    Pick Fee
  • $.65/ft3/month
    We try to keep storage simple so we charge a flat-fee per cubic ft. Our warehouse team + our powerful software will determine the way to store your inventory in our warehouse! This way you know exactly what you're paying each month instead of guessing how many bins/pallets/shelves/etc.
  • $2.50/Order + $.50 per item
    Return Processing

Fixed Cost

Recieving Fee
$.10 per unit.
We experimented with no receiving fee and good-faith receiving and found that it isn't great for anyone. We pride ourselves on our accuracy rates and ensure everything is accurately received; we decided to implement a fee. We charge per inbound unit which covers a barcode label if it's needed. If we run into any issues, our client relations team will be in touch! We find that charging a small fee per unit for receiving allows us to have 99.99% accurate inventory numbers and prevent over-selling. It also helps us cover cycle counts.
Monthly Min
To deliver the best experience and be as hands-on, we found a minimum monthly pick and pack that allows us to work with eCommerce brands of all sizes. Approximately 130 orders (depends based on pick and pack needs) cover the minimum, and you only pay the difference if it isn't met by the end of that month. If your storage fees are higher, those will replace the standard monthly min.